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Friday, December 17, 2010

Life after you know who?

Attendances....quick comparison of last weekend.

Spanish second division "Segunda" :

English N-Power Championship :

English N-Powers League 1 :

So in England second level football has many more followers than their equivalent in Spain. The details of third level can't really be compared; firstly as there are 4 divisions of segunda B in Spain.....secondly as I can't find any attendance stats. In any case...the difference would be a big one.

Next : Top tier. To make a reasonable comparison I have removed the "top" teams that may distort the figures (and the reasoning behind the study). So Barcelona and Man Utd's home attendances have been remioved.

Spanish Primera :

Premier League :

Conclusion : Too much time on my hands!

And perhaps in England we are not force fed Man Utd and Chelsea day after day. Tonight's sports news on Tele 5 in Spain was all about if Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo weren't best mates. No, they hadn't had a training pitch rumble....nothing like it. Can you imagine Sky Sports main story being that Nani and Rooney don't share the same bodywaxing clinic? Thought not.


  1. The lack of stats for Spanish football always surprises me. Even RM's website only has details of the last game, the rest is just results. Unless I'm missing something. Perhaps I should delve in to the unofficial sites. But even then you cant compare our crowds to anyone else's either! Still, in the third tier and at a low ebb RM still get over 6,000 which has to be a very positive sign as to a true and passionate fan base. Guiri, did you get any response from the club shop about their growing uk fan base!?!?! PETE PS stansted to alicante 20-25 January for £35 return on ryanair :-)

  2. Attendance figures are a bit of a joke. Real Murcia's are bona fide.....but a lot are just a jouno's guess..."3,500"....."8,000".....i'm sure it ain't that difficult, but...ho-hum....."Spain is different" as they say. I have no doubt that the tragic relegation last year has stiffened resolve of the 6,000 who are proper supporters....not those who are fair weather. Despite setbacks, support neucleus is growing. It's still tough being a Real supporter in Murcia, you get plenty of mockery from the sheep, but....poco a poco.....

    Club shop....haven't had a chance to go yet. Hopefully this week, but don't hold out much hope. Better bring yer wonga when you come out.

    35 quid on Ryanair.....i've fallen into that trap before and has 120 more taken off me at the airport! Hope the weather bucks up before then....I have parents and brother plus family coming out for Xmas between Tuesday and Wednesday....if the snow allows!

  3. Derby get alot more than 14,000. id say more 16-18,000.

    im not sticking up for the sheep though!