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Monday, December 6, 2010

Growing Support / Updated Table

There is no doubt that in number our support has grown considerably over the last few years - and again this season the underlying trend is towards inconditional, even though we have suffered 2 relegations in 3 seasons. I know that the elder amongst the fans say that in the 80's, before Madrid and Barcelona monopolized media coverage, that Murcia had big attendences at home....but have we ever travelled in such number as now? 3,000 odd at the Bernabeu is normal.....but over 800 at Lorca, in a segunda B match? That is almost double those who attended our last visit there some 3 or 4 seasons ago in Segunda. This is good....there is real feeling for the club, and despite the fact that I saw two numpties yesterday with their Real Madrid tracksuits, you can tell the majority disapprove - and let them know about it.

The updated table is below.....I hope we can cut out the inconsistency and the bit of complacency. I'm not making stupid demands like our local rag "La Verdad" who insist that Real Murcia need to win seven nil every week in this division - that just shows their ignorance of just how competitive a league segunda B is. Just that we concentrate and take nothing for granted.


  1. The media over their dont seem to have a clue haha x

  2. just checked flights and car hire for weekend of 20-24 January - both had come down since last week!:-) will have to fly to Alicante from Gatwick though. B'ham-Murcia is my best route. PETE

  3. Where do you stay, we have a villa but its about an hours drive away over in mazarron and the grandparents not be there to give me a lift? is there any hotels within walking distance or something?


  4. Our house is 10 minutes inland from La Zenia, near Villamartin. Its about 20 mins drive north of the airport. Still not great for getting to Murcia, about an hour, but I'm glad to be heading somewhere more Spanish!! It takes me best part of an hour to drive to watch Gloucester City from home anyway! LOL PETE

  5. yeclano 0,0

  6. nice one,

    Question for you now guri,

    Are there any walking distance hotels around the nueva condomina?

  7. Joe : No.....the NC is a bit "out of town" and all the hotels are in Murcia city itself. However, it is easy to get to by bus, and the new tram system may be up and running soon. Also taxi's aren't too expensive. Let me know in time which game you are coming for and i'll try to get you a freebie.

    Pete : Good choice of weekend, Cadiz at home.....pre match beer perhaps?