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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Us And Them

In our local paper "La Verdad" this morning, their article on Real Murcia revolves around how tough our next two games are (Ceuta at home, San Roque away) and how easy Sevilla B's fixtures are (Caravaca at home, rock bottom Jumilla away). The expectation is that we will drop points, and that Sevilla won't, and that we will find it tough to defend top spot.

We have the pressure of being a bigger club that really cannot afford to be in this division any longer. The survival of the club is in question - I won't say in play, because I can't see the scenario of majority owner Jesús Samper letting it fail as a business, but the urgency for promotion is very definately there.

Sevilla B are a reserve side, their mission being to produce players for Sevilla's first team. Little pressure, no financial dangers, no negative repercussions if they don't gain promotion. They would of course like to be in Segunda.....their young players would be playing against teams of a higher caliber, but it's not the end of the world if they stay in the B.

Everything points to them taking over top spot. But many times have we seen bottom beat top? The pools are not easy to win just because nothing is predicatable, and every week there are a couple of strange results. And how many times have we seen a top side have the wrong mindset against lower opposition and pay the price? The fact they are expected to win easily....will that bring pressure they are not accustomed to?

Squeaky bum time!


  1. I am now just 48 hours away from my first Real Murcia game. Imperial away at Pinatar. The stuff of dreams................

  2. Such a pity you can't get to the Ceuta game at the Condomina.