Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The commentator....

I know some of you will have followed games on Real Murcia TV or radio....and will have come across the magnificent Jose Manuel Sanchez's commentary. If you don't speak spanish or aren't very fluent, i'm sure it can be tough to follow, especially if just on the radio. there a commentator who puts more emotion, more feeling into it?

As an example, watch and listen to the goals against Lugo at the NC. (click on the link and then on play, turn the volume up). I can listen to this over and over....

Olé to Jose Manuel....after the crappola he had to narrate for the last couple of seasons, he deserved the promotion too!

From Intolerable Unbridled Joy.

Photo : Desolate in Gerona...Joaquin, Yayo y Javi....

From Intolerable Cruelty to Unbridled Joy in just 344 days. That's how long Real Murcia's hell in Segunda B lasted.

Both days will remain in the memory forever - and there were so many similarities it was uncanny. The long journey, playing in black against an opponent in red and white stripes, the tight little ground, the rain and the soaking, the nerves, the stress, the injury time Alberto fumble, the injury time massive refereeing decision, the emotions and the long journey home. Whereas in Gerona the referee gave a soft penalty, which escaped Alberto's grasp, in Lugo our keeper managed to regain control of the ball and the ref rightly saw a foul on our keeper as the ball was bundled over the line.

The margins are so fine....a referee's interpretation one way or another can decide a teams future in a moment - there is so much at stake the men in black are also under a lot of pressure. Segunda B is such a bad place to be, and so so difficult to get out of, a wrong or borderline decision can leave you trying to get out for a decade. Financially it's a England even the fifth level is sponsored by Blue Square....Spain's third level isn't the Coca-Cola, Telefonica or Iberdrola Segunda's just segunda B. Ignored and hidden, only the season end play-offs attracting anything but passing local interest. That means that any self respecting team want out, so it becomes very competitive - making our escape at the first attempt all the more laudable (and as I have repeated many times, being Real Murcia in this division means everyone is out to get you, when we visit the attendance is the highest, when players visit the Condomina it's like their cup final - an extra incentive).

Lugo was great....a walled city, with very friendly locals, nice bars, good food (Octopus to die for....huge crayfish......delicious cockles.....super Ribeiro wines)....all we need for the perfect day was for Real not to lose by more than 2....we suffered but....

Photo : Yayo in Lugo....GET IN THERE!

P.S. Between early Sunday and the madrugada of Monday I was amazed and touched by those who shook my hand and said they actually read the rubbish I write. Gracias!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lugo 1 Real Murcia 0

We lost....but held on to win the play off 2 - 1.

I felt we controlled the first half and looked comfortable, indeed were doing the same and had Lugo looking desperate, frustrated and ineffective....right up until they scored their goal. Then they really pressed, but we defended stoutly....but the clock seemed to be going backwards....and then keeper Alberto had one of his moments...the ball escaping his grasp (just like last season in Gerona) and the ball ended up in the back of the net...oh shit oh shit oh shit.....but the referee deemed that he had been fouled. Honestly...maybe a bit dubious and could have gone the other way, but we are owed so much but the referees over the last 3 or 4 seasons, so who cares if we got a soft one to get us out of trouble.

The minutes passed slowly, 5 were added......when the ref finally blew for time....we all went bonkers!

CD Lugo:
Cristóbal - Marco - Belfortti - Manu (Ballesteros 82’)
Pita - Marcos - Tornero (Yago 64’) - Monti (Iván 45’)
Arroyo - Azkorra

Real Murcia:
Gago - Amaya - Luciano - Óscar Sánchez, Aguilera, Richi, Isaac, Pedro (Aquino, 71’), Kike (Cámara, 64’) y Chando (Cañadas, 80’).

Referee : Mr. Ricardo de Burgos. Awesome!

1-0 Tornero (52’)

Promotion is ours!

The Return Of The King

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off to Lugo....

After little or no sleep. Nerves.

ID. Check.
Wallet containing money. Check.
Phone. Check.
Lucky shirt. Check.
Lucky underpants. Check.
Lucky socks. Check.
Tranquilizers. Check.
Fingers crossed. Check.
Horse shoe. Check.
Rabbits foot. Check.
4 leaf clover. Check.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Ready to suffer....
Ready to see time stand still....
Ready to have the ref be an utter c u next tuesday....
Ready to see Lugo draw level....
Ready for penalties....
Ready to have to go through another 2 rounds....
Ready not to go up....
Ready for another Motilivi....
Ready for intimidation....
Ready to back the team whatever happens....
Ready for celebration....
Ready for promotion....
Ready for the Redonda....

Get ready....cause here we come!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Come Fly With Me.....

Lugo - Real Murcia, Sunday at 5.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. UK time) and available to see on the club TV via the official website (

90 minutes away from a return to the second division. Tense and nervous....but still confident in Real Murcia and coach Iñaki Alonso.

I am lucky enough to have been offered a seat on the charter flight heading up to Lugo on Sunday. I couldn't face the 26 hours in a bus.....or an 18 hour drive. It seems to be well organized....which is good, as a couple of years from now I can see our Wednesday's being punctuated by charter flights off to Europa League ties in Viena, Copenhagen, Paris or.....Stoke.

I can dream can't I?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Murcia 2 Lugo 0

Halfway there.

What a great day yesterday was. Barbeque, friends, few beers, many laughs....then off to the New Condomina for the most important game of the season. Hundreds of fans had gone early to welcome the team coach as it arrived at the stadium.....the supporters club had organized some firecrackers, some smoke, the atmosphere was great when the coach arrived there was no trouble at all, far from it....that is until the police thugs decided to start throwing their truncheons around, smashing innocent bystanders and even women. It is the worst abuse of power I have ever seen - and excessive use of force, and for moments I forgot I was in a european, democratic country, and imagined myself in Syria or some other violent dictatorship. The Police attitude and action was totally uncalled for and out of all proportion. However, I am sorry to say that this isn't uncommon from the "antidisturbios" Police. In my experience in Spanish football it is usually them that cause trouble - you only have to look at them....all pumped from the gymnasium, just looking for any excuse to beat up or abuse anyone unfortunate enough to be in their way. Maybe it will take the death of an innocent person (as happened recently in London) for these brutal louts to be called to account....and that is extremely sad. As a taxpayer I am seething.....and demand more respect from these "public servants".

The atmosphere in the ground was electric. It seemed even the most critical and rancid fans were well aware of what was at stake. It's just a shame that only 16,050 turned up....the sad fact is that it's almost impossible to fill a stadium if either Madrid or Barcelona aren't involved (see posts ad nauseam).

Real Murcia started the game very nervously. Lugo looked a good side and knocked the ball around well, without really creating anything clear cut. For half an hour they dominated...until an injury to Albiol meant that Isaac came on....and his pace changed the game. The last 15 odd minutes we started to dominate....Kike dithered when clean through on goal (although his overall performace was brilliant), and half time came too another 5 minutes we would surely have gone ahead.

The second half was a different story....we dominated from start to finish, scored 2 great goals (Chando and Isaac), and made Lugo look ineffective.....and from the 60th minute they looked beaten, drained and demoralised. They gave it their best in the first 20 minutes of the match....flattered to deceive, made some pretty passing, but lacked punch. It was just like watching Arsenal.

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Albiol (Isaac, 39) - Aguilera (Cámara, 83) - Richi - Pedro
Kike (Aquino, 76) - Chando

Cristóbal - Manu - Belfortti - Víctor Marco
Marcos - Iván (Tornero, 65) - Claudio Monti (Yago, 78) - Azkorra
Carlos Pita - Arroyo

1-0 Chando (48)
2-0 Isaac (64)

Referee: Mr. Villena Contreras. Generally good but didn't interpret well when he could have given advantage on a couple of occasions.

Attendance : 16,050.

Now comes the toughest part.....the away leg in Lugo next Sunday. We simple can't take our foot off the gas.....there cannot be any complacency. But I am sure Iñaki Alonso will not let the players loose focus. Today I am hoarse and tired. yesterday's game aged me about 10 years. But this time next week, we could be back where we belong, and it'll all have been worth it..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Viva El Murcia

The chorus....

Sobre el cesped ya estan
Las camisas Granas
El balón, empieza a rodar
Y la gente, grita con ganas....

Now they are on the grass
Those red shirts
The ball, starts to roll
And the people, shout loudly


Everything crossed. Today is THE day.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Miss.....

Come on....all you in down at La Manga.....Real Murcia Needs You! As a friend said....we are only 44 games away from primera....but the first 2 are where we most need support.

What better game to go to.....big stakes, great atmosphere, the best stadium in Spain....easy to get to, easy to get back from, easy parking, easy to get tickets....

I'll do a Delia and say....WHERE ARE YOU? LETS BE AVIN YOU!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Of Us

News today is that coach Iñaki Alonso has sacked his agent after the rumours for the last few weeks. Alonso made his position clear, and has taken the step, clearly unhappy with his ex-agents actions. Being offered to arch-rivals Cartagena behind one's back was never going to end any other way, especially with Iñaki's clear commitment to the Real Murcia cause. I've talked before about the fact that irrespective of the play-off result (anything can happen) I think that Iñaki Alonso should be our long term manager, our Ferguson or Wenger.

Each time I hear him speak he is eloquent, educated and subtle. I can see why he can, at the same time as gaining the respect of the players, also enter into the leg pulling and banter that is good for any dressing room. Evidently he is a clever bloke, and I can also see that sometimes he may get up the odd self-important hackettes nose as he becomes a tad aloof and/or peed off with a deliberately negative or absurdly critical line of questioning.

On the touchline he is calmness personified......but i'm sure that on the inside he is all churned up. It's calmness that transmits itself to the 11 on the pitch, a sureness, an quiet confidence whatever the circumstance, a confidence that the hard work on the training pitch, the meticulous study of the opponent, having all the homework done, will at some stage of the 90 minutes, pay off. Of course games can be lost, but not even Barcelona can get through a season without a blip.

Yesterday was another example of his complete understanding of the situation and of the feelings of the fans. The removal of his anarchic agent is a clever move.

Asked about Lugo, he said that :

"I have great memories of them - at Irun we eliminated them from the cup and also did well in the league. They are a good side, against who we will have to be at maximum if we want to win, but it is a team that I like as a rival. In Lugo they have great respect for us, and for sure we will have a good chance to gain promotion if we are capable of keeping humility as our flag"

"I have a lot of desire to work to culminate the efforts that the whole team have made during the whole season". He's not too concerned about playing the second leg away from home...."Real Murcia gained promotion away from home last time, why shouldn't we do it again this time?"

"It's a big responsibility, but if we do things well and as we know, we have many options to go up. Lugo have good players, and a great coach, but if we are intense we can create many problems for them"

Photo : Iñaki Alonso....One Of Us. Hopefully for a very long time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solidarity or Ovineality?

In the lead up to the game the atmosphere in Murcia is tremendous. Please take 8 minutes of your time to see this video and you'll see what I mean.

Hundreds, thousands, queueing for Kilometers to get a ticket, incidents when the ticket office had to close, police having to keep guard, this morning people sleeping at the stadium to be first in the queue when they opened again,'s looks like it will be a sell out.

We couldn't have asked for more. The anger....people are despearte for tickets. The black marketeers must be rubbing their hands, re-sale value may be high. Great.

But hang on a minute! These aren't Real Murcia supporters looking for an entrada for our "do or die" game against Lugo on Sunday. No.....these are the SHEEP out in numbers again, and the game isn't the one we hoped.

After the awful and damaging earthquake in Lorca last week, a hastily agreed friendly game has been arranged for Wednesday at the New Condomina. The game will be between a selection of Murcian players guessed, Real Madrid.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea, anything that can be done to help alleviate the suffering of those who have lost a loved one, a home or any of their belongings is a just and moral cause. But it is just indicative of what football is about in Spain.

Many of the people so desperate to get a ticket and contribute to such a noble cause, could have attended the Lorca - Estepona game at the same venue on Sunday, where the gate money also went to help Lorca. But they didn't. Some of them are the same people who complained bitterly when the prices for the Real Murcia play off came out....."too high!" they screamed. But for a Real Madrid kickabout and the chance of seeing Ronaldo and and queues are no object.

In the meantime, for Sunday....for a real game, with real drama, a lot at stake....the 2 posts open to sell tickets are EMPTY, while the posts open for the Madrid game have a queue stretching back to the shopping mall. So not expecting more than 15,000 in a city of 500,000. That's Spanish football in a nutshell.....Madrid, Barcelona or nada.

For the non-ovine...Real Murcia play Lugo in the first leg of the promotion play off at thre New Condomina on Sunday at 8.30 p.m.(7.30 p.m. UK time). Tickets are available from the box office for between 15 and 45 euros, it's open from 10 until 2 p.m., then 5 to 7 p.m. But I would wait until Thursday when the dust has settles and Madrid are back in Madrid if you are planning on buying....

To contribute to the earthquake relief, Cajamurcia have opened an account for donations : 2043 0090 39 2007007310

Monday, May 16, 2011

Real Murcia - Lugo

22nd (this Sunday) at the Nueva Condomina, then 29th in Lugo.

Not a great draw, but we are good enough.


Comparison with our possible rivals as if it were a "league".

So.....we have more points, score more goals, concede less, win more and lose less than any of our 3 possible rivals. So we should be confident....not complacent....just quietly confident.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Puertollano 1 Real Murcia 3

Goals from Pedro, Chando and Kike. The means we equal Levantes record all-time haul of 82 points in this division. A great achievement, whatever the next 2 weeks may bring....The draw for the play off is tomorrow afternoon.....and from 3 p.m. you can listen (if your Spanish is up to it!) on the clubs official radio.

Rivals....with Real Murcia will be Lugo, Eibar and Sabadell.

In order of preference....

1. Sabadell
2. Lugo
3. Eibar

So I expect we will be at home to Eibar next weekend and a horrible visit to their ground the week after....but, whoever, I think we are more than able to see off any of these 3....and as i've said before, they will all be wanting to avoid the MIGHTY PEPPERMEN!


Friday, May 13, 2011


In this area we are quite used to having the odd mild tremor. Every so often you feel or see or hear something that doesn’t fit, and then realize a minor quake has occurred.

Wednesday afternoon……news was filtering through of a 4,5 quake on the richter scale, epicentre near Lorca, about 60 kms south-west of Murcia city. Normally after such an event, the aftershocks decrease in power after the initial jolt. But this time it was different. A 5.2 hit the same area around an hour after the first, causing widespread damage, panic, and at least 9 dead. It doesn’t sound like such a strong quake at 5,2 – especially when compared to recent events in Japan. But the experts say that the type of terrain, and the proximity of the epicentre to the surface, made it that much more deadly.

Lorca were due to play Estepona in a relegation battle on Sunday, the winner securing a continued presence in the division, the loser probably relegated to the depths of tercera, although Lorca can depend on other results. There is talk of a postponement of all the games where relegation is at stake due to the situation in Lorca. This includes Sevilla B – Alcala, meaning that Sevilla B’s final qualification position wouldn’t be clear, and therefore it has been mentioned that the draw for the play-offs could be delayed. Expect a final decision sometime today. In a nice gesture, Real Murcia have offered Lorca the New Condomina stadium to use if they need to, and it seems this offer has been taken up. The game will start at 6 p.m. and will cost 5 euros to watch, 50% of all takings going to the victims. There is also talk of a Real Murcia – Atletico Madrid friendly with all benefits going to those hardest hit by the earthquake.

Let’s hope normality can be restored as soon as possible, for the people of Lorca’s sake.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First among equals....

In group 4 Real Murcia assured our (first) place that gives you two shots at promotion 10 days ago. The time between reaching this target and actually playing the important games is a worry. Time to be distracted, time for injuries, time to relax, time for 3 worthless games. Of the other qualified group champions for the first round of play- offs, only Sabadell from group 3 have secured this place so far, and have a similar situation in that they also made sure 10 days ago – since which they have lost 2 games. In group 1 Lugo, who were 7 or 8 points ahead, can't win for toffee, and have only a 2 point lead over Guadalajara and Real Madrid B with one game to go. However they need to win to be sure of top spot, and have a home game against an already relegated side. I’m hoping Lugo win – Guadalajara are the form side, are on a winning streak and are scoring for fun – and if Lugo draw and Guadalajara win, Lugo lose out. Real Madrid B will have the favour of the referees (the RFEF must be wishing for a “mini-clasico” in segunda). In Group 2 Mirandes are 1 point ahead of Eibar, and also have a home game in order to secure top spot. Eibar wouldn’t be great, it’s an ugly trip, and they are famous for boring grinding defensive football, and will be as hard as hell to break down.

So….my order of preference….

1. Sabadell
2. Lugo
3. Mirandés
4. Real Madrid B
5. Guadalajara
6. Eibar

One thing I do know.....all 6 possible rivals would have Real Murcia bottom of their list, everyone wants to avoid us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sometimes the days fly by. Sometimes when you stop to think, that new year's party you can vaguely remember as being a few weeks ago is 5 months gone. When you are over 40 your birthday creeps up on you and is here again, and then again. That occasion or holiday that seemed far in the distance is suddenly only a fortnight away. Monday arrives and you feel like it's an age to Friday....then suddenly it's Thursday night and you fancy a warm-up pint. Then it's Christmas.

Before you have reigned back your hectic life you realise yer middle age spread has spread, hair only sprouts from the nose and the ears instead of the head, yer kids are taller than you, you aren't that great at football anymore, and as Jeremy Clarkson once said, it's no longer about getting girls into's just about getting to bed. But enough about me.....

The draw for the promotion play-off will finally take place next Monday at 4.30 p.m. (3.30 p.m. UK time). The first leg of the play off on Saturday 21st, second leg on the weekend of the 28th May. I'm desperate to know who we will play.....if the first leg will be home or away.....and to get these weeks of worthless games out of the way.

So what the hell has happened to the clock this week? It's Groundhog Day and I'm sure yesterday was Tuesday, and that I looked at the clock 5 minutes ago and it was going backwards. Surely it should be Friday by now?

Pacing around, biting the nails.....but....hang on a minute, all too often I ask myself where all the time has what's the hurry? Why not just enjoy a couple of slow weeks? Slow down? Chill? Take it easy? Lose the stress?

Here's to waiting!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I suffer from this and can't find a cure.

Maybe it's because everyone gets all swoony about them and how they play great football and are the best side ever, and wet themselves every time they play another tiki-taka move etc., but I really can't stand them, even more than I can't stand Real Madrid. The constant passing and showing off bores the pants off me i'm telling you, and I ain't joking.

There are 3 basic reasons - firstly the snowball of unfair funding which makes it impossible for any other team (except the other beneficiary) to compete with them. Would half of the players be there if they weren't getting top dollar? Unlikely. Madrid are 17 points ahead of third placed Valencia. Barca are 25 points ahead. "Mejor Liga del Mundo" (best league in the world) they bleated repeatedly on the telly...."my arse" I responded. The only exitement is at the other end of the table.

Secondly there's the media bandwagon that puts referees under pressure, and ignores all other football news (except the other part of the duopoly). I've talked before about how Messi making an advertisment is bigger news that a whole round of Copa Del Rey games, whose results don't even get a mention.

But thirdly and most of all it's the bad behaviour, the theatrics and the plain cheating that they get up to week in week out. Pedro and his extremely low pain threshold, Busquets and his sneaky peeks at the referee whilst in fake agony, Alves's oh so predictable diving, Xavi and his referee persuit, Mascerano the tough guy and his issues with gravity, Piquet's saliva problem, Pujol and his hair....I could go on.....

The game has become very dishonest over the last 20 years, but the games between Real Madrid and Barcelona in League, Cup and Champions league over the past few weeks have marked a new low in my opinion. The constant bickering, the pushing and shoving, the fake pain, the diving, the rolling around, the snide a spectacle I thought all 4 games must have been awful (I saw the first 2, missed half of the third, and ignored the 4th game). Atmosphere yes, a couple of great goals, also.....but over the 4 games they can't have played for more than an hour due to all the theatrics, and Barcelona were the main culprits. And it's nothing new.....

Just to balance it out and not be accused of being a secret Madrid fan (as always happens in Spain if you criticise one or the other and viceversa), it's been very amusing to see Madrid complaining of biased they know how the rest of us feel each time we play them!

This weekend I started to see at my son's game that 8 and 9 year olds are copying their heroes. Dives. Fake pain. Even Dissent. I can only conclude that to some extent Barcelona (allright, allright, calm down, calm down, Madrid too) are to blame.

Photo : Busquets. "Oh this hurts sooo much! Has the ref booked him yet?". This player has the kind of face that just gives you an uncontrollable urge to punch.....

Real Murcia 2 Jumilla 1

Not an easy game to play as neither team had anything to play for except pride. Real already had the top spot tied up, Jumilla relegated some time ago. Coach Alonso used the game to give minutes to players more used to being on the bench, plus others were suspended. he also gave a debut to youth team player Eddy.....who occasionally reminded me of Patrick Viera in that he could dribble round two players and deliver a good ball, but also in that he could foul and elbow. Indeed I would have to admit that the referee could quite easily have sent him off with a second yellow.....but think the official recognised the match situation and that it was his debut.

There was quite a bit of huff and puff bit not too much quality....only glimpses from Molino and Richi (good to see them both get 90 minutes).

Real Murcia:
Dani Hernández
Mario Marín - Gotor - Carles - Góngora (Óscar Sánchez 60')
Eddy - Richi - Isaac - Molino
Aquino (Abraham 64') - Rosquete (Chando 60')

Bleda - Osuna - Bamba - Juancris
Gonzalo - Tasio - Menchón - Francolí (Sergi 79')
Juanjo (Karim 61') - Dieguito (Jorge 81')

1-0 Molino 21'
1-1 Francolí (p)32'
2-1 Chando 86'

Referee: Mr. Sanz Tarredes. Easy game to referee.

Attendance : 5.253 which is a poor reception for our first game at home after being crowned champions. But in Spain May means communions.....the beach.....and the game was a bit of a dead rubber given circumstances. But would have been nice to see 10,000. You have to say that some of those present have a strange idea of how to "support" their (supposed) team. Dani Aquino may be presented with a chance to score an important goal in the play off....we need all players with confidence - yesterday he tried....and was mad when things didn't go as he wanted, but not due to lack of effort or application. It was annoying to hear some numpties booing and whistling at him when he was substituted. However it was no surprise when hundreds of supporters cheered when the Barcelona result came up on the video screens, even amongst the hardcore 5,000 we have sheep.

The table, with one game to go, looks like this....

We have to go through the motions at Puertollano next weekend to finish off the regular league - expect another mix of not so regulars, youth players and occasional first teamers. It's tough for the coach....we need to keep everyone in optimum condition, but can't risk any injuries or sendings off.

Friday, May 6, 2011

All Cleared Up.....

As expected.....the excellent Iñaki Alonso gave a perfect response and a clear explanation of the rumours of the last few days. At his press conference this morning he said :

"I've been offered to teams and I knew nothing of it. I do have my responsability as I didn't manage what my agent has done. I apologise to Real Murcia, the clubs employees and the fans"

"I'm not going to manage FC Cartagena"

"The Samper's have showed they have confidence in me. I am proud that they talk well of me. Both Jesus and Juan Antonio have told me that i'll be the manager of Real Murcia in primera"

"Thanks to Real Murcia - I'm at the club I want to be at, there is no doubt, I want to renew (contract) with Real Murcia"

"My family and I live this project at sons go to school in Real shirts"

Agent Makes Waves?

Yesterday we were greeted with the headline in our local newspapers that Iñaki Alonso had been offered to arch rivals Cartagena. The immediate thought was that it's a bit too predictable of our enemies to choose the lead up to the play offs to try and destabalize an otherwise united team.

It's seems, after comment from his agent that Iñaki doesn't have a contract for next season, and that indeed he had offered his client to many clubs, amongst which were Cartagena. I suppose that in modern football this isn't too unexpected, players do it all the time, kissing a badge one week and signing for a hated opponent the next. I said just a few days ago that I thought Alonso was our man for the future, and to see all this noise was disappointing.

But there is a subtle and important difference between Alonso offering himself, and an agent going about his (dirty) work. Evidently I think Real Murcia want him to continue, but are waiting to see if promotion is obtained before sealing the deal - and some are of the opinion that that is the best course of action, rather than giving the stability of a contract before the play off. Maintaining tension I think it's called.

I'm sure Iñaki recognises that Real Murcia represents a massive chance for him - after managing at lower levels and at small clubs, the chance to be a hero in a big town with big posibilities must be attractive - and I understand that his wish is to continue. So.....maybe his agent was just doing some due diligence just in case? Whatever the case, the anti-murcia hacks made the most of it. And it won't be their last attempt a torpedoing the promotion push.....

Other bad news.....Antonio Cañadas, scorer on no less that 5 free-kick goals this season, has been ruled out for 6 weeks with injury, so will miss the play off. No great, but we'll just have to deal with it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Caravaca 2 Real Murcia 1 - CHAMPIONS

Yes.....with 2 games to play we were confirmed as champions of group 4 before playing Caravaca on Sunday, due to Sevilla B's home defeat by Cadiz. We lost the game 2 - 1....but coach Alonso made many changes and some players used the game to "earn" yellow cards so they are clear for the play off.

I didn't and haven't seen any of the game, so can't really make any comment, but I kind of understand the defeat....almost logical relaxation after securing first place.

Miguel Ángel - Georgi - Campillo (Miroslav 50’) - Andrés
Pelusa - Álex - Edu (Omarí 81’) - De La Rosa
Kiko - Rojas.

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Mario Marín - Iván Amaya - Gotor - Góngora
Richi - Cámara (Carles 77’) - Isaac (Abraham 70’) - Cañadas
Molino - Aquino (Kike 64’)

1-0 Georgi 25'
1-1 Aquino 39'
2-1 Andrés 55'

Referee: Mr. Ruiz García.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alicante Airport...New Terminal....oh dear....

The new terminal at Alicante opened a few weeks ago now....on my first time through I though..."oh dear, they've got this wrong", but decided to wait for another few trips. Yesterday was my third time....and unless you like shopping and eating fast food....for a new terminal the design is pretty poor and as far from user friendly as you can be (again, unless you like your terminal to be a shopping centre/food court).

Where to start? On arrival you will find all the roadsigns is spanish, none in English, so if you don't know your llegadas from you salidas you may go wrong.

Most new terminals have moving walkways...not Alicante. Added to this the route from the arrival gate to the baggage reclaim is about 20 metres....but you have to walk to the other end of the terminal to gain access, so end up walking 500. Then the exit is at the other another 200.

The toilet facilities.....have very poor design. Between the row of loos and the handwashing, there is no room at travellers have to push and shove to access/leave the area.

Gate announcements are totally inaudible, the acoustics are terrible, everything rebounds, even those very close just shrug their shoulders and ask if anyone else understood.

The selection of horrible. It may be they have selected a dirty/stained look to save on cleaning, but it just looks awful.

The old terminal had ample seating at the gates. The new terminal does not.

Let's hope the the new Murcia aiport that opens in a year or so is better!

Sorry...just needed a good old rant as I sit in the excellent new terminal 5 at Heathrow!