Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Jumilla.....(slurp)

Looking forward to this one.....should be a good laugh, not too far away (about an hour), Jumilla is famous for it's wines, some of which are really excellent. They used to have the reputation of being too full bodied...and indeed I can remember when I first arrived in Murcia thinking they were undrinkable, mostly due to the fact they had been stored in some awful barrel and tasted really off. I even heard that they used to fill tankers with the stuff, take it up to Bordeaux and mix it with some of their wines that needed more body. Nowadays modern methods have been introduced....and there are some very very good ones available....and I'm sure we will be trying quite a few as we'll head up there for lunch then the match.

3 points are a must.....and I hope none of the complacency of our last outing at Lorca.

Photo : Clio from Bodegas El Nido.....not cheap but well worth it. Hic!


  1. i signed willy top from them on football manager! is this game normal day and normal time? x

  2. appears to be 3.30 UK time today. I see that Cadiz lost yesterday- smashing! so a win for us today would put a chink of daylight between us and rest.