Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Murcia 1 Real Betis B 0

Real Murcia were under pressure before the game even started; Sevilla had already beaten Lucena 2 - 0 in an early kick off, so a victory was need to recover top spot. Real came out very positive, and we saw some of the best moments of the season, but without the prize of a goal. Betis rarely threatened Alberto's goal, he had only one serious save to make during the whole 90 minutes. What they were good at however was playacting and timewasting. Time after time a player in green and white would roll around in fake agony, only to be running around as if nothing had happened just a minute later. The tactic of rolling back onto the pitch rather than off it, so badly injured they could not move the 10 inches so that their physio can attend to them. Of course all this can to an end as soon as Murcia went ahead. Betis's mission was clearly to try and sneak a nil nil draw, defending with all hands....and it looked like they were going to reach their target.....Murcia were wasteful in front of goal, Kike hit a post, Pedro blasted a penalty onto the bar.....just 8 minutes remained when substitute Isaac crossed for Chando to score with a proper number 9's diving header. Relief all round.

Real Murcia:
Mario Marín - Luciano - Ivan Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz (Rosquete 77') - Cañadas (Isaac 62') - Albiol - Pedro
Kike (Aquino 66') - Chando

Real Betis B:
Súper - Juanito - Fran No - Antón (Agudo 80')
Bernal (Kike 56') - José Ángel (Pozuelo 86') - Edgar - Damán
Eric - Ryan

1-0 Chando 82'

Referee: Mr. Ortiz Arias. Not the worst we have seen....

Att. 6,676

So, 9 games to go, 9 games to achieve the first target for the season, top spot and a double stab at promotion. It certainly looks like Sevilla will not let up, so I don't expect anything other that a battle right until the last game of the regular season.

Next up, a trip to Poli Ejido next weekend.


  1. Great match of Real Murcia. Just 27 points to end regular season. We need to get good results against Ejido, Ceuta and San Roque. And then wait for good results of Roquetas and Cádiz against Sevilla Atlético because our last matches seems to be really simple: Caravaca, Jumilla, Lucena, Puertollano...

  2. David - yep....if we get past the San Roque game still ahead of Sevilla.....we should be good for first spot. But let's not take anything for granted....this is Real Murcia!

  3. I'm a bit disappointed that the crowds don't seem to be increasing as the season gets nearer the end. Still - next home game should be plus one! When can I find out the kick off time of the match on 27 March?

  4. Pete.....crowds will only increase for the last couple of regular season games....and then, all of a sudden, 20,000 will turn up for a play off match! Kick off time for the game on the 27th should be announced Tuesday 22nd - although the club have said that they intend to keep games to Sundays at 5 or 5.30 p.m. Alonso said that to have Sevilla playing before us does put extra pressure on us if we already know they have won, so they may move games forward to Saturday afternoons.

  5. that's great thanks. We land at Alicante Sunday lunchtime so only a Sunday 5pm will do! Fingers crossed. Will be nice to visit the ground/shop in any event. As for the pressure - all part and parcel of success, so lets hope they get used to it. After realising the first dream of seeing RM play at home, the next dream is to see them play away, in the UK, in a European game!!!

  6. So it will be your first visit to the New Condomina? You will be impressed! European'd donate an arm to see it. I dream of Real beating Tottenham at the Lane, me in full Arsenal kit on a suicide mission!
    If you fancy meeting for a beer before/after the game....let me know.

  7. Pete....bad news.....the home game with Ceuta on the 27th is at midday.

  8. ACHO - Bollocks !!

    When are Imperial kicking off - away to Pinatar if I'm not mistaken, which is about 15 minutes from our house! [thankfully]. I will still visit the NC and club shop during our brief stay, and look again for the next trip! hey ho.

  9. But the good news, according to BET365 site, is that the B team kick off at 4.30 in Pinatar. yippeee!