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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Key.... nearly as bad as Monday. But I'm in a good mood today, off to London this afternoon, and taking in QPR - Millwall tonight.

After the bollocks spouted by Fernandez in La Opinion yesterday, La Verdad's Jose Oton seems to be much more in tune with how we Real Murcia supporters are feeling :

"That a team recently relegated from Segunda is fighting for first place after six games, and has passed through 3 rounds of the cup, is no coincidence. It must have something to do with the work done since July bt Sergio Fernandez as sporting director, and Iñaki Alonso as coach"

"COMMITMENT - The players that have stayed are committed to Real Murcia, and those that have arrived can see a great opportunity and see wearing the Real Murcia shirt as a prize"

"HUMILITY - The parking at Cobatillas (training ground) is no longer full of luxury cars - in previous seasons it was like a team playing in the champions league"

"AUTOCRITICISM - In the press room there is no crying about refereeing. As Alonso said "We must be doing something wrong to have so many players sent off"

"POLYVALENCY - No big stars. In this new Murcia there are no stars and nearly all the players can change their position to help the team"

But he went and spoilt it at the end, adding....

"ONLY 8 GOALS. Real Murcia should have resolved their games earlier, if they had been more certain in front of goal"

Next weekend's game against Almeria B has been changed to Saturday at 6 p.m. (5 p.m. UK time), and will again be available to see via the internet on the club's official website.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated Table / Local Press

Morning all! Monday.....arrghhh!

Updated table after yesterday's games :

Ultra critical and know-it-all hack Ernesto Fernandez is up to his old tricks again in this morning's La Opinion. Some of these comments are quite unbelieveable and malintentioned. Most of us saw the game yesterday, were feeling it was a good test given the refs, we are all wrong.

"The game was far from brilliant, but the reds keep reaping victories, so the criticisms, for now, will only be in the background. Right now all is smiles, but there are defects that are clear, but that for the moment are masked by the victories".

"Iñaki Alonso, chief of the dressing room, is still falling into errors that have given headaches to previous managers. The Basque coach insists on putting forward Kike Garcia in the starting line up, but also retreating his position, something that, united with the offensive defects of this supposed striker, makes the team lose strength in attack".

"the team has no goals in it. And it doesn't have any goals because Chando isn't on form, and because the coach still avoids risk by not putting Isaac and Pedro on the wings, the two mast dangerous players in the squad. Alonso prefers Albiol on the right to Isaac, possibly because Albiol offers more help in defence. True, but as the team is obliged from right now to occupy first place, and to do this it is necessary to use the best players. The fact that Isaac is sitting on the bench doesn't correspond to the basque coach's philosophy, who at the start was charachterised for wanting to play offensive football. We must follow with attention to see how the team develops in the next few games"

"The reds are obliged to complete a brilliant season, taking into account the rival's level. Real Murcia in order to recieve praise, must be first in the table".

Journalism of the very worst kind, Ernesto is so full of himself, he must be brilliant at everything. He even thinks he can tell Iñaki Alonso, who has Real Murcia unbeaten, how to do his job. This is exactly the type of journalism, the "I know more than the manager", that was a factor in our relegation from Primera in 2008. Ernesto and his ilk and their stupid demands, all but obliged then coach Lucas Alcaraz to opt for more offensive football....when with organization and hard work we were ninth (NINTH!). The pressure grew week on week, and finally Alcaraz went for offense, resulting in a run of defeats, and relegation weeks before the end of the season. Not completely to blame, but definately a factor.

Ernesto is a very poor hack. He demands Isacc in the starting line up, but forgets that the player came off on Wednesday after a heavy challenge, and was probably carrying a knock. He demands immediate first place without taking into account that Cadiz have had an easy run and Real Murcia a far more difficult start, or the fact the we have had 5 sent off against Cadiz's...none! He also ignores that but for an extremely dodgy pen we would have beaten (and deservedly) Cadiz at their place. We beat third placed Sevilla B away (and, despite have no goals, scored 3 and came from behind that day). Instead of focusing on our defensive strengths - just 2 against, one pen and one own goal, he decides we have a problem scoring. He's a fifth columnist of the first order, and a self important opinionated numpty. We want to read a report, not your untrained amateur, PC football, irresponsable opinions. No doubt your demanded kamikaze tactics would have us slipping down the table, but then of course the blame would be for the coach.

Can't stand know-it-alls.

I'll get me coat!

Video : As Van Gaaal explained once to an Ernesto type....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Real Murcia 1 Melilla 0

It wasn't pretty......but it takes balls, effort and teamwork to win like this after being reduced to ten men after just 3 minutes. Gotor was red carded after a clash with Melilla's number 2. I have not seen any replays....but it seems to be a very dubious decision. This is something we are having to deal with at the NC. The referees in segunda B are used to going to small grounds where the public are close, and chase them around the village and there is no hiding place. The NC is made for primera, and there is distance...and safety. Add to this the fact that they have no opportunity to act on such a stage, they seem to want to make the most of the chance of noteriety. Mr. Mateo Valero was awful, getting decisions wrong all the time, and the was OK (who bravely gave the penalty), but the other? A Melilla forward a good 4 metres offside, no flag, on the very next attack, onside, but the flag goes up. Let's get used to it.....this is the way it's gonna be....officials at this level are woeful.

The kick-off time didn't help the attendance....on the TV it may have looked empty....but remember, the NC is huge (33,000 capacity) and most of the support were sheltering in the shade (and you don't really want to be in the sun in Murcia at midday in September - see shade seekers photo below).

Lineups :

Real Murcia :
Gago - Amaya - Gotor - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Albiol (Cañadas, 78') - Pedro
Kike (Carles, 25') - Chando (Rosquete, 63').

Melilla :
Zamorano - Amarito - Herreros (Castell, 84') - Mahanan
Carlos Ruiz - Roldán - Bravo (Aznar, 62') - Coke (Chota, 62')
Vázquez - Ramos.

Goal: 1-0. Pedro (pen, 43').

Att : 7,175

Outstanding performances from Aguilera, Richi, Pedro and Amaya. At the end of the game the whole team, subs, plus manager...even the kit man, all joined in a huddle on the pitch, showing that this is a TEAM. What a difference a few months makes. The club was in disarray, now we seem to have removed the bad influences from the dressing room, have appointed a clever manager who knows how to get the best out of the squad, is using rotation wisely, and has given the team a clear identity on the pitch. We have had a far more difficult start to the season than Cadiz.....and we all know that the ref gifted them their draw against us at their place. Only 2 goals conceded in the leagure (an own goal and Cadiz's dodgy penalty). We eliminated Puertollano (ambitious new arab owners), Oviedo (one of the favorites for promotion, a sleeping giant) and Sant Andreu (top of group 3)....all away from home. Winning is a very good habit, whatever the competition. Next up....Almeria B, again at the NC, next Sunday.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Real Murcia via the internet

Good news for those of you not in Spain......the club have "given" their TV rights to loacl TV station 7RM, and this Sunday's game against Melilla at the NC will be transmitted by this regional channel (via digital TV), and will also be available worldwide on the internet via the club's official website.

Kick off is at midday (11 a.m. in the UK).

This looks like the first step towards one of owner Jesus Samper's aims, to have a dedicated TV station, just as we already have a radio station that has been transmitting quite a few years now. This may be through an agreement with a existing local digital channel (much the same as the radio station, which transmits two daily shows at midday and 3 p.m., plus commentary on all first and reserve team games).

Thursday, September 23, 2010


First – here’s something to listen to while you read.

A visit from Real Madrid usually makes Real Murcia season ticket holders suddenly more popular. Old aquaintences call out of the blue, the wife’s cousin’s brother sends a message, the normally aloof financial controller or HR boffin at work is suddenly your best mate….the chitchat always end with the same question…¿any chance of getting me a ticket? But it’s not just Real Madrid, the other powerhouse, Barcelona, would create a similar, but perhaps not quite so obvious, sudden recognition that you are in fact human and living.

It is unsurprising that these two, and especially Madrid, are so popular in Spain. They almost completely dominate sports news. The daily sports publications and radio programs, talk almost exclusively about these two. Indeed, the papers, although distributed nationally, have clear favor, and zero credibility – serious impartial sports reporting is hard to find, as even the serious daily rags’ hacks have clear preference. To give you an idea, not so long ago, TVE (state TV) opened their sports news section with the a detailed report on Cristiano Ronaldo’s movements – not because of an important upcoming fixture, no…..but because it was his birthday! Even local editions (such as our own La Verdad, La Opinion and El Faro) will carry Real Madrid and Barsa stories before anything about Real Murcia, as the readership is far more interested in the stars than anything local. You could say this is normal, as Real Madrid and Barcelona have almost exclusivity on the trophies – but other countries have few candidates, in England you can’t see far past Chelsea, Man Utd or Arsenal winning the title and the cup, yet coverage isn’t polarized, and attendances for Championship, League One and League 2 fixtures dwarf their counterparts in Spain by a massive margin.

There is a pride in supporting the local side, a belief that one day your boys will make the dream come true, that is missing in the majority of football lovers in Spain – they need the silverware, need the best players on their side, must have the nonstop coverage, require guaranteed glory and feel uncomfortable going against the tide. Support for a local unsuccessful side is ridiculed rather than admired as honest. I can see that in Murcia, we Peppermen, those with no “Blanco” (Madrid) or “Cule” (Barcelona) leanings, are becoming more and more vociferous in our annoyance at the comments and general sniggering from the sheep like gloryhunters that surround us. Often, before I can get a grip on what I am saying, I find myself snarling and barking like some kind of rabid dog. I don’t see the game as entertainment, I don’t need to see great play by great players….it’s tribal….it’s the beers with the lads and shared dreams and disappointments. Counting a title for a team 400 miles away as if it were your own, just seems so artificial and false.

But there is worse to come…..the behavior of a percentage of these people is beyond belief.

Imagine…..a Saturday in (I think it was) May, 2008. Real Murcia, who after a decent start in Primera, had gone into meltdown (I won’t go into all the reasons, but some of the blame is with the sheep and their journalists), and lost 3 – 2 at Racing Santander after being 0 – 2 up. This result confirmed relegation to segunda. The very same day, just 2 hours later, Real Madrid were crowned champions for the….who cares….thirtysomethingth time. Was there respect for the local club? Was there fuck….the Redonda (the main square in Murcia - although it’s round) was simply awash with Real Madrid fans celebrating, dancing in the fountain, flags, scarves, horns, fireworks, unbridled joy. And not just a few. There were thousands. I can bet that 99.9% of them have never, never seen a Real Madrid game or been to the Bernabeu. And have never really suffered (When have Real Madrid ever had dodgy refereeing?). And 50% of them would be in the same fountain the next time Real Murcia get promoted.

At the same place, but in May 2006, just after the Arsenal – Barcelona Champions league final. I had been to a bar (in an Arsenal shirt) to watch the game with a few mates. I had to go near the Redonda to reach my car. It was complete chaos…again, cars honking, fireworks, flags… much joy, again, not a few people, literally thousands. A few patted me on the back….but… even wanted to have a fight! You….you monkey…..that have never even been near the Nou Camp or had dodgy penalty against you in the last minute of suffered relegation or a decade in a football desert….you want to fight me, with hundreds of dull Real Murcia and other hundreds of dull Arsenal games in the 80’s, and thousands of euros following my dull useless charges up and down the country? Me that can only dream of silverware, and you want to hit me you muppet? NO….I refuse to fight people with farmyard animal IQ’s (apart from being a coward!)

The duopoly is strong. Even from birth in Spain you are in danger of becoming part of it…..everyone has a uncle who sends Real Madrid pajamas. I took my son to football training last week and of 15 boys, 8 were in full Real Madrid kit, 2 in full Barsa kit.

My brother in law is a good case. So proud to be from Murcia, so pround of Murcia, the city, the region, everything about it….except one thing. “Yo….yo soy del Real Madrid”. And he can’t stand Real Murcia…..and there is only one explanation. Winning. And his sons are just as anti Real Murcia, despite my efforts. “Real Murcia don’t win” is the answer to everything…..and kids don’t understand reasoning about distance or anything else. Logic to a point…playgrounds are cruel places for anyone but Real and Barsa supporters – my own son knows this (see ).

Real Madrid’s last visit to Murcia was a case in point of what can happen. When the tickets went on sale, such was the rush of the wooly that soon enough the cheaper seats were gone. Cue incidents (see these photos), arrests and complaints. Real Murcia season ticket holders had no issue, and preference for tickets… it does have some small advantages. Real’s away support isn’t really away support. When you go to, say, Wigan against Chelsea, you know that the away support are Chelsea fans, normally club members or similar, that have come up from London. Real Madrid’s support at the NC last time was 90% from within 15 kilometers of the stadium. And celebrated wildly a goal against their local club when Robinho put Real Madrid ahead from a ridiculously offside position. Real Murcia equalized, and I could see that we were in the majority, which is great…..until, looking across at the “lateral” stand, you could see various Barcelona flags being waved furiously.

Consider what the proper Madrid based Real Madrid fans think of all the “peñas” from outside Madrid. Their president even said once that they should stop using Real Madrid as a blanket to comfort themselves with for the failings of their own local teams. They go to the Bernabeu once a decade, parade their Real Madrid flag with the name of their village, but the Madrileños just see them as silly bumpkins.

No doubt that for the cup game there will be queues, complaints……hundreds of adolescent girls and boys will crowd around the entrance to whichever hotel Madrid stay at. We will see Madrid shirts on Murciano backs. In the fondo Sur we will have "visitors"......but....they may get an earfull from me.




Alcala Guadaira 0 Real Murcia 1

Still unbeaten!

Real Murcia:
Luciano - Gotor - Iván Amaya - Góngora
Isaac (Gago 86') - Carles - Juan Aguilera - Cañadas
Chando (Rubén Rosquete 83') - Kike (Pedro 61').

0 - 1 Isaac (67')

Eventfull evening for Isaac. He was booked for diving in the area, a tackle that warranted his substitution soon after, and possibly a lengthy spell out maybe, just maybe it was a pen. The pathetic uniformed berk booked 5 Real Murcia players...and none from Alcala, who apparently had a permit to kick and foul without punishment. Welcome to segunda B.

The updated table :

We would have been top but for the antlered bovine twerp in black who gifted Cadiz a penalty and therefore a draw against us.

Ho - Hum.

Un beaten in all competions after 8 games (6 away, 2 home).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Real MURCIA v....

wait for it....


Home on 27th October
Away on 10th November

Of course these may change with TV interest....but they won't let us know probably until 3 days before. We're only the fans for goodness sake.

Why is the table rising?

I should be angry.....

But I ain't. Football can do this.

I picked up a stinker of a cold in Morocco last week. Runny nose, temperature, coughing an spluttering, earache, coldsores....the full monty.....and I'm clean out of tissues.

E-mail inbox full of stuff that needs clearing up, phone ringing.....

I made the mistake of putting the telly on this morning, and was stupid enough to watch a session of "Questions to the Government" at the Spanish parliament in Madrid.....and what a strange parliament it is, each side applauding the own charges, just like a football match. It even degenerated into a nursery school playground with namecalling. And the fact that corruption was not the issue but the fact that your side is more currupt than my side, and viceversa, made me wonder if these people are on the same planet as hardworking and taxpaying public, who make their marvellous lifestyle possible.

I should be in a shocking mood. But I'm ecstatic! And it's all due to this game where 11 geezers kick a round thing around against another 11 blokes and try to "stick it in their hole" jejeje. The game has brought many dark days over the last couple of years.....but dawn is on the horizon.

- The draw for the 4th round of the Copa Del Rey is just a couple of hours away.....I'm sure we will get a good tie and have a chance (and I've already booked 10th and 11th November off to go to the return leg, wherever it may be). Something to look forward to.
- Real Murcia play Alcala tonight and I am megaconfident we will win. I can feel a change going through the club.....a new style of play, a common goal. That we have reached the bottom and have lifted off.
- The Goonies gave me a lift winning 4 - 1 at the Lane last night. I was buzzing.

Now....what can I blow me nose on?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

100 Real Murcia Goals at the NC

Chando's strike against Real Jaen was Real Murcia's 100th goal since the New Condomina was opened.

The first goal was scored by Ivan Alonso against Valladolid :

My own personal favorite, Bruno's magnificent strike against Celta Vigo.

Monday, September 20, 2010

RM v Jaen highlights....

New Condomina......too good for Segunda B

Look....I'm not really one for making demands on my club.....I'm a fan, and whatever, I will still turn up week after week, and will support without conditions. Kind of like the mother who still loves her hooligan, violent and imprisoned son - no matter what happens or what he does....she will be there for him. Despite being in segunda B we all (the hardcore Real fans) seem to be here still.

I was looking back through some photos I took of our magnificent stadium.....which I took on a visit organized by the club, just over a year ago, before the horrible season, before Montilivi, when all was hope of a good season and dreams of a return to Primera. Here are a few of them....

Photos include....the Fondo Sur, The Fondo Norte, The view from the players tunnel onto the pitch, the press room and the chapel.

It's just awesome. So we must, really....MUST get promotion this year. Maybe I'm still trying to get over Girona.....but every time I think of visits from Roquetas, Yeclano or Alcala (with all due respect) or any other teams in the division (with the exception of Cadiz who have a similar situation to our own)...I roll my eyes, shake my head....and still find it hard to believe it came to this. The surroundings are just so far ahead of the division we are is sad. So we have to get back.....QUICK!

Video : The NC....just imagining it full of screaming Peppermen gives me the shivers.

Updated table....up to third.

2 games this week.....we are away to Alcala Guadaira on Wednesday at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. in the UK), and at home to Melilla on Sunday at Midday (11 a.m. UK time).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real Murcia 2 Real Jaen 0

Relatively easy victory over Jaen.....we created numerous chances but were a little wasteful in front of goal, and some of the crossing was poor. However, this team is clearly improving, homegrown talents Kike (who seems to be using his brain a bit more) and Aguilera (who ran the show in midfield and was omnipresent all over the pitch) were the outstanding performers.

Real Murcia :
Gago - Gotor - Amaya - Góngora
Aguilera - Richi - Albiol (Isaac, 66') - Pedro
Kike (Cañadas, 61') - Chando.

Real Jaén:
Zurdo - Espín - José Mari - Rojas
Zarandona - Fernando (Iván, 81') - Segura - Añete (Ángel, 45')
Machado (Toledo, 45') - Fabios.

1-0 Chando (14')
2-0 Richi (90').

Referee : Bernal Moreno. Amazingly for a Spanish referee allowed play to flow as much as possible, ignoring many claims (usually from Jaen) for fouls. Clearly Real Murcia have discussed the attitude towards the officials, so there was zero backchat and therefore zero cards yesterday. Good. No so for Jaen, who had Rojas sent off for a second yellow as he protested to the ref after the first half was over.

Attendance : 7,364

P.S. The draw for the cup is on Wednesday at 13.00 p.m., midday in the UK.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cup Draw? Who knows....

I love so much about Spain. But some things infuriate me badly, a lack of organization being one of these! We still don't know who our rival in the fourth round of the cup will be, and nobody, not even the Football Federation (RFEF), knows when the draw will be. I suspect that Real Madrid and Barcelona haven't decided who they want to play yet.....

The draw is no "balls in a velvet bag, first out plays at home, second plays away" type thing, far from it. That system is for the sides from tercera and segunda B who don't matter, and play the first 2 rounds. The third round includes Segunda sides, who have to play each other - go figure. In the 4th round the Primera sides come in to the competition, and here it gets even more complicated. The remaining 7 sides from tercera or segunda B (of which Real Murcia are one) play against the 7 primera sides who are playing in europe. The remaining segunda sides and the rest of primera are also drawn against each other. The ties in round 4 are over 2 legs...and get this....the second leg is always a home game for the primera side! Er....WHY? And the european sides whinge about too many games, but are the first to insist on this warped draw and 2 legged ties.

Apparently this is so lower sides can make money, as surely they will be thrashed 5 or 6 nil if they played away first, and then no-one would turn up for the second leg. This simply doesn't work, as Real Madrid's elimination the last 2 seasons by Irun and Alcorcon have proved, and is a sad view to take on football. Sadly the minnows mean little in a Madrid / Barsa total duopoly.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop....

Our 2 local newspapers....


La Opinion follow their typical ultracritical line with Real Murcia, blaming the draw and the sendings off on the teams rough play, and pass no comment on the very dubious penalty.

La Verdad states that Real Murcia finished with 9 despite not making one hard takle in the whole 90 minutes. "If anyone went on too hard, it was Cadiz, but with the referee's permission. With 9 Murcia struggled, impotent as they played against 12. El referee, after saddling Real Murcia players with yellow cards, blew for a penalty only he saw".

Today :

La Opinion, arch anti-Real Murcia hack Ernesto Fernandez title that Iñaki Alonso has carried on the "fashion" started by previous managers Campos and Gonzalez of blaming the referees for bad results.

La Verdad carry comments from sporting director Sergio Fernandez. "it isn't normal to have 3 players booked in the first half and 2 sent off in the 80th and 84th minute. Apart from the errors that we could make and that we need to control those situations, it is too easy to referee Real Murcia. They are being excessively parcial and we are clearly being harmed".

Anyhow....make your own mind are the highlights.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Table after 3 games.....

Not very concened that we are not top at this stage; we have played away at Sevilla B and won well (and they have since gone on to win their next two games), should have beaten Roquetas at home, and yesterday played against our expected rival for first place and got a good draw away from home (which would have been a win but for a very dubious penalty). In the cup we eliminated Puertollano (who's new arab owners want first division football - expect them to be in a high position), Oviedo (who must be amongst the favorites for promotion), Sant Andreu who nearly gained promotion last season) - all of these away from home. Sensations are good (unbeaten in 6, 5 of these away) but we need to put Jaen away on Saturday.....home form is going to be crucial.

Cadiz 1 Real Murcia 1

Same old story.....we finished with 9, and Cadiz's goal was a penalty that the referee made up, so that's 4 sent of in 2 games. From the reports and radio commentary, it seems that Cadiz had 2 shots in the whole game, both when they were 11 against 9.

Real Murcia lined up with :
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Miguel Albiol - Juan Aguilera - Carles - Pedro (Góngora 78')
Richi - Chando (Quique García 64')

Cádiz :
Álvaro Campos
Cifu - Álvaro Silva - Baquero - Diego Reyes
Fran Cortés - Álvaro Jurado (David González 69') - Caballero - Enrique
Aarón Bueno - Velasco

Goals :
0 - 1 Chando (62')
1 - 1 Aarón Bueno (pen 80')

Ref : Pizarro Gomez. More food for the conspiracy theorists (see previous posts). This is really getting beyond a joke now....some thing needs to be done, not just more light protest by owner Samper.

After the game Manager Iñaki Alonso said that "We didn't win at the Ramon de Carranza because the refereeing wasn't normal. With a different official the result would have been different". Indeed.

Next game is at the Nueva Condomina v. Real Jaen on Saturday 18th at 6 p.m.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cadiz - Real Murcia, Sunday 20.00 (19.00 UK)

The battle between 2 relegated but historic sides. Our slip against Roquetas means that defeat would put Cadiz 5 points clear (and I am sure these 2 should dispute the top spot in this league), so we need to get a good result. The cup result means we should be confident. The squad for the game is :

Goalkeepers - Alberto / Dani Hernández
Defenders - Ander Gago / Luciano / Iván Amaya / Góngora / Óscar Sánchez
Midfielders - Isaac / Albiol / Aguilera / Richi / Urzáiz / Carles / Pedro
Forwards - Rosquete / Chando / Kike

Suspended - Cámara
Injured - Mario Marín / Molino / Aquino
Out of squad - Gotor / Abraham / Cañadas

You can follow the game on Real Murcia Radio (if you don't speak spanish this is a challenge) via the internet (

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cup football....Romance? Giantkilling? Not in Spain.....

Our progress in the Copa Del Rey has made me really happy. I'm a great believer in winning habits, and whilst I agree that the main aim this year is to gain promotion back to segunda, I can't see how a good cup run can damage that posibility; far from it, I think it helps if we keep winning.

I said earlier this week that I had Cup Fever.....unlike the rest of Spain. And conversations today have only reinforced that opinion. Isn't following a club about blind faith, hope, the dreams of a semi or a final, the silverware, the giantkilling? Or about those Wednesday nights that make your working week so much more bearable? Not in Spain. Attendences are poor. The cup is about getting Real Madrid or Barcelona and making money from one of those rivals - the country is plagued by their sheep-like plastic fans.....who will pay to see their TV heroes beat their local side. A payday is the aim.....but that's short sighted. Surely progress would bring more wonga in, if that is your only interest in the competition?

And far from euforia, I've seen comments from Real Murcia supporters today such as "the cup doesn't mean anything", and questions like "does anyone really think we can get to the final?". Personally I don't care who we get.....I just want us to beat them and get to the next round...and then win again....and again.....and again.....and until we are beaten I do think we can get to the final. Why on earth not! How any football fan can think being in or out of the cup doesn't mean anything.....that just plain sad. But indicative.

I'll get me coat!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sant Andreu 0 Real Murcia 1

And that's a result!


Real Murcia :
Mario Marín - Iván Amaya - Luciano - Góngora
Miguel Albiol - Carles - Álvaro Cámara - Isaac (Molino 52')
Pedro (Rubén Rosquete 86') y Quique García (Chando 82').

Goal : Pedro (62')

There is something about listening to a game on the radio that takes me back to my childhood when we weren't saturated by TV coverage. Needless to to say my son and I were going potty when we scored.

Cup Fever.....

I've got it bad....unlike the rest of Spain.

Tonight Real Murcia visit Sant Andreu in Barcelona for the third round - the prize is a fourth round two-legged tie against one of the Primera sides who play in europe this season. That means the winner will play either Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Athletico Madrid, Getafe or Seville. Given the top teams do not take the competition seriously at all, I think we would have a good chance of giving them a game. But first we have to overcome Sant Andreu, which will be no easy task away from home and with the handicap that they play on an artificial pitch. They are also in segunda B (Group 3), were close to promotion last season, and have ex-Barcelona chairman and complete loony Joan Gaspart at the helm. Gonna be tough.

I think we can go a long way in the Cup....and I will be gutted, inconsolable, depressed, peed off, angry and borderline suicidal if we get knocked out. So this may be the last post!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Very Very Samper....

Although it may sound like the typical cliche, the refereeing decisions suffered by Real Murcia over the last 3 years cannot be decribed as normal. I can understand that during 07/08 in Primera we were just a referee's plaything, to be used and abused to correct any statistics the ref in question needed to balance, it is less understandable in segunda, where Real Murcia are the leader in finishing first and promotions. So it's quite incredible that in segunda B we still get a raw deal.

What is behind this? There are conspiracy theories. A few seasons ago, Real Murcia decided to unilaterally negociate their own TV deal, and this upset the League, who (in the person of Javier Tebas, currently vice-president) took Real Murcia to court. The Tebas - Samper relationship is terrible - and despite Samper's Santa Monica company holding rights to the national side's advertising (and being Euro and World Cup winners must have Santa Monica raking it in), Tebas seems to hold more influence, and the conspiracy theory goes that we (or Samper personally) are being punished.

The club have remained strangely silent whilst all the inexplicable decisions went against us. The attitude seems to be "don't rock the boat". They may or may not be shenanigans going on, but, as they say in Spain...."el que no llora, no mama" (something like "a baby that doesn't cry, gets no milk"). And except the 5 or so games we had Juan Guillamon as president (ahem....5 wins), no comment has been made in public.

Cue the miniature Hitler that came to distribute justice on Saturday at the New Condo. Samper had the following to say :

"I am not going to protest in any way to the federation about the referee, as referees are human. I only ask that they (the refs) don't feel frightened by the scenario. I am worried by the protagonism that they want to have. We are in segunda B even though we have a first division stadium. they should referee as they see the game"

About the fans he said that :

"I am perplexed that some have jumped from their seats. I don't know if they are used to it and think we are going to win every game. Since we are in this division we have to be humble. That they are angry I respect, but I am surprised that they have started shouting at us first off".

So some comment about the referee - but very decafinated, very typical of the way Samper likes to do things (and there we are in Segunda B). What I would give for a hot headed full bloodied nutcase, thumping the table and threatening to withdraw the side. It works for everyone else. This is Spain....histrionics and theatre go a long way. It's too late now, but some spittle and clenched fists could have saved us from relegation.

Photo : Lawyer Javier Tebas......conspiracy theorists think he may be behind our "bad luck" with referees.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Old President....

The tired and uninspiring Jose Angel Serantes quit as president before the game against Roquetas, to be repaleced by....(drum roll)......majority shareholder Jesus Samper. In my eyes a poor move....Samper has always ruled from afar, and this will not have changed one bit. In any case he still ruled all decisions, Serantes was just his "yes man". Just to think back a couple of years ago when Samper quit (during his pacted theatre with brother in law an ex-co owner Trujillo) and Juan Guillamon replaced him (and was an active president), gave the players and the officials the required support of bollockings, and we won 5 games from 5 while he was in the chair.....Why isn't Guillamon given another chance, as he is still on the board?

Real Murcia 0 Roquetas 0

Unexpected draw against Roquetas. I was unable to attend as I was flying back from London (thanks to the club for telling us all games would be Sunday, me booking to return Saturday, and then the club makes the first game on a Saturday. Ho-hum...).

Real Murcia :
Ander Gago - Cámara - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Albiol (Isaac, 67') - Molino (Kike, 67')
Pedro (Abraham, 58') - Chando.

Roquetas :
Pablo García - Morillas - Guillén - Vázquez (Israel, 52')
Aitor - Servando - De Gomar (Molás, 70') - Marc
Pallarés - Martin (Robles, 75').

Attendance : 7,020

Referee : Mr. Lopez Puerta Total Bastard. All reports suggest he is not to be forgotten, acting like a complete ass all afternoon (very rigourous and tough on Real Murcia, permissive and turning a blind eye with Roquetas). We finished the game with 9 men. In his report he accuses our trainer of insults and Oscar Sanchez of some other unsavoury comments. His car was escorted to the highway by the police....strange, I though the police were for persuing criminals....anyhow....

We missed a bunch of chances, hit the post twice....and should have won.

Manager Iñaki Alonso said after that "of ten games like this we would win 8. It was not a good referee for us. It is scary to think that it is so easy to come to the New Condomina and referee like that".

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Copa Del Rey round 3....

Away again !

Sant Andreu - Real Murcia, Wednesday 8th September.

Apparently these rounds of the cup and the segunda B league are meant to be based on geographic proximity. My friend Jose (Black) made the following study of the last and next games and the teams travels :

25th August v Puertollano in the 1st round of the cup......Round trip of 800 kms.

29th August v Sevilla in the league....round trip of 1068 kms.

1st September v Oviedo in the second round of the cup.....round trip of 1704 kms.

8th September v Sant Andreu in the 3rd round of the cup....round trip of 1180 kms.

11th September v Cadiz in the league.....round trip of 1226 kms.

In total that is 5978 kilometers in 19 days. This distance is, aproxamately, to give you an idea, like getting on a bus in Murcia and going to Kiev in the Ukraine....and back.

I think we could say that if we get through to round 4 we deserve a home tie.....but no, then the rest of Primera come into the competition, and the ties are two legged (second leg always at the Primera side's home, and they are guaranteed to play a side from segunda B or Tercera). If that isn't an adulterated draw, then I don't know what is.....

Photo : The club bus in happier times.....

Oviedo 2 Real Murcia 2 (aet Real Murcia won 5 - 4 on pens)

Yes! Cup run continues! This was always going to be a tough one, away at a historic club in the magnificent New Tartiere Stadium.

Lineups :

Real Murcia:
Mario Marín (Urzaiz 75') - Iván Amaya - Luciano - Góngora
Isaac - Miguel Albiol - Carles - Abraham Noé (Rubén Rosquete 60')
Cañadas (Pedro 55') - Kike García

Víctor Díaz - Negredo - López Ramos - Ernesto
Aitor Sanz - Pelayo - Miguel Falcón - Perona
Jandro - Xavi Moré.

Goals :
0 - 1 Kike Garcia (pen 27')
0 - 2 Abraham Noe (39')
1 - 2 Negredo (42')
2 - 2 Perona (92')

Pens converted for Real Murcia by Albiol, Ruben Rosquete, Luciano, Gongora and Urzaiz. Oviedo converted all theirs until Jorge Rodriguez sent his effort onto the crossbar.

So the season has started with 3 away games, all of which have had a good outcome for Real Murcia. Coach Iñaki Alonso's set up makes us very tough to beat, the team work hard and pressure strongly when not in possesion of the ball. Let's hope that the away form can be matched by a good hime win against Roquetas on Saturday (7 p.m.) at the New Condomina.