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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Copa Del Rey round 3....

Away again !

Sant Andreu - Real Murcia, Wednesday 8th September.

Apparently these rounds of the cup and the segunda B league are meant to be based on geographic proximity. My friend Jose (Black) made the following study of the last and next games and the teams travels :

25th August v Puertollano in the 1st round of the cup......Round trip of 800 kms.

29th August v Sevilla in the league....round trip of 1068 kms.

1st September v Oviedo in the second round of the cup.....round trip of 1704 kms.

8th September v Sant Andreu in the 3rd round of the cup....round trip of 1180 kms.

11th September v Cadiz in the league.....round trip of 1226 kms.

In total that is 5978 kilometers in 19 days. This distance is, aproxamately, to give you an idea, like getting on a bus in Murcia and going to Kiev in the Ukraine....and back.

I think we could say that if we get through to round 4 we deserve a home tie.....but no, then the rest of Primera come into the competition, and the ties are two legged (second leg always at the Primera side's home, and they are guaranteed to play a side from segunda B or Tercera). If that isn't an adulterated draw, then I don't know what is.....

Photo : The club bus in happier times.....

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