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Monday, March 21, 2011

Primera : A duopoly worse than Scotland's

The advantages given to Barcelona and Real Madrid in terms of TV money, advertising streams, media saturation, government bungs, refereeing decisions etc., have now made the league the most boring uncompetitive league in europe. Many times recently, those who do not favour either have compared La Liga to Scotland's procession of Rangers and Celtic sharing all the spoils. The stats say that the situation in Spain is far far worse than that.....

Let's look at the facts :

Scotland : Celtic are top, Rangers are 2 points behind, Hearts a further 7 points back (from 1st to third, a difference of 9 points).

Spain : Barcelona are top, Real Madrid are 5 points behind, Vilarreal are a further 18 behind (from 1st to third a difference of 23 points).

Lets look at some others for perspective :

Germany : Borrussia top, Bayer Leverkusen 7 behind, Hannover a further 5 (from 1st to third, a difference of 12 points).

England : Man Utd top, Arsenal 5 points back, Chelsea another 4 (from 1st to Third, a difference of 9 points - plus both Arsenal and Chelsea have a game in hand).

France : Lille top, Marseille 4 points back, Rennes just 1 point further (from 1st to third 5 points difference).

Holland : PSV top, Twente a point back, Ajax 5 points further (from 1st to third 6 points).

"La mejor Liga del mundo"? My arse! And guess who the King's cup final is between this got it.....

Facts on TV money HERE

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