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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jumilla 0 Real Murcia 1

Not the prettiest game you'll ever see, but it was the points that were important (unless you are a journalist) due to Cadiz's loss on Saturday. A very small ground, a very wet, bumpy pitch, reinforced my feeling that we must...must get out of this division this season. A very enjoyable day though, it's only an hour away, and we had a great meat and very local Jumilla red wine. Bad news from the day was that Góngora looks to have fractured his leg, will have an operation today, and will be out for 2 or 3 months.

Belda - Bernal - Osuna (Tasio 53') - Menchón
Nico - Francolí - Ramos - David Sánchez (Andoni 70')
Juanjo (Dieguito 79') - Karim

Real Murcia:
Mario Marín (Cámara 83') - Gotor - Iván Amaya - Góngora (Óscar Sánchez 51')
Carles - Aguilera - Isaac Jové (Cañadas 75') - Pedro
Aquino - Chando.

0-1 Chando 43'.

Referee: Mr. López Puerta. Fair.

Photo : Jumilla.....nice place, great wine....but I hope I never go back to see a game! This is the main stand, they had a temporary thing erected for Real Murcia supporters...on the other 2 sides....nowt, just a running track.

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