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Friday, May 6, 2011

Agent Makes Waves?

Yesterday we were greeted with the headline in our local newspapers that Iñaki Alonso had been offered to arch rivals Cartagena. The immediate thought was that it's a bit too predictable of our enemies to choose the lead up to the play offs to try and destabalize an otherwise united team.

It's seems, after comment from his agent that Iñaki doesn't have a contract for next season, and that indeed he had offered his client to many clubs, amongst which were Cartagena. I suppose that in modern football this isn't too unexpected, players do it all the time, kissing a badge one week and signing for a hated opponent the next. I said just a few days ago that I thought Alonso was our man for the future, and to see all this noise was disappointing.

But there is a subtle and important difference between Alonso offering himself, and an agent going about his (dirty) work. Evidently I think Real Murcia want him to continue, but are waiting to see if promotion is obtained before sealing the deal - and some are of the opinion that that is the best course of action, rather than giving the stability of a contract before the play off. Maintaining tension I think it's called.

I'm sure Iñaki recognises that Real Murcia represents a massive chance for him - after managing at lower levels and at small clubs, the chance to be a hero in a big town with big posibilities must be attractive - and I understand that his wish is to continue. So.....maybe his agent was just doing some due diligence just in case? Whatever the case, the anti-murcia hacks made the most of it. And it won't be their last attempt a torpedoing the promotion push.....

Other bad news.....Antonio Cañadas, scorer on no less that 5 free-kick goals this season, has been ruled out for 6 weeks with injury, so will miss the play off. No great, but we'll just have to deal with it.

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