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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Condomina......too good for Segunda B

Look....I'm not really one for making demands on my club.....I'm a fan, and whatever, I will still turn up week after week, and will support without conditions. Kind of like the mother who still loves her hooligan, violent and imprisoned son - no matter what happens or what he does....she will be there for him. Despite being in segunda B we all (the hardcore Real fans) seem to be here still.

I was looking back through some photos I took of our magnificent stadium.....which I took on a visit organized by the club, just over a year ago, before the horrible season, before Montilivi, when all was hope of a good season and dreams of a return to Primera. Here are a few of them....

Photos include....the Fondo Sur, The Fondo Norte, The view from the players tunnel onto the pitch, the press room and the chapel.

It's just awesome. So we must, really....MUST get promotion this year. Maybe I'm still trying to get over Girona.....but every time I think of visits from Roquetas, Yeclano or Alcala (with all due respect) or any other teams in the division (with the exception of Cadiz who have a similar situation to our own)...I roll my eyes, shake my head....and still find it hard to believe it came to this. The surroundings are just so far ahead of the division we are is sad. So we have to get back.....QUICK!

Video : The NC....just imagining it full of screaming Peppermen gives me the shivers.

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