Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I should be angry.....

But I ain't. Football can do this.

I picked up a stinker of a cold in Morocco last week. Runny nose, temperature, coughing an spluttering, earache, coldsores....the full monty.....and I'm clean out of tissues.

E-mail inbox full of stuff that needs clearing up, phone ringing.....

I made the mistake of putting the telly on this morning, and was stupid enough to watch a session of "Questions to the Government" at the Spanish parliament in Madrid.....and what a strange parliament it is, each side applauding the own charges, just like a football match. It even degenerated into a nursery school playground with namecalling. And the fact that corruption was not the issue but the fact that your side is more currupt than my side, and viceversa, made me wonder if these people are on the same planet as hardworking and taxpaying public, who make their marvellous lifestyle possible.

I should be in a shocking mood. But I'm ecstatic! And it's all due to this game where 11 geezers kick a round thing around against another 11 blokes and try to "stick it in their hole" jejeje. The game has brought many dark days over the last couple of years.....but dawn is on the horizon.

- The draw for the 4th round of the Copa Del Rey is just a couple of hours away.....I'm sure we will get a good tie and have a chance (and I've already booked 10th and 11th November off to go to the return leg, wherever it may be). Something to look forward to.
- Real Murcia play Alcala tonight and I am megaconfident we will win. I can feel a change going through the club.....a new style of play, a common goal. That we have reached the bottom and have lifted off.
- The Goonies gave me a lift winning 4 - 1 at the Lane last night. I was buzzing.

Now....what can I blow me nose on?

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