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Monday, December 13, 2010

Real Murcia 2 Caravaca 1

Another rather mixed performance, although the score is flattering to Caravaca who hardly threatened, and thanks to our forwards (particularly Chando) who were wasteful in front of goal. this league you are going to have many ugly games where the visitors come to defend and are hard to break down. Plus, for a team like Caravaca playing at the NC is like a cup final, so they are super motivated, whilst I think some of Real Murcia's players find it hard to be motivated for such a game.

Real Murcia:
Góngora - Amaya - Luciano - Gago
Aquino (Isaac 57´) - Aguilera - Richi (Urzaiz 77´) - Pedro (Mario Marín 74´)
Cañadas - Chando

Miguel Ángel - Soldevilla - Giorgi (Sivori 48´) - Gavilán
Alfonso - Campillo - Álex - Atila (Andrés 59´)
Elías - Rojas (De La Rosa 79´)

1-0 Pedro 57´
2-0 Chando 70´
2-1 Elias 81´

Ref: Mr. García Castillo. Woeful. Seemed to ignore any late kicks, did not have a criteria for yellow cards for hands, clueless about playing advantage, too far away from no better or worse than all the others we have suffered!

Att. 6,804

When the referee blew for the start of the game, Caravaca's players all dropped to their knees.....not in prayer for victory, but as a protest as they have not been paid for a few months. After a minute (Real Murcia sportingly just knocked the ball around between thenselves) they got up and proceeded with the game. Evidently the owners and or politicians need to sort this out and are to blame, but you cannot get away from the fact that the bipolar media and their ramming Madrid and Barcelona down peoples throats, and that only that brand of football is valid contributes greatly to this. Low league football in Spain is in a complete mess......but at the RFEF it only seems to matter that Messi scores another couple in another predictable 5 or 6 nil trouncing and that these are seen worldwide. Is it any wonder the people of Caravaca don't go or support their local side?

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  1. another victory, another horrible match, another team that dont want to play football, wait a moment we won we are on the the top. thats enough. I hate this division.