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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alicante Airport...New Terminal....oh dear....

The new terminal at Alicante opened a few weeks ago now....on my first time through I though..."oh dear, they've got this wrong", but decided to wait for another few trips. Yesterday was my third time....and unless you like shopping and eating fast food....for a new terminal the design is pretty poor and as far from user friendly as you can be (again, unless you like your terminal to be a shopping centre/food court).

Where to start? On arrival you will find all the roadsigns is spanish, none in English, so if you don't know your llegadas from you salidas you may go wrong.

Most new terminals have moving walkways...not Alicante. Added to this the route from the arrival gate to the baggage reclaim is about 20 metres....but you have to walk to the other end of the terminal to gain access, so end up walking 500. Then the exit is at the other another 200.

The toilet facilities.....have very poor design. Between the row of loos and the handwashing, there is no room at travellers have to push and shove to access/leave the area.

Gate announcements are totally inaudible, the acoustics are terrible, everything rebounds, even those very close just shrug their shoulders and ask if anyone else understood.

The selection of horrible. It may be they have selected a dirty/stained look to save on cleaning, but it just looks awful.

The old terminal had ample seating at the gates. The new terminal does not.

Let's hope the the new Murcia aiport that opens in a year or so is better!

Sorry...just needed a good old rant as I sit in the excellent new terminal 5 at Heathrow!


  1. you sound like my MRS :D jajaja

  2. oooooh!! 80 minutes gone and Sevilla 0-1 down. 10 minutes from being Champions............. exciting stuff!!

  3. Just arrived back from Alicante 02/05/2011.Although I quite like the design of the airport I have to agree too many shops not enough seats & the tannoys awfull.Any way shame about the game on sunday didn't play very well,would've been better had we not known that we had won the league but played once reduced to 10 men after another dodgy red card I saw nothing wrong with the challenge but there you go Spanish refs for you!!