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Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated Table / Local Press

Morning all! Monday.....arrghhh!

Updated table after yesterday's games :

Ultra critical and know-it-all hack Ernesto Fernandez is up to his old tricks again in this morning's La Opinion. Some of these comments are quite unbelieveable and malintentioned. Most of us saw the game yesterday, were feeling it was a good test given the refs, we are all wrong.

"The game was far from brilliant, but the reds keep reaping victories, so the criticisms, for now, will only be in the background. Right now all is smiles, but there are defects that are clear, but that for the moment are masked by the victories".

"Iñaki Alonso, chief of the dressing room, is still falling into errors that have given headaches to previous managers. The Basque coach insists on putting forward Kike Garcia in the starting line up, but also retreating his position, something that, united with the offensive defects of this supposed striker, makes the team lose strength in attack".

"the team has no goals in it. And it doesn't have any goals because Chando isn't on form, and because the coach still avoids risk by not putting Isaac and Pedro on the wings, the two mast dangerous players in the squad. Alonso prefers Albiol on the right to Isaac, possibly because Albiol offers more help in defence. True, but as the team is obliged from right now to occupy first place, and to do this it is necessary to use the best players. The fact that Isaac is sitting on the bench doesn't correspond to the basque coach's philosophy, who at the start was charachterised for wanting to play offensive football. We must follow with attention to see how the team develops in the next few games"

"The reds are obliged to complete a brilliant season, taking into account the rival's level. Real Murcia in order to recieve praise, must be first in the table".

Journalism of the very worst kind, Ernesto is so full of himself, he must be brilliant at everything. He even thinks he can tell Iñaki Alonso, who has Real Murcia unbeaten, how to do his job. This is exactly the type of journalism, the "I know more than the manager", that was a factor in our relegation from Primera in 2008. Ernesto and his ilk and their stupid demands, all but obliged then coach Lucas Alcaraz to opt for more offensive football....when with organization and hard work we were ninth (NINTH!). The pressure grew week on week, and finally Alcaraz went for offense, resulting in a run of defeats, and relegation weeks before the end of the season. Not completely to blame, but definately a factor.

Ernesto is a very poor hack. He demands Isacc in the starting line up, but forgets that the player came off on Wednesday after a heavy challenge, and was probably carrying a knock. He demands immediate first place without taking into account that Cadiz have had an easy run and Real Murcia a far more difficult start, or the fact the we have had 5 sent off against Cadiz's...none! He also ignores that but for an extremely dodgy pen we would have beaten (and deservedly) Cadiz at their place. We beat third placed Sevilla B away (and, despite have no goals, scored 3 and came from behind that day). Instead of focusing on our defensive strengths - just 2 against, one pen and one own goal, he decides we have a problem scoring. He's a fifth columnist of the first order, and a self important opinionated numpty. We want to read a report, not your untrained amateur, PC football, irresponsable opinions. No doubt your demanded kamikaze tactics would have us slipping down the table, but then of course the blame would be for the coach.

Can't stand know-it-alls.

I'll get me coat!

Video : As Van Gaaal explained once to an Ernesto type....


  1. The same old shit, all over & over again...

    "They bark, so we ride"

  2. River....I think this guy is just trying to make a name for himself....and I may have fallen into his trap! Whatever, todays drivel is inexcusable.