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Monday, December 27, 2010

I hate the break!

Whilst Wenger and others argue for a winter break in England, fans over there can still enjoy a full and even extended program of footy over the Christmas and New year period. I can even remember them playing one day after the other in the 70's and 80's....but then players had chest hair, moustaches and a pair of bollocks.

Make the most of won't last. Player power and the likes of Wenger will make it happen sooner rather than later. I agree with Arsene on most things, except goalkeepers and the winter break.

Here in Spain our already mollycoddled players are off away on holiday. Our pampered, underworked stars get more time off to add to the massive amount of free time they already have, and will return rested, waxed, and sporting a couple of new tattoo's.

Why? Has player wellbeing become even more important than the game itself and the spectators that keep them in Bentley's? Imagine working part-time and telling your boss you need to take time off as you are tired!

The break leaves a void for fans in Spain, and I wish they would do away with it. Theatre's put on matinee performances whilst us mere mortals have a couple of days off....why should footballers be any different?

I'll get me coat!

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  1. I hate the break too, but Real Murcia´s is longer than it would have been coz they brought forward the Puertollano 2nd/3rd January weekend game to midweek. I was going to go to the re-arranged fixture but the regional goverment cut my wife´s pay and increased her hours so I was at a demo instead along with various other Real Murcia season ticket holders.
    On a happier note pleased to see Arsenal stuffing the "small team in Fulham" recently and QPR still top.