Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Friday, May 13, 2011


In this area we are quite used to having the odd mild tremor. Every so often you feel or see or hear something that doesn’t fit, and then realize a minor quake has occurred.

Wednesday afternoon……news was filtering through of a 4,5 quake on the richter scale, epicentre near Lorca, about 60 kms south-west of Murcia city. Normally after such an event, the aftershocks decrease in power after the initial jolt. But this time it was different. A 5.2 hit the same area around an hour after the first, causing widespread damage, panic, and at least 9 dead. It doesn’t sound like such a strong quake at 5,2 – especially when compared to recent events in Japan. But the experts say that the type of terrain, and the proximity of the epicentre to the surface, made it that much more deadly.

Lorca were due to play Estepona in a relegation battle on Sunday, the winner securing a continued presence in the division, the loser probably relegated to the depths of tercera, although Lorca can depend on other results. There is talk of a postponement of all the games where relegation is at stake due to the situation in Lorca. This includes Sevilla B – Alcala, meaning that Sevilla B’s final qualification position wouldn’t be clear, and therefore it has been mentioned that the draw for the play-offs could be delayed. Expect a final decision sometime today. In a nice gesture, Real Murcia have offered Lorca the New Condomina stadium to use if they need to, and it seems this offer has been taken up. The game will start at 6 p.m. and will cost 5 euros to watch, 50% of all takings going to the victims. There is also talk of a Real Murcia – Atletico Madrid friendly with all benefits going to those hardest hit by the earthquake.

Let’s hope normality can be restored as soon as possible, for the people of Lorca’s sake.


  1. What a poignant and fitting first visit to NC this would be for me, I was planning to watch Imperial again, albeit at home this time. Well done to the club for sorting this out at such short notice.

  2. I'm based at Mazarron and could not believe it when I got the call.

    RIP <3