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Thursday, December 30, 2010

RM v Sevilla B....Sunday 9th at Midday.

The game against Sevilla B has been set for Sunday 9th at 12.....strange timing but there you go. Should be available to watch via the clubs website, but will confirm.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I hate the break!

Whilst Wenger and others argue for a winter break in England, fans over there can still enjoy a full and even extended program of footy over the Christmas and New year period. I can even remember them playing one day after the other in the 70's and 80's....but then players had chest hair, moustaches and a pair of bollocks.

Make the most of won't last. Player power and the likes of Wenger will make it happen sooner rather than later. I agree with Arsene on most things, except goalkeepers and the winter break.

Here in Spain our already mollycoddled players are off away on holiday. Our pampered, underworked stars get more time off to add to the massive amount of free time they already have, and will return rested, waxed, and sporting a couple of new tattoo's.

Why? Has player wellbeing become even more important than the game itself and the spectators that keep them in Bentley's? Imagine working part-time and telling your boss you need to take time off as you are tired!

The break leaves a void for fans in Spain, and I wish they would do away with it. Theatre's put on matinee performances whilst us mere mortals have a couple of days off....why should footballers be any different?

I'll get me coat!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sickness

Just when you think it couldn't get worse, that the Madrid / Barcelona sickness infecting Spain must have reached it's limit....NO! WRONG!

Yesterday in the supermarket in Murcia (Alcampo), I nearly slammed my trolley into a display of canned olives. We've all seem mugs, keyrings, pens, car stickers.....but....CRISPS? Yes....big bags of crisps. Of course, you can't have just Real Madrid crisps, no, they have to have the reglamentary and balancing Barcelona crisps next door.

Whatever next? Real Madrid detergent? Barcelona frozen peas? (and of course their Madrid and Barcelona balancing versions).

I call them sheep for a reason you know.

Real Murcia 3 Puertollano 0

Another typical segunda B game at home. Puertollano "parked the bus", Real Murcia played some reasonable football for 30 minutes trying to unlock them, took the lead after a rebound off the post and the rest of the game was rather slow, not a lot of urgency. Maybe, after Puertollano had a player sent off, they were thinking more of their 2 weeks off.....anyhow, we scored 2 more in the second half, and end the first half of the season on 41 points. Although Sevilla and Cadiz have played one game less, the three points in the bag only puts pressure on them. 3 important games in January....Sevilla B visit on 9th, we go for a tricky away game at Roquetas the following week, then Cadiz come to the New Condomina. If we get through those unbeaten, we will be in very good shape and have both main rivals at arms length.

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Cámara - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Cañadas (Isaac Jové 60') - Albiol
Pedro (Carles 74') - Chando (Kike 69')

Asier - Aguilar - Pelegrina - Pomar
Vladimir - Nando - Pedro Díaz - Encinas (Fabio 73')
Xisco (Carlos 59') - Addison (Vidal 82')

1-0 Chando 39'
2-0 Albiol 70'
3-0 Kike 83'

Referee : Mr. Medina Méndez. Easy game to referee....but easily conned by playacting.

Att. 4378....which is poor. What is it about the Spanish and midweek games? I love a midweek game!

So just 9 goals conceded in 19 games, defence is solid. And contrary to popular thinking, great defending is also great football!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Table after 18 games....

Next up....Puertollano at the New Condomina on Wednesday 22nd at 20.30 p.m. This game can be followed on the web at the club's site. After that....Christmas/New year break.....and the top of the table clash with Sevilla Atl on the 9th of January.

Jumilla 0 Real Murcia 1

Not the prettiest game you'll ever see, but it was the points that were important (unless you are a journalist) due to Cadiz's loss on Saturday. A very small ground, a very wet, bumpy pitch, reinforced my feeling that we must...must get out of this division this season. A very enjoyable day though, it's only an hour away, and we had a great meat and very local Jumilla red wine. Bad news from the day was that Góngora looks to have fractured his leg, will have an operation today, and will be out for 2 or 3 months.

Belda - Bernal - Osuna (Tasio 53') - Menchón
Nico - Francolí - Ramos - David Sánchez (Andoni 70')
Juanjo (Dieguito 79') - Karim

Real Murcia:
Mario Marín (Cámara 83') - Gotor - Iván Amaya - Góngora (Óscar Sánchez 51')
Carles - Aguilera - Isaac Jové (Cañadas 75') - Pedro
Aquino - Chando.

0-1 Chando 43'.

Referee: Mr. López Puerta. Fair.

Photo : Jumilla.....nice place, great wine....but I hope I never go back to see a game! This is the main stand, they had a temporary thing erected for Real Murcia supporters...on the other 2 sides....nowt, just a running track.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Life after you know who?

Attendances....quick comparison of last weekend.

Spanish second division "Segunda" :

English N-Power Championship :

English N-Powers League 1 :

So in England second level football has many more followers than their equivalent in Spain. The details of third level can't really be compared; firstly as there are 4 divisions of segunda B in Spain.....secondly as I can't find any attendance stats. In any case...the difference would be a big one.

Next : Top tier. To make a reasonable comparison I have removed the "top" teams that may distort the figures (and the reasoning behind the study). So Barcelona and Man Utd's home attendances have been remioved.

Spanish Primera :

Premier League :

Conclusion : Too much time on my hands!

And perhaps in England we are not force fed Man Utd and Chelsea day after day. Tonight's sports news on Tele 5 in Spain was all about if Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo weren't best mates. No, they hadn't had a training pitch rumble....nothing like it. Can you imagine Sky Sports main story being that Nani and Rooney don't share the same bodywaxing clinic? Thought not.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Enemy Within

Should a local paper be supportive of their local side? Should the local hack have a soft spot for what should be the club they support? You would have thought so, right? You would think they would put a positive slant on things?

Imagine the situation. The team you manage have just won at home, not a great victory, but a victory nonetheless, and the three points gained take the side back to the top of the table, with a points total higher than any other side in the 4 divisions of the level you are in. You sit to answer questions after the game, and one particular journalist makes an affirmation, not really a question...."Real Murcia are at their worst moment".

Why the ultra critical policy? Is this what the readers demand? How can we be at our worst moment when we return to the top of the league? Is this a clear editorial line to try, for whatever obscure reason, to torpedo our promotion push? Or is the hackette in question watching too much of Guardiola's Barcelona, is dazzled by it, and can no longer discern that Real Murcia are in segunda B?

Iñaki Alonso was dignified, and didn't tell her to "sex and travel". Instead he just admitted it wasn't our best performance, that the most important thing was the three points, that we now have 35 points and couldn't imagine what they would be saying if we only had 25, that football is complicated, and that Real Madrid weren't able to beat us when we put up a defensive position, and that he thought that some criticisms were a bit of a joke given our position.

The lady in question didn't wait too long to respond.....and the very next day went to print with this.....

"Patience has a limit. The whistles, for the first time this season, sounded strongly in the last few minutes of the first half and when the players were going off at half time. Iñaki Alonso should recommend his pupils to use earplugs so that those small negative reactions from the fans don't effect their delicate sensibility. And to continue with the recommendations. Iñaki Alonso, who has made public his lack of desire to lose weight, should have a bowl of kellogg's All Bran for dinner to maintain his waistline, better digest criticism, and lose the animosity he transmits to those who don't agree with him"

Firstly....the whistles were limited, 4 or 5 Madrid clad numpties. Secondly the team reacted well, scoring twice. Thirdly....who the hell is this bimbo to start making personal comment about someone's appearance? lessons on accepting criticism whilst clearly reacting in a terribly undignified manner to a very small criticism to yourself? Pot? Kettle? Black?

Unfortunately the school of sports journalism in Murcia teaches ultracriticism of Real Murcia at every possible opportunity (the "teacher" of this school, Juan Ignacio Ibarra, even had a street named after him, despite selling himself out to the defunct Murcia City and open support for arch rivals Cartagena. The street, without any irony, is called Calle Maestro Ibarra). And they are missing a point here....the fanbase has changed. The rancid older generation are gone or going...there is a new, younger, inconditional crowd, crying out of a more pro-murcia stance, that is completely absent from the local press. The hacks and editors are missing a trick, but are far too far stuck up their own opinionated arses and busy watching fantasy football to notice.

Photo : Ronaldo and Messi. On another planet but....are they good for the rest of football in Spain?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Jumilla.....(slurp)

Looking forward to this one.....should be a good laugh, not too far away (about an hour), Jumilla is famous for it's wines, some of which are really excellent. They used to have the reputation of being too full bodied...and indeed I can remember when I first arrived in Murcia thinking they were undrinkable, mostly due to the fact they had been stored in some awful barrel and tasted really off. I even heard that they used to fill tankers with the stuff, take it up to Bordeaux and mix it with some of their wines that needed more body. Nowadays modern methods have been introduced....and there are some very very good ones available....and I'm sure we will be trying quite a few as we'll head up there for lunch then the match.

3 points are a must.....and I hope none of the complacency of our last outing at Lorca.

Photo : Clio from Bodegas El Nido.....not cheap but well worth it. Hic!

Monday, December 13, 2010


After yesterday's results, we are back on top.....and should remain there, as we are away to rock bottom Jumilla next week.

Real Murcia 2 Caravaca 1

Another rather mixed performance, although the score is flattering to Caravaca who hardly threatened, and thanks to our forwards (particularly Chando) who were wasteful in front of goal. this league you are going to have many ugly games where the visitors come to defend and are hard to break down. Plus, for a team like Caravaca playing at the NC is like a cup final, so they are super motivated, whilst I think some of Real Murcia's players find it hard to be motivated for such a game.

Real Murcia:
Góngora - Amaya - Luciano - Gago
Aquino (Isaac 57´) - Aguilera - Richi (Urzaiz 77´) - Pedro (Mario Marín 74´)
Cañadas - Chando

Miguel Ángel - Soldevilla - Giorgi (Sivori 48´) - Gavilán
Alfonso - Campillo - Álex - Atila (Andrés 59´)
Elías - Rojas (De La Rosa 79´)

1-0 Pedro 57´
2-0 Chando 70´
2-1 Elias 81´

Ref: Mr. García Castillo. Woeful. Seemed to ignore any late kicks, did not have a criteria for yellow cards for hands, clueless about playing advantage, too far away from no better or worse than all the others we have suffered!

Att. 6,804

When the referee blew for the start of the game, Caravaca's players all dropped to their knees.....not in prayer for victory, but as a protest as they have not been paid for a few months. After a minute (Real Murcia sportingly just knocked the ball around between thenselves) they got up and proceeded with the game. Evidently the owners and or politicians need to sort this out and are to blame, but you cannot get away from the fact that the bipolar media and their ramming Madrid and Barcelona down peoples throats, and that only that brand of football is valid contributes greatly to this. Low league football in Spain is in a complete mess......but at the RFEF it only seems to matter that Messi scores another couple in another predictable 5 or 6 nil trouncing and that these are seen worldwide. Is it any wonder the people of Caravaca don't go or support their local side?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tomorrow's game against Caravaca at the New Condomina will be available to see via the internet ( at 17.00 (16.00 UK time). What to expect? Well, like any side from Murcia region, playing at the NC against Real Murcia is like their world cup final, so they won't be short of motivation, so don't expect an easy game. I hope Real will use last weeks inexplicable display as a wake up call....a silly loss, added to too many draws, mean Cadiz, who have lost 5 games, are right on our heels, and Sevilla B are ahead on goal difference. As I have explained before, coming first gives you 2 bites at the play off cherry, second, third or fourth means a long and difficult process to gain promotion.

I hope Caravaca's support don't follow their regional collegues (Cartagena, Lorca and Yecla) by following the fashion, using the game for some absurd pathetic political claims and to throw general insults.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Golden Balls. Barcelona's Iniesta, Messi and Xavi are the candidates for the accolade this year. I can understand why Iniesta is nominated.....class act, quiet bloke, fair enough. But....Messi? Sooner or later they will discover what kind of performance enhancing drugs he is on (like they did with Maradona) as you can't be that bloody's impossible. And most of all...XAVI? Xavi.....the mouthiest, bigheadedest, dimwitiest, spiky loo brushed haried, back sack and cracked, stick on eyebrowed, crosseyed odious midget? Fuck offffff please....

As a player he's OK. Only OK....fortunate to be in a great Barcelona side. But as a man? Self centred, egotistic, ignorant, bovine megatwit, has the IQ of a dung beetle (slightly above his mate Puyol then) and the manners of Sir Les Patterson. His eyes are too close together. He can't keep his gob shut if there is a microphone within a mile....and he talks more shite than Stan Collymore.

Pepe there's another prize knobend....

Why the HATE you ask? topic and not Real Murcia.....but had to be said.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Growing Support / Updated Table

There is no doubt that in number our support has grown considerably over the last few years - and again this season the underlying trend is towards inconditional, even though we have suffered 2 relegations in 3 seasons. I know that the elder amongst the fans say that in the 80's, before Madrid and Barcelona monopolized media coverage, that Murcia had big attendences at home....but have we ever travelled in such number as now? 3,000 odd at the Bernabeu is normal.....but over 800 at Lorca, in a segunda B match? That is almost double those who attended our last visit there some 3 or 4 seasons ago in Segunda. This is good....there is real feeling for the club, and despite the fact that I saw two numpties yesterday with their Real Madrid tracksuits, you can tell the majority disapprove - and let them know about it.

The updated table is below.....I hope we can cut out the inconsistency and the bit of complacency. I'm not making stupid demands like our local rag "La Verdad" who insist that Real Murcia need to win seven nil every week in this division - that just shows their ignorance of just how competitive a league segunda B is. Just that we concentrate and take nothing for granted.

Lorca 1 Real Murcia 0

Dismal performance from Real Murcia - that said, it is a game they didn't deserve to lose. Lorca's tactics were clear from the start - the lush green grass had been left uncut and unwatered, and it was like playing on treacle, which clearly favoured Lorca and hindered Murcia's passing game. Once they got ahead (through a penalty), there was no end of playacting, particularly from their keeper Goyo who went down feigning injury 4 or 5 times. The ballboys disappeared. However, it has to be said that some of our players looked like they thought we only had to get off the bus to take all 3 points, perhaps a bit of complacency after last week's 6 - 0 drubbing of Lucena. We simply weren't at the races, and hardly troubled Lorca's goal until the last few minutes. Having 3 players sent off didn't help. Abraham for violent conduct a straight red (I didn't see anything), Oscar Sanchez for 2 yellows (the second of which is a foul but no way is a 2nd yellow) - I can't remember the first, think it was for dissent, Kike dismissed in injury time with a second yellow for diving in the box.....a tackle that looked like a penalty from my viewpoint.

Germán - Méndez - Olivares - Casabella
Quintero (Meca 83') - Antonio (Adrián 70') - Sebas - Toño
Aarón - Verdú (Jaime 70')

Real Murcia:
Gago - Gotor - Amaya (Kike 76') - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Cañadas (Aquino 65') - Albiol (Abraham 40')
Pedro - Chando

1-0 Jaime (pen 70').

Att. around 1,500 of which aprox. 60% were from Murcia.

Referee: Mr. Pino Blanco. After an acceptable first half and first few minutes of the second, decided he was going unnoticed and proceeded to give a disgraceful and unwarranted display of cardwaving madness.

Best we forget this one ASAP. Hope Iñaki Alonso gave them the bollocking they deserved.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No TV today....

Looks like Lorca Atletico have priced themselves out of TV coverage, and therefore the match will not be available via the Real Murcia website.

I am confused by Lorca.....this team "Atletico" I am told purchased Sangonaera's place in segunda B, this after the previous Lorca ¿Deportiva? folded, just like their predecessor. So this is the 3rd? 4th? version of a Lorca side in the last 20 years. Their high point was a few years ago, whilst in Segunda, they flirted with promotion. I can remember how their results and goals were greeted with some pleasure at the old Condomina - this all changed when they visited us. I have bleeted on about how Spanish fans are Madrid and Barsa at heart, but will attach themselves to their local side only if they are doing well. Classic example. Over 1000 Lorca fans came, were welcomed....until they insisted on insulting chants and general misbehaviour. The following season Real Murcia visited Lorca and gained a undeserved last minute draw.....and we fans were pelted with anything they could throw at us. End of the season they were relegated.....and then went out of business, until this version muscled their way into Segunda B. As per our amigos in Cartagena, no doubt this edition will inherit the other 3 attempt's history. This is why they appear as "Lorca Frankenstein" on my league table.....

Insults, bottles, stones......Why on earth am I heading to Lorca this afternoon? Why don't I stay home after a week away in the cold of Canada and London, and the boredom of Luton Airport for hours 2 mornings running thanks to the air traffic controllers?