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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cup football....Romance? Giantkilling? Not in Spain.....

Our progress in the Copa Del Rey has made me really happy. I'm a great believer in winning habits, and whilst I agree that the main aim this year is to gain promotion back to segunda, I can't see how a good cup run can damage that posibility; far from it, I think it helps if we keep winning.

I said earlier this week that I had Cup Fever.....unlike the rest of Spain. And conversations today have only reinforced that opinion. Isn't following a club about blind faith, hope, the dreams of a semi or a final, the silverware, the giantkilling? Or about those Wednesday nights that make your working week so much more bearable? Not in Spain. Attendences are poor. The cup is about getting Real Madrid or Barcelona and making money from one of those rivals - the country is plagued by their sheep-like plastic fans.....who will pay to see their TV heroes beat their local side. A payday is the aim.....but that's short sighted. Surely progress would bring more wonga in, if that is your only interest in the competition?

And far from euforia, I've seen comments from Real Murcia supporters today such as "the cup doesn't mean anything", and questions like "does anyone really think we can get to the final?". Personally I don't care who we get.....I just want us to beat them and get to the next round...and then win again....and again.....and again.....and until we are beaten I do think we can get to the final. Why on earth not! How any football fan can think being in or out of the cup doesn't mean anything.....that just plain sad. But indicative.

I'll get me coat!

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