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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Out

Tut tut.....stubborn old Real Murcia have refused to allow San Roque to delay the kick-off of Saturday's crucial top of the table clash by a couple of hours (from 6 to 8 p.m.). "Whats the big deal?" I hear you asking. Real Murcia alledge that they don't want to change the start time as all their (and ther fans) travel arrangements will have to be changed. Pretty limp excuse for the sake of a couple of hours.

But this story just shows how poorly organized Spanish football is, and how it all revolves around and is governed by, just 2 clubs. Hang on a minute.....a segunda B game to be witnessed by 2 or 3 thousand fans? Yes. San Roque failed to notice that Real Madrid's home game against Sporting Gijón hadn't had it's kick-off time agreed, and when they finally decided on the time, oh shit, it was also at 6 p.m. on Saturday, the exact same time as the San Roque - Real Murcia game.

In England of course this would not be an issue. You wouldn't get to a Tuesday without knowing what day of the weekend (let alone what time) a Premier league (or any other level) game was going to take place, would you? How would fans be able to make travel plans? Plus.....the fact is a (for example) Brentford or Rochdale fan isn't going to stay at home and watch Man Utd or Chelsea on telly if their team are at home at the same time. It's not even up for discussion. That is why we often have full league programs coinciding with champions league nights; attendances do not suffer. But here there are so many sheep that have their local side as second choice to Madrid or Barcelona, that many will prefer to stay at home and watch their real (winning of course) side than their local club. And I'm sorry to say that this is quite deep seated in the charachter in a percentage of the population.

So.....I think in reality, the reason for being that if any advantage at all can be gained, by having 200 less San Roque supporters turn be it. But surely the LFP or RFEF need to realize that we can't have everyone waiting on one clubs late decision on when to play effecting timings and the plans of thousands (clubs, players, fans, bus drivers, TV people) further down the league ladder?

Piss ups and breweries come to mind.

Music : Time Out - Joe Walsh.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Caldero

Everyone knows about Paella.....the Valencia dish has become famous, and rightly so, in all of it's different guises. But there's always someone who doesn't like squid, or pushes the peas to the side, or ask's Mum to eat their Mussels.

For me, the perfect Sunday (When Real Murcia are a long way away) is to drive down to Cabo De Palos and have a Caldero. This is Murcia's typical rice dish, it's rich and tasty.....just rice with nothing added, the texture of a good Risotto (not dry but able to hold the moisture without it running) and is basically made using a broth that has been prepared by using fish (usually Mujol) and local round peppers (Ñoras). The rice is cooked in the broth after the fish and peppers have been removed. Served with a dollop of won't want to go out on the pull after this. After you are done with the rice they sometimes put the fish used to make the stock on a plate in front of you....but for me the flavour is in the rice, so I sneer at it....

Photo 1 : BEFORE: Happy days.....Caldero, cold beer, and Real Murcia almost in Primera.

There is some discussion about where the best Caldero is served. At Cabo de Palos you have La Tana, El Pez Rojo, El Mosqui....but my personal favorite is the Miramar, where I had my first taste of Caldero some 20 years ago. Not the cheapest, but for me it's the best. Still the same waiter, still serving the best Calamares i've ever tasted, and will always find me my favorite table up on the balcony even when I'm assured they are full.

So....don't be a tourist and ask for Paella. Go for a Caldero!

Photo : AFTER: I need a siesta!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Show Me My Rival.....

Music : I was trying to find "My Rival" from Steely Dan's "Gaucho", but can't find it anywhere. So instead.....title track....enjoy.

With just 7 games to go, the situation at the top of each of the 4 divisions of Seguna B becomes interesting as we look forward to possible rivals in the play-offs.

In group 1 : Lugo 64 pts, Real Madrid B 58, Uni Las Palmas 56, Guadalajara 54. Other that may play a part : Leganés on 53 and Celta B on 51. Lugo have been ahead for a long time, but had their lead reduced by 3 points this week and still have to visit Real Madrid B. Knowing how Spanish football works, the rival I don't want in any play off is Madrid B. Barcelona B are in segunda.....and a B derby in segunda will be what all the sheep (and the authorities) will want. Would we trust the refs to be fair?

Group 2 : Eibar on 59, Mirandés 59, Alavés 58, Real Unión 52, plus maybe Osasuna B with 50, Logroñés 49, Palencia 48. A trip to Eibar or any of the Basque teams is unattractive. They can make a visit hell, small, tight grounds, angry, unwelcoming, so would prefer no to be paired with any of these.

Group 3 : Sabadell on 54, Badalona 53, Alcoyano 52, Orihuela 51, them San Andres 49, Alicante 49. I fancy our chances against any of the teams at the top in this division, also travel will be easier, and in some cases not very far to go and we would take massive support.

Updated table....

Makes nice reading....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Real Murcia 5 Ceuta 0

Everything went right today....the sun shone on us in more ways than one. We couldn't have asked for more....five nil, Sevilla conceded a late equalizer at home to Caravaca, San Roque lost away at Alcala, and Cadiz could only draw at home to Lucena. The first of our 3 tough games in row was resolved within 20 minutes.....3 nil up and Ceuta down to 10 men.

From minute 1 we looked up for this one, and scored almost straight away. The return of Richi to midfield gives the team so much more patience, poise, class.....he decides how quick or slow the game goes. Chando is starting to look sharp just at the business end of the season. If this were a division where there was autiomatic promotion, there would be no stopping this Real Murcia side. In any case....that's 5 wins on the trot.....the place stinks of promotion now.

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi (Urzaiz 62') - Albiol - Pedro (Isaac Jové 68')
Kike (Cañadas 60') - Chando

Zamora - Aridane - Mansilla - Baigorri
Loe - Manolo Pérez (Modeste 25') - Guzmán - Castellano (Cañas 53')
Añete - Javi Navarro (Ormazábal 35')

1-0 Iván Amaya 1'
2-0 Pedro (pen.)13'
3-0 Aguilera 20'
4-0 Chando 64'
5-0 Chando 70'

Árbitro: López Amaya. Easy game to referee, liked the unfussy and calm exterior, and none of the stoopid "I'm in charge" gesticulating we are so used to in Spain.

Att : 7,904.....who all did the mexican wave after we scored our fourth.

Next up a dificult away trip to San Roque, who are in third spot....the game is on Saturday at 6 p.m. (5 p.m. UK), probably available to watch via the internet on the club website, but i'll confirm over the next couple of days. did Real Murcia Imperial get on at Pinatar?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

International Football....

I just can't get worked up about it. All of a sudden I have to hope John Terry has a good Game.....or Ashley Cole.....or Wayme Rooney. Sorry....but I can't, I still want Terry to make a terrible mistake or be impaled onto a corner flag and need 8-hour surgery to remove it from his permanently damaged sphincer.

So I will watch Wales v England....but if there is something more interesting, a Top Gear repeat I've only seen 7 times, I may switch off. Now Real's game against Ceuta tomorrow, that's not to be missed!

Do internationals do it for you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time-lapse....Real Murcia - Real Madrid

Thanks to Pedro J. Fernandez.

Us And Them

In our local paper "La Verdad" this morning, their article on Real Murcia revolves around how tough our next two games are (Ceuta at home, San Roque away) and how easy Sevilla B's fixtures are (Caravaca at home, rock bottom Jumilla away). The expectation is that we will drop points, and that Sevilla won't, and that we will find it tough to defend top spot.

We have the pressure of being a bigger club that really cannot afford to be in this division any longer. The survival of the club is in question - I won't say in play, because I can't see the scenario of majority owner Jesús Samper letting it fail as a business, but the urgency for promotion is very definately there.

Sevilla B are a reserve side, their mission being to produce players for Sevilla's first team. Little pressure, no financial dangers, no negative repercussions if they don't gain promotion. They would of course like to be in Segunda.....their young players would be playing against teams of a higher caliber, but it's not the end of the world if they stay in the B.

Everything points to them taking over top spot. But many times have we seen bottom beat top? The pools are not easy to win just because nothing is predicatable, and every week there are a couple of strange results. And how many times have we seen a top side have the wrong mindset against lower opposition and pay the price? The fact they are expected to win easily....will that bring pressure they are not accustomed to?

Squeaky bum time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Primera : A duopoly worse than Scotland's

The advantages given to Barcelona and Real Madrid in terms of TV money, advertising streams, media saturation, government bungs, refereeing decisions etc., have now made the league the most boring uncompetitive league in europe. Many times recently, those who do not favour either have compared La Liga to Scotland's procession of Rangers and Celtic sharing all the spoils. The stats say that the situation in Spain is far far worse than that.....

Let's look at the facts :

Scotland : Celtic are top, Rangers are 2 points behind, Hearts a further 7 points back (from 1st to third, a difference of 9 points).

Spain : Barcelona are top, Real Madrid are 5 points behind, Vilarreal are a further 18 behind (from 1st to third a difference of 23 points).

Lets look at some others for perspective :

Germany : Borrussia top, Bayer Leverkusen 7 behind, Hannover a further 5 (from 1st to third, a difference of 12 points).

England : Man Utd top, Arsenal 5 points back, Chelsea another 4 (from 1st to Third, a difference of 9 points - plus both Arsenal and Chelsea have a game in hand).

France : Lille top, Marseille 4 points back, Rennes just 1 point further (from 1st to third 5 points difference).

Holland : PSV top, Twente a point back, Ajax 5 points further (from 1st to third 6 points).

"La mejor Liga del mundo"? My arse! And guess who the King's cup final is between this got it.....

Facts on TV money HERE

Real Murcia....good value for 4 euros....

The club have announced today that given the importance of the last 4 home games this season, season ticket holders will be able to purchase for their friends and family AS MANY TICKETS AS THEY LIKE FOR JUST 4 EUROS EACH FOR ANY OR ALL OF THESE GAMES. And if that's not good value....I don't know what is!

If you are in the area and want to go but don't know a season ticket holder....just leave a comment and we'll get you sorted out! This is valid for Sunday's home game with Ceuta (kick off is at 12 mid-day).

Poli Ejido 1 Real Murcia 2

It all looked so good, so easy.....the first half was a stroll, we went 2 nil up, should have been more. But what happened after the break was totally unexpected. They took their eye off the ball....they relaxed.....there was COMPLACENCY. We can't afford to be complacent as Sevilla B give no sign whatsoever of letting up (they easily beat Lorca 0 - 3 yesterday). Tackles were missed, passes went astray, we were slow, we failed to kill the game off. We gave them a goal with lazy, slow defending. We should have had a penalty against us. Alberto presented a Poli forward a goal by dropping the ball, but the striker didn't see it, and the chance was gone. We got lucky and scraped the win. On the positive less game to play.

Poli Ejido:
Duque - Galiano - Manzano - Juan Luis
Hedrera - Iosu Villar - Javilillo (Centrón 88) - Moreno (Cara 73)
Katxorro - Arkaitz (Chema 53)

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz - Aguilera - Albiol (Cámara 88) - Cañadas (Isaac 66)
Kike - Chando (Abraham 53)

0-1 Kike 12'
0-2 Cañadas 25'
1-2 Katxorro 53'

Referee: Mr. Pardo Martínez. Not very good, badly assisted, the linesman on Murcia's attack in the second half didn't have a clue about offside. can they give a flag to a bloke with no idea? Some kind of prize?

Next 3 games are crucial...Ceuta at home on Sunday, then to San Roque (the form side in the division), Ecija at Home and a tricky away match at Lucena, after that we should be OK. Sevilla have what could be describes as an easy calendar for the next 3 weeks, playing sides in lowly positions. But then.....if everything went according to script every week then we would all win the pools! let's hope we can be ahead after this series of games.

Photo : Poli Ejido. Welcome to segunda B.

Friday, March 18, 2011

UEFA : Respect......

So....continuing my rant of the other day, I now see these last few days on TV that UEFA have spent a bunch of money on advertising to promote the fact that with 5 officials "now we see more". Oh do you? What a load of balls. The other 5...(2 lineos, 2 behind the goals, and the so called "4th official") are only there to back up the ref, and (I think) are told not to intervene (because clearly they don't).

I still don't get why they don't want to use technology. As in American football or cricket.....if a coach thinks the refs have made a bad judgement....let then have say 2 challenges per game, in order to get the right call. Refs are human and make mistakes, what's the problem with admitting it? I don't think it would detract from the game's flow....and as seen in other sports, it actually builds atmosphere, creates another advertising opportunity (and therefore money), and doesn't take a huge amount of time.

You shouldn't laugh at old people taking a fall.....but here's a exception.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Do you speak Murcian? No? Here's a quick lesson :

Acho (in english pronunciates "achowe"). Bit like a sneeze.

Whatever you are going to say, start your sentence with an "Acho....etc.".

You run into a old friend in a bar "Acho Cuanto tiempo...."

How to say be careful you are about to be run over : "achoachoachoacho!"

You are surprised by the price of something ..."Achhhho!"

Someone is breaking your balls and you want him to stop "Acho! Ya esta bien!"

You wish to attract the waiters attention in a restaurant : "ACHO!"

You want to order 2 cold beers "Acho, ponme doh estrella de esah frescah que tienes por allí"

You are bored at the New Condomina and want to go and watch Madrid "Acho, vamoh a ver er Madrí que etoh son mu maloh"


Monday, March 14, 2011

Table after 29.....

Real Murcia 1 Real Betis B 0

Real Murcia were under pressure before the game even started; Sevilla had already beaten Lucena 2 - 0 in an early kick off, so a victory was need to recover top spot. Real came out very positive, and we saw some of the best moments of the season, but without the prize of a goal. Betis rarely threatened Alberto's goal, he had only one serious save to make during the whole 90 minutes. What they were good at however was playacting and timewasting. Time after time a player in green and white would roll around in fake agony, only to be running around as if nothing had happened just a minute later. The tactic of rolling back onto the pitch rather than off it, so badly injured they could not move the 10 inches so that their physio can attend to them. Of course all this can to an end as soon as Murcia went ahead. Betis's mission was clearly to try and sneak a nil nil draw, defending with all hands....and it looked like they were going to reach their target.....Murcia were wasteful in front of goal, Kike hit a post, Pedro blasted a penalty onto the bar.....just 8 minutes remained when substitute Isaac crossed for Chando to score with a proper number 9's diving header. Relief all round.

Real Murcia:
Mario Marín - Luciano - Ivan Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz (Rosquete 77') - Cañadas (Isaac 62') - Albiol - Pedro
Kike (Aquino 66') - Chando

Real Betis B:
Súper - Juanito - Fran No - Antón (Agudo 80')
Bernal (Kike 56') - José Ángel (Pozuelo 86') - Edgar - Damán
Eric - Ryan

1-0 Chando 82'

Referee: Mr. Ortiz Arias. Not the worst we have seen....

Att. 6,676

So, 9 games to go, 9 games to achieve the first target for the season, top spot and a double stab at promotion. It certainly looks like Sevilla will not let up, so I don't expect anything other that a battle right until the last game of the regular season.

Next up, a trip to Poli Ejido next weekend.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Men in Black (or White, or Pink or Red)

Photo : Massimo Bussaca. I 'ope you bloody choke on that whistle one day!

I suppose after last night’s shenanigans today isn’t the best day for this post, but it is something that I have been brewing for a while. The standards seem to be dropping, there is no set criteria, the crap way and English ref does things is different to the crap way a Spanish ref does things, each as confusing as the other. There is no common sense these days.

Let’s reflect for a moment on the latest developments to combat the refereeing crisis that UEFA/FIFA have brought out:

1. The fourth official. What purpose does he serve? Yes, he can replace the referee or a linesman in case of injury. Yes he can hold a board up advising of substitutions and however many extra minutes less or more the ref has decided to help their favorites with . In no game have I seen this official intervene, even when the action was under his nose and the ref has made a poor decision. In reality the position is a punishment, as he is only there to take shit from either or both benches. The purpose seems to be to explain how the ref can make such shite calls, and why should he have to if it make not one jot of difference.

2. The stoopid rule about linesman not lifting the flag for offside until the player touches the ball. Oh fer fecks sake…..just lift the flag….why bloody confuse things! How many times do you look up, see the lineo hasn’t flagged, think you are in and them…..5 seconds after the event up goes the arm.

3. The worthless inclusion of more referees behind each goal in European games. What is the point when all they do is back the principal referee’s decision? I have not seen any instance where they have intervened to rectify the ref’s bad call. Not one. So what’s the point? A couple of weeks ago (Think it was Lyon against Madrid), a free kick smacked into the raised hand of a defender, right under the nose of this official….but as the ref gave nothing, he didn’t either. All this does is show us that the object is to have the ref make decisions (good or bad) but have the backing of more officials. Evidently they have no power other than so that the ref can say “see….I was right….the ref behind the goal saw the same as me”.

Makes me wonder what on earth the refereeing assessors do at each game. I’ve seen premier league refs make terrible rickets, awful, ridiculous decisions……and just 3 days later are taking charge of a top of the table clash or a cup final. I suspect they (the assessors) just make sure that there is no discussion between the 4 or 6 officials; that they just agree with the ref or are overruled by him. Time after time you see in all leagues, when a lineo is unsure he just dithers until the ref decides and then gets all as if he was absolutely sure from the start.

Then there is the refusal to use any type of technology for games with plenty enough images from every angle. Why not? Not for every decision…..heaven forbid, but I have seen it work so well in rugby, cricket, what the Americans call football, even snooker, so why are the bods at FIFA and UEFA so against it? Is it down to control? If the decision is out of corruptible, influenced human hands, does this take away their power to influence results? For example…..had the ref of the England – Germany game at the world cup been given “guidance” from FIFA? Did this effect his decision when the famous shot that was a long way in the goal wasn’t given? Goal-line technology takes away this power of influence, and that is why I think they don’t want it.

What’s the issue with admitting officials can be wrong? They are human after all. If it helps to get the right decision….what’s the problem? Why can’t managers have 2 red hankies to throw when the want something reviewed because they think it’s wrong? Surely we all want the right decision? But again, this would take away the power to influence proceedings.

We have seen a lot of betting scandals in other sports (especially cricket). There is a lot of money involved now at world-cup or Champions league level. Are the FIFA officials who just strangely awarded Russia and Qatar (yes, Qatar) world cups (one can only imagine the number of Russian whores and Swiss bank accounts used to make this happen....allegedly....jeje) going to be above influencing a result? Methinks not……

There I go talking a load of bollocks again. Or am I?????

Photo : Blatter. Would you buy a second hand car from this man? No, thought not.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Worst Face of Modern Football....

Angel Di Maria. Every time I see his contorted twisted face all scrunched up in fake pain rolling around on the pitch after being breathed on by a defender or after diving theatrically for the 17th time in a game....or the babyface with shoulers hunched and palms outstreched protesting his innocence to a referee after cynically taking out an opponent.....he makes me want to throw up.

Hate him almost as much as Maradona.....hey hang on....don't they have something in common?

Photo : Di Maria. Same face for a goal as for protesting his innocence. Which is this?

I'll get my coat!

Edit : Closely followed by this prize cnut...Dani Alves.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Table / Run-in.....

So Real Murcia recover the top spot that is so important to our promotion chances. Below you can see each of the top four's run-in with only ten games to go. In red are the games between top four sides, and in blue are games with teams in the current top 8. If we can get through the games against Ceuta and San Roque ahead of Sevilla B, we will be well after that they have a run of 3 tough games against Melilla, Roquetas and Cadiz.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Estepona 1 Real Murcia 4

Despite Estepona's lowly position in the table, this wasn't going to be easy given our recent dodgy form, a plastic pitch on which the ball bounced and bounced and bounced, heavy rain before the game and the usual fact that in this division opposition players have extra motivation playing against Real Murcia; it is the most attractive home game of the season.

For the first 20 or 25 minutes it looked like we were struggling with the conditions. The ref did his best to make himself the centre of attention with 2 red cards, and gave out cards without any type of set criteria. The game changed on a masterstroke by coach Iñaki Alonso; replacing booked Aguilera (who looked ungainly on the hard surface) with Cañadas. Immediately this gave more control in midfield, more poise, and.....goals. His first was a brilliantly executed free kick. The second was a fluke as Estepona's keeper completely misjudged another free kick. Chando added the third after some great interplay with Pedro, and the fourth was a team effort, Aquino selflessly setting up Cañadas for his hat-trick.

Gaitán (Igna, 45') - Ríos - Curro - Durán (Eloy 66')
Arias - Gil - Raúl - Rubén Cruz
Adri - Valencia (Cabello 45')

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz - Aguilera (Cañadas 33') - Albiol - Pedro
Kike (Isaac 67') - Chando (Aquino, 80')

0-1 Cañadas 38'
0-2 Cañadas 54'
1-2 Rubén Cruz 71'
1-3 Chando 78'
1-4 Cañadas 86'

Referee: Mr. Suárez Betancor. Crap. After correctly sending off an Estepona player for an elbow on Aguilera, I told my son who was watching with me that we had to be careful as he would look to dismiss a Real Murcia player given any chance. Just a couple of minutes later Ander Gago made just this mistake, taking out an attacker when he had no need to; a clear yellow.....but the ref was desperate not to upset the home crowd, and brandished a red. In the second half he let Estepona get away with some very rough tackles. Week after week we usually see refs not book anyone in the first half and then give a display of silly cardwaving in the second half. Today he didn't wait, gave the silly display first half and then had to let a lot go in the second in order not to finish 7 against 7.

So, another 4 goal haul for Real, and a brilliant tactical change by Iñaki Alonso. I wonder what our friends the local hacks will complain or criticise this week? Lack of goals or the coach are out of the bet is they will be on president Samper's back, they'll find something.

The good news was compounded this evening with the news that Sevilla B could only get a draw at we are back on top! Now....let's make sure we don't lose that position again.

Next game is at home to Betis B on Sunday 13th at 5.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. UK time).