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Friday, April 29, 2011

Iñaki Alonso magic......

Whatever happens over the next month, you can't get away from the fact that Iñaki Alonso has taken this Real Murcia through what could have been a very tricky season with outstanding results.

The numbers speak for themselves and do not lie; just 3 defeats, 17 goals conceded in 35 games (the lowest in the country), 62 goals scored (3rd highest amongst the 80 teams in segunda B, behind Sevilla B and Real Madrid B), 76 points (just 6 short of the all time record in the division set by Levante, with 3 games to go). Real progressed through 3 rounds of the cup and were only eliminated by a (somewhat ironically given the last few days) hugely referee assisted Real Madrid in round 4.

Some may say that Real Murcia in segunda B are obliged to produce this type of numbers, but it is far easier said than done. Just look at the other sides relegated from Segunda last year. Cadiz are 13 points behind us, and have 10 defeats against them so far. Castellón sit 9th in group 3. Real Unión are 4th in group 2, and also have 10 losses to date. Other historical sides don't fare any better; Alaves 3rd and Oviedo 10th in group 2.

I believe there is extra merit to our position. Firstly, sides coming to the New Condomina are playing in a setting they are unlikely to see many times in their carrers. It's like a cup final for them and they try that little harder. Secondly, when we are away, it tends to be the most attractive fixture on the calendar, and consequently attendance and atmosphere are increased, and teams are "up" for our visit.

Evidently the manager has to take a massive amount of credit. We may fail to gain promotion, it is within the realms of posibility given the absurd rules that govern segunda B, or we may go up at the first attempt. But I feel that regardless we should be sticking with Iñaki Alonso. All too often Real have made the error of wholesale changes, letting a couple of bad results influence a hasty decision. Alonso has given us identity, a solid unit, good decisions on player transfers were made when he arrived. I think he has used his experience outside of football wisely, and seems to have the mental/psychology side of player management completely controlled. He's far too clever for the local hacks and their hidden agendas, and hasn't let them get to him save one occasion with a certain know-it-all journalist.

The trouble with these journos is that they may have studied jornalism, but that doesn't make them into football coach or massive experts. Their knowledge of the game is minimal, limited to Madrid and Barcelona games, of which they are so drenched they cannot see that you can't expect such high quality in segunda B. To be so blatantly critical of Iñaki Alonso when the results have been so irrefutably outstanding, just leaves them looking ridiculous, like a spoilt child who isn't having their own way. Goodness knows what they would be saying if we were second!

I hope Alonso can be our Ferguson or Wenger, immune to a run of bad results, unpopular amongst the press but loved by their team's fans. Real are due....due a golden decade. I think Iñaki is our man and I hope he leads us through it.


  1. How right you are friend ... Iñaki Alonso will have within the structure of the Real Murcia lot of continuity. The whole history of our Real Murcia, is very clear that coach and that, with respect to the colors of Real Murcia, has been able to get us where we are now on the eve of the second division. Thank you for your comments as it shows that you come from a country that feels the football. By the way, I'm finishing reading the book in Spanish "SCUNTHORPE HASTA LA MUERTE: EL EXTRAORDINARIO VIAJE POR LOS CAMPOS DE FUTBOL INGLESES"
    .. wonderful, I recommend to everyone. A greeting.

  2. I saw a documentary about the spanish player at Scunthorpe....¿Alex Calvo Garcia?....and he talked about the book. I'll try to get a copy!

  3. Just went to the official site to see what tv coverage there might be today and found an on-line club shop!! Where did this spring from? very happy to see it though.