Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Murcia 2 Jumilla 1

Not an easy game to play as neither team had anything to play for except pride. Real already had the top spot tied up, Jumilla relegated some time ago. Coach Alonso used the game to give minutes to players more used to being on the bench, plus others were suspended. he also gave a debut to youth team player Eddy.....who occasionally reminded me of Patrick Viera in that he could dribble round two players and deliver a good ball, but also in that he could foul and elbow. Indeed I would have to admit that the referee could quite easily have sent him off with a second yellow.....but think the official recognised the match situation and that it was his debut.

There was quite a bit of huff and puff bit not too much quality....only glimpses from Molino and Richi (good to see them both get 90 minutes).

Real Murcia:
Dani Hernández
Mario Marín - Gotor - Carles - Góngora (Óscar Sánchez 60')
Eddy - Richi - Isaac - Molino
Aquino (Abraham 64') - Rosquete (Chando 60')

Bleda - Osuna - Bamba - Juancris
Gonzalo - Tasio - Menchón - Francolí (Sergi 79')
Juanjo (Karim 61') - Dieguito (Jorge 81')

1-0 Molino 21'
1-1 Francolí (p)32'
2-1 Chando 86'

Referee: Mr. Sanz Tarredes. Easy game to referee.

Attendance : 5.253 which is a poor reception for our first game at home after being crowned champions. But in Spain May means communions.....the beach.....and the game was a bit of a dead rubber given circumstances. But would have been nice to see 10,000. You have to say that some of those present have a strange idea of how to "support" their (supposed) team. Dani Aquino may be presented with a chance to score an important goal in the play off....we need all players with confidence - yesterday he tried....and was mad when things didn't go as he wanted, but not due to lack of effort or application. It was annoying to hear some numpties booing and whistling at him when he was substituted. However it was no surprise when hundreds of supporters cheered when the Barcelona result came up on the video screens, even amongst the hardcore 5,000 we have sheep.

The table, with one game to go, looks like this....

We have to go through the motions at Puertollano next weekend to finish off the regular league - expect another mix of not so regulars, youth players and occasional first teamers. It's tough for the coach....we need to keep everyone in optimum condition, but can't risk any injuries or sendings off.


  1. Guiri, do the bottom four get automatically relegated and the fifth team go into a play off?