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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop....

Our 2 local newspapers....


La Opinion follow their typical ultracritical line with Real Murcia, blaming the draw and the sendings off on the teams rough play, and pass no comment on the very dubious penalty.

La Verdad states that Real Murcia finished with 9 despite not making one hard takle in the whole 90 minutes. "If anyone went on too hard, it was Cadiz, but with the referee's permission. With 9 Murcia struggled, impotent as they played against 12. El referee, after saddling Real Murcia players with yellow cards, blew for a penalty only he saw".

Today :

La Opinion, arch anti-Real Murcia hack Ernesto Fernandez title that IƱaki Alonso has carried on the "fashion" started by previous managers Campos and Gonzalez of blaming the referees for bad results.

La Verdad carry comments from sporting director Sergio Fernandez. "it isn't normal to have 3 players booked in the first half and 2 sent off in the 80th and 84th minute. Apart from the errors that we could make and that we need to control those situations, it is too easy to referee Real Murcia. They are being excessively parcial and we are clearly being harmed".

Anyhow....make your own mind are the highlights.

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  1. What a shame the referee has taken the gloss of what looks a good performance,baffled by the bookings & sendings off,trying not to be biased the the referee should never ref a Murcia game again,no actually I am biased he should be shot!!!Anyway still a good enough start to the season & hopefully will get a couple of games in before xmas.