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Monday, March 21, 2011

Poli Ejido 1 Real Murcia 2

It all looked so good, so easy.....the first half was a stroll, we went 2 nil up, should have been more. But what happened after the break was totally unexpected. They took their eye off the ball....they relaxed.....there was COMPLACENCY. We can't afford to be complacent as Sevilla B give no sign whatsoever of letting up (they easily beat Lorca 0 - 3 yesterday). Tackles were missed, passes went astray, we were slow, we failed to kill the game off. We gave them a goal with lazy, slow defending. We should have had a penalty against us. Alberto presented a Poli forward a goal by dropping the ball, but the striker didn't see it, and the chance was gone. We got lucky and scraped the win. On the positive less game to play.

Poli Ejido:
Duque - Galiano - Manzano - Juan Luis
Hedrera - Iosu Villar - Javilillo (Centrón 88) - Moreno (Cara 73)
Katxorro - Arkaitz (Chema 53)

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz - Aguilera - Albiol (Cámara 88) - Cañadas (Isaac 66)
Kike - Chando (Abraham 53)

0-1 Kike 12'
0-2 Cañadas 25'
1-2 Katxorro 53'

Referee: Mr. Pardo Martínez. Not very good, badly assisted, the linesman on Murcia's attack in the second half didn't have a clue about offside. can they give a flag to a bloke with no idea? Some kind of prize?

Next 3 games are crucial...Ceuta at home on Sunday, then to San Roque (the form side in the division), Ecija at Home and a tricky away match at Lucena, after that we should be OK. Sevilla have what could be describes as an easy calendar for the next 3 weeks, playing sides in lowly positions. But then.....if everything went according to script every week then we would all win the pools! let's hope we can be ahead after this series of games.

Photo : Poli Ejido. Welcome to segunda B.

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