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Friday, April 29, 2011

Iñaki Alonso magic......

Whatever happens over the next month, you can't get away from the fact that Iñaki Alonso has taken this Real Murcia through what could have been a very tricky season with outstanding results.

The numbers speak for themselves and do not lie; just 3 defeats, 17 goals conceded in 35 games (the lowest in the country), 62 goals scored (3rd highest amongst the 80 teams in segunda B, behind Sevilla B and Real Madrid B), 76 points (just 6 short of the all time record in the division set by Levante, with 3 games to go). Real progressed through 3 rounds of the cup and were only eliminated by a (somewhat ironically given the last few days) hugely referee assisted Real Madrid in round 4.

Some may say that Real Murcia in segunda B are obliged to produce this type of numbers, but it is far easier said than done. Just look at the other sides relegated from Segunda last year. Cadiz are 13 points behind us, and have 10 defeats against them so far. Castellón sit 9th in group 3. Real Unión are 4th in group 2, and also have 10 losses to date. Other historical sides don't fare any better; Alaves 3rd and Oviedo 10th in group 2.

I believe there is extra merit to our position. Firstly, sides coming to the New Condomina are playing in a setting they are unlikely to see many times in their carrers. It's like a cup final for them and they try that little harder. Secondly, when we are away, it tends to be the most attractive fixture on the calendar, and consequently attendance and atmosphere are increased, and teams are "up" for our visit.

Evidently the manager has to take a massive amount of credit. We may fail to gain promotion, it is within the realms of posibility given the absurd rules that govern segunda B, or we may go up at the first attempt. But I feel that regardless we should be sticking with Iñaki Alonso. All too often Real have made the error of wholesale changes, letting a couple of bad results influence a hasty decision. Alonso has given us identity, a solid unit, good decisions on player transfers were made when he arrived. I think he has used his experience outside of football wisely, and seems to have the mental/psychology side of player management completely controlled. He's far too clever for the local hacks and their hidden agendas, and hasn't let them get to him save one occasion with a certain know-it-all journalist.

The trouble with these journos is that they may have studied jornalism, but that doesn't make them into football coach or massive experts. Their knowledge of the game is minimal, limited to Madrid and Barcelona games, of which they are so drenched they cannot see that you can't expect such high quality in segunda B. To be so blatantly critical of Iñaki Alonso when the results have been so irrefutably outstanding, just leaves them looking ridiculous, like a spoilt child who isn't having their own way. Goodness knows what they would be saying if we were second!

I hope Alonso can be our Ferguson or Wenger, immune to a run of bad results, unpopular amongst the press but loved by their team's fans. Real are due....due a golden decade. I think Iñaki is our man and I hope he leads us through it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Piss up? Brewery? Welcome to the RFEF

Finally, the RFEF (Real Federación Española de Fútbol) have made a decision on where and when the Caravaca - Real Murcia game this Sunday will take place. It will be at the Juan Cayuela "stadium" (more like a few sheds cobbled together) in Totana, at 6.30 p.m. (5.30 p.m. UK time), with no live television or internet coverage.

The reason the game isn't being played in Caravaca, is that the town has a fiesta "los Caballos del Vino" which has considerable tourist interest, and they have therefore had to relocate the temporary stands at their ground into the town, and the localk police will be too busy to attend. To me these sound like a lame excuses....are there no other temporary stands available? Cannot the Police from nearby sleepy Cehegin or Bullas take time off from putting their feet up and help out? Every town and village in Spain have their they all cancel or relocate any sporting events?

I think Caravaca's original plan was to have the game at the New Condomina and get as much gate money as possible, but the RFEF have not let them do this as it would be an unfair advantage to Real Murcia, like another home game. I can see their point as other teams may feel hard done by. Just yesterday morning (Wednesday) it was still unclear where the game was going to be - indeed it had been announced that the game would take place in Molina de Segura. But no, finally Totana was confirmed as the venue.

Form Murcia to Caravaca there are 79,5 kms.
From Murcia to Totana there are 52,1 kms.
From Caravaca to Totana there are 82,7 kms.

So the "home" team are further away than their visitors. Go figure. Sounds like someone's best laid plans just backfired.

Photo : Temporary seating, very scarce in Caravaca, but available in Totana.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

El Bando de la Huerta

The Tuesday after Easter Monday is a special day in Murcia city, when the Bando de la Huerta" takes place. Strictly speaking it is a celebration of the Murcia area and it's huerta (gardens), and it's traditions. In the morning there is a floral offering to the virgin Fuensanta, patron of the city. In the afternoon there is a parade, where floats give out local products, bands play traditional music for groups of huertanos to dance typical jotas to.

Photo : 2 lovely this case, Mrs. Guiri and the guirigirl.

However, most of the Murcianos, me included, take the chance to meet up with friends and overeat, overdrink and generally have a good time, all dressed up in local dress. Our day starts at around 12 in the Plaza de la Universidad.....taking coldboxes filled with Estrella Levante beer, cheese, salchichón and chorizo sausages, red wine, plenty of ice cubes. The noise and atmosphere are great, everyone seems to have a great time, and I have never once seen any trouble. In the afternoon we move to the Plaza Europa and carry on chatting whilst consuming the odd G&T.

Photo : A group of Huertanos make merry.....naughtily without the correct footwear!

By the end of the day you end up completely all day binge of booze and food and laughs. Part of the Bando is to make sure you have the following Wednesday off work. Fail to do this and you are in deep trouble.

The Bando.....It's great fun and I highly recommend it. Cheers!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Real Murcia 3 Lorca 1

Before the game started we all knew that Sevilla B had drawn their game at Roquetas.....the kind of draw that hurts, after being 2 nil up, Roquetas equalized with the last kick. That meant that we could go six points clear, plus goal average in out favour, if we could see off Lorca. All seemed to be going to plan after Pedro smashed us ahead after a great control.....but then we seemed to have a mad 5 minutes each side of half time, Lorca should have gone in level after hitting the bar and missing quite easy chances before the break, and then deservedly equalized a few seconds into the second half. We can afford to switch off in this manner during play off games. The rest of the match we took control and ran out clear winners. Another brilliant free kick from Cañadas for the third.

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Mario Marín - Iván Amaya - Luciano (Cañadas 32') - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Cámara - Pedro - Molino (Aquino 65')
Kike (Isaac 57') - Chando.

Adrián (Meca 75') - Toño - Olivares - Méndez
Aarón - Diop - Jorge Pérez (Antonio 65') - Sebas
Lorca (Josemi 80') - Quintero.

1-0 Pedro 21'
1-1 Sebas 46'
2-1 Óscar Sánchez 67'
3-1 Cañadas 74'

Referee: Mr. Bosch Domenech. Odd strange one, but overall didn't influence the result.

Attendance : 6.252. Poor.....why? We are winning, are top, are at the business end of the season....what is that keeps people away? A few drops of rain? Fer fecks sake....

Mario Marin came in for Ander Gago at right back.....and as with each performance this season he looks better. Cool in defence, dangerous in attack, excellent control. Unhurried and assured. Another local, club product who could have a big future.

Next.....Caravaca away. They want to play the game somewhere other than in Caravaca as they have their fiestas and the temporary stands have been taken from their ground. It's just sooo Spanish football not to know the date, time or venue of a game just 7 days away.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Unforgiven

Afternoon from an overcast, rainy Murcia.

Acho....Predictably, Murcia's "redonda" square filled with wildly celebrating Madrid fans after yesterday's Kings Cup final win over Barcelona. And the very same thing happened in many towns across the country - the celebration of a distant victory as if it were something personal and close to home. Murcia and Madrid are separated by over 400 kilometers.

I know it's ground I have been over many times, but the Madrid/Barcelona snowball grows ever bigger, and until someone in a high place has the balls to divide up the fútbol pie in a more just way, it isn't going to stop any time soon. The media are any kids going to support their local sides when the only thing valued in spanish football is titles?

Can you imagine the centre of Bristol, Southampton or Coventry, Derby or Leicester, fill to the brim with celebrating Manchester United fans after a cup win? It such an absurd notion....but just goes to show the difference between a football loving nation and a nation where only the 2 winning teams matter and the rest is ridiculed.

Another heated discussion in the office yesterday. I insisted that I find Barcelona games boring.....and they couldn't get it into their heads that I can't see football as a spectacle, and that however good the goals are, another 5 - 0 thrashing of their uncompetitive rivals is about as interesting as golf tournament on the radio. So what are you going to do when they don't play so well some time in the future? Change colours and support whoever plays best? To me that's just not football.

The ups and downs are part of the territory....and supporting you local, mediocre club can some days give you higher highs and lower lows than winning your twentysomethingth Copa/thirtysomethingth Liga....or....just seeing pathetic blubbing Barsa fans after yesterday's final, fans who have celebrated countless titles over the last decade......just seems so false and so plastic and so ridiculous......"I can't take it....we didn't win our 43rd title in the last 12 years....I'm going to blub like a spoilt child".

It was nice to see Barcelona lose......but just as bad seeing Madrid win. And it would have been vice-versa too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travelling Without Moving

Bad news for Jumilla.....good news for Real Murcia. Jumilla failed to pay the referee's expenses again on Sunday....that's 4 times now, and according to the rules that means they will be excluded from the competition. Sevilla B have already played them twice......Real Murcia still have a home game, which, if the expected exclusion is confirmed this week, will be given to Real as a victory.

All this means that we can mathematically confirm first place on Sunday if Sevilla fail at Roquetas and we beat Lorca at home. The difference would then be 7 points, but in reality would be 10 with the 3 points we will get for the "win" over Jumilla. Sevilla would have 3 games to go (Real only 2), and can only obtain 9 more points.

All the attention is on the Real Madrid - Barcelona clashes in La Liga, Cup and Champions League over the next days and weeks. But anything other than these 2 teams and Spanish football is a shambles - Jumilla's position being a clear indication. Segunda B and Tercera are in desperate need of reform. A start would be to have a reserve league....these sides only adulterate the competition - how can (for example) 2 Sevilla B players be used in Primera one week and the next be playing in segunda B? No transfer and free to come and go. How do rival teams (such as Murcia) feel when they play a full strength reserve side, and a week later another rival has an advantage playing a weakened Sevilla B side whose 2 strikers are called up to their first team? If they are on a lower rung of the same ladder then the same transfer rules must apply as for completely different sides, including the transfer window. Only if they had their own reserve league should they be able to come and go at any time.

In Segunda we have the absurd situation of Barcelona B occupying a spot for a play-off they cannot participate in. Vilarreal B are also in this division.....if they both finished in the top 6 then even the 8th placed team could go up.....and that's ridiculous. Plus the fact that as they can't go up they sell dead games late season....part of why we were relegated last season.

Better Than Barsa


Yesterday's national daily "ABC" carried a story titled "Real Murcia and their reserves, least goals conceded in Spain".

"Real Murcia, leader of group 4 of Segunda B, and their reserves, who sit third in group 13 of Tercera, are the two teams with the least goals conceded in national category of Spanish football, each with only 16 goals against in 34 league games"

The numbers of Iñaki Alonso's team and their reserves are almost identical, the first team have 73 points, one more than Real Murcia Imperial, each having scored 59 and conceded 16"

In Primera, Segunda, Segunda B and Tercera there is no other team who have received less goals, not even Barcelona, who have let in 17 goals in 32 games"

I don't think it can be a fluke. The coaching staff at the club must take great credit....and the fact that new technical director Sergio Fernandez was a central defender.....coincidence?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Table......4 to go.

4 points ahead....just 4 games to go. There can't be any complacency...but, we shouldn't lose top spot looking at the remaining fixtures for Real and Sevilla. Spain May is time for I've made a clear statement....on the weekends of 21st and 28th of May.....don't expect me at any weddings, christenings, communions, birthdays, court apperanaces or otherwise. I'm fully booked for the play offs.....

Divine Justice / Ying and Yang

The events that led up to the intolerable cruelty of last season's relegation at Girona are well documented. The strange results, the fixing, the way Vilarreal B sold themselves to the highest bidder, but worst of all the way FC Balsicas Cartagena and Albacete were happy to play out a ridiculous 0 - 4, saving Albacete, and relegating Real Murcia. Oh how they celebrated.

However the blame wasn't all to be found outside. Inside Real Murcia there were players who were not giving 100%. Natalio (then on loan) talked about his ambition of returning to Almeria to play in Primera, all this while putting in some pathetic, lazy efforts. From midseason onwards it was clear he wasn't going to go in for a tackle, and couldn't care less where Real ended up. Mario Rosas hardly featured, but was a bad influence....his main efforts being to prop up the bars in the early morning, any chance we has given on the pitch he wasted.

I'm a believer in the ying and yang. Things come back to bite you. You think you've been clever and got away with something, then you step in dogshit.....know what I mean? So.....where are we now?

Mario Rosas ; probably sleeping it off again. Salamanca are currently 19th and occupy a relegation spot. They are 4 points from safety with 8 games to go. Mario has "helped" with 16 appearances, 1 goal and zero assists. So his form hasn't improved, and quite possibly he will have another relegation to segunda B against his name. Expect retirement and a career as a professional barfly to follow. Possibly then drugs and prison.

Natalio ; Seems to be true to form. 29 appearances for Tenerife this season have yielded just 4 goals and zero assists. They sit second bottom, 8 points from safety with 8 games to go. Expect him to leave Tenerife and join another segunda side, a side I will back heavily for relegation next season.

Albacete ; Third bottom and 7 points from safety with 8 games to go. Expect relegation and possible liquidation of the club. That's sooooo sad for their fans....who so gleefully accepted Cartagena's gifts and laughed so hard at Real Murcia's misfortune.

FC Cartagena ; Crazy owner Paco Gomez cleverly attacked players and management last week for lacklustre displays over the last few games. They reacted in the best possible way with a 5 nil loss at Betis. Hopefully he will have another go at them this week. The future doesn't look great.....a mad owner, falling attendances, press vultures circling overhead, loss of form, 5 points out of the play off positions. Pity it didn't all start unravelling a month or 6 weeks ago. Expect their 3rd season in segunda next year to be difficult....and he who laughs last and all that.

Real Murcia ; heading for a record points total in segunda B. Major clearout of all the dead wood both on the playing and management/technical staff. For the first time in many years, club, players, fans all seem to be pulling together (pity the press haven't noticed and continue to try and torpedo everything). We've had sooo much ying over the last few seasons......I hope that reaching the bottom means we have pushed off and going down will have ended up being positive, installing a winning mentality and a clearout of ineptitude. We have the fanbase, we have the stadium....and are due a whole bunch of YANG some time pretty soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lucena 0 Real Murcia 0

Similar performance to last week's at home to Ecija.....and again we got away with it. Time and time again it seemed that Lucena would score, but some poor finishing and some great work by Alberto meant we kept a clean sheet.

For the first minute it was as we have seen so many times; when Real Murcia come to town it's like a cup final. Lucena, with little or nothing to play for, ran like their lives depended on it. Added to this was a truly awful plastic pitch, what would not let the ball gain any speed, was almost impossible to connect cleanly, and made the ball take on rubber like properties. Every bounce or action was accompanied by a cloud of sand like substance coming up from the fake grass. It was ridiculous....and Real didn't seem to adapt at all well top the surface.

Domingo - Romerito - Lolo - Fede (José Manuel 86')
Jesús Lanza (Ortiz 79') - Ventaja - Lomas - Obrego
Dani Lanza (Pineda 66') - Alex Cruz

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi (Cámara 57') - Cañadas (Molino 63') - Pedro
Kike - Chando (Isaac 79')

Referee: Mr. Santos Caballero. OK.

The best news of the day was that Sevilla B lost at home to Melilla. Not just a loss, but a 0 - 4 thumping, this at the start of a tough series of games for them, while we have a comparatively (on paper) easier run. So, with just 4 games to go we have a 4 point cushion, plus the goal average with Sevilla in our favour,. so as good as 5 points. Next up for them is a tricky trip to Roquetas (who can still qualify for the play off), while Real are at home to out of form Lorca who are in freefall (New Condomina, Sunday 24th at 6 p.m. - 5 p.m. UK time).

If you were unable to see the game via the club website, aparrently they had an issue with the satelite and were not able to transmit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

La Giralda? Cardenal Belluga! of my favorite places in Murcia is the Plaza Cardenal Belluga. Although I'm lost to religion many years ago, the side of the cathedral that opens onto the Plaza is quite spectacular, almost leading one to a religious experience. The detail of the stonework, the apostles looking down, the originality, the scale of it, the backdrop of the clocktower that dominates the did they manage to put it all together so long ago?

Any visitors, I always make a point of showing them this place. I try to make it quite late (a half empty square has it's own sound, an atmosphere almost like you don't have to share the scene with anyone else), an after dinner stroll, always entering from Glorieta, making no build up so nothing is suspected. It's amazing that such beauty isn't very well known - so when they turn the corner onto the square and are confronted with something so special but so unexpected, the moment that the first time observer is stopped in their tracks, open mouthed and wide eyed.....makes me proud of my adopted home.

Just last night, with a business visitor from California, only in Spain for his first visit and only for 24 hours, it again took the breath away.....for both of us.

If I can put a small "but" on the's the Council building directly opposite. I'm not going to do a Prince Charles and call it a "hopeless carbuncle on the face of an old friend", as in itself it's an original and interesting piece of architecture. But it's soooooo out of Tottenham Hotspur in the quarters of the Champions league.

Photos : By day and by night, special.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Murcia 1 Ecija 0

Be careful what you wish for. Iñaki Alonso said last week that he preferred to have Sevilla pressuring us, and some "suffering" rather than pulling clear to early and having a couple of weeks off before the play off. And boy did we suffer yesterday! Ecija came out to win (it was really their last chance of getting to the play off places) and were without doubt the best side I have see this year at the New Condomina. We were fortunate, the luck of champions shall we say...."Saint" Alberto Cifuentes saving at least 2 one on one's, the second one the last kick of the game. Last season we would have lost this game....this year.....our luck has changed.

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Cañadas (Cámara 77') - Pedro (Molino 66')
Kike (Isaac 57') - Chando

Portela - Óscar Rodríguez - Alejo - Ramírez
Moya - Nando - Bello - Jonan García
Fali (Juan Pablo 76') - Armero (Plata 64')

1-0 Pedro (p) 62'

Referee : Mr. González González. Usual abnormal decisions we come to expect each week.

Att. 6.990

No, another week done, one less game remaining, and we extend our winning streak to seven games. Now comes the principal we have a run of easier games and Seville have harder ties. But 3 weeks ago we had tougher games and Sevilla easier, and we have gained more points. No room for complacency....the same winning attitude must continue.

Next : Lucena - Real Murcia, Sunday 12 midday (11 a.m. UK time).

Photo : This is a GOALIE!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Good comments from coach Iñaki Alonso.....

"We are at a good moment, most of all in terms of confidence. We can't be our own worst enemy by relaxing, being complacent, the team has to give the maximum, work more than our rival, be ambitious, if we don't do that any team can give us problems. We have to be humble, keep our feet on the ground and start each game with that winning determination we hjave seen the last few games, they need to become addicted to winning. Winning 6 games on the trot isn't easy, I would like to continue and to do so we need to keep the hunger"

"It's very important that the fans and the press keep their feet on the ground and all pull in the same direction. We are proud of the run we are on but we haven't achieved anything yet"

"I have experience of a segunda B promotion when the last 4 games didn't mean anything. Teams can lose concentration by being qualified too early, I have that experience and it isn't good. If I could choose, I would prefer to reach the final suffering"

Good stuff......we can't afford to relax, and it is a good thing that Sevilla are still hanging on to our coat-tails. Tomorrow's home game with Ecija (who sit in 8th, but are 6 points out of the play off zone) kicks off at 17.30 p.m., thats 16.30 p.m. UK time. IF you can get a feed from the official website, they are carrying the game. If not it's the excellent radio commentary from the exitable Jose Manuel Sanchez on the club radio, if your spanish is good enough to follow it. Just remember.....if you hear "gol" it means we have conceded....if you hear "GOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOLGOL" it means Real have scored. EASY!

Photo : Iñaki Alonso....el jefe....whatever happens in the play off, whatever the "experts" in our local press say, he has done a magnificent job this season. I hope he will be Real's coach for years to come.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Real's second Englishman : The GIF!

Following on from Real Murcia's first english player Thompson , our second(and last) english player was Gifton Noel Williams.

Noel Williams arrived on 31st January 2007, the last day of the transfer window, from Burnley. He had previously been at Watford and Stoke City.

Gifton waited patiently on the bench for a few weeks for his opportunity. Real Murcia were having a good season, were always in the top 3. I met Gifton on his first day in Murcia, helping a pal of mine (an estate agent) to show him and his wife some housing, acting as translator. He asked me about the fans in Murcia, and I told him straight - "they are demanding and all too quick to make judgement. Miss-control you first pass or blast your first chance over the bar, and they will not let you succeed, you will be marked, and will carry a cross until you leave. Make sure your first touch in a Real Murcia shirt is a good one".

Gifton's chance finally came away to Alaves on the 3rd of March (just 9 minutes), but his home debut and real impact didn't come until the 24th of March, at home to Sporting Gijón, replacing Aranda for the last 6 minutes. His first touch was great control and a pinpoint through ball to a collegue, who missed the one on one chance. Gifton then scored a home debut goal just a minute later.

Despite this, his chances were limited, coming on as a late substitute in a few games. His next goal came in the 3 - 0 home win over Xerez.

The he scored the winner against Lorca :

His fourth and final goal for Real came on 27th May away at Malaga in a 2 - 1 win. In total he only played a total of 286 minutes....and I think his goals to minutes ratio is the best ever for a Real Murcia player. A good lad, a joker in the dressing room, missed a good curry (I solved this for him), enjoyed the odd cigarette, and was very competitive at everything, even card games with no money involved!

Gifton told me something about really enjoying the good times, as you never know what is around the corner, and you can take things for granted. He came to Murcia as a centre forward, good header of the ball.....but this wasn't his natural game. He had plenty of baggage in knee problems, and had to adapt his game due to a certain lack of mobility. At Watford (he came through the youth ranks at the hornets), he had pace and skill. He finished top scorer.....he told me they had Chelsea and Arsenal looking at him, he felt like he was on the crest of a wave....then, a magic goal against Sunderland descibred thus in the press...."The winning goal was quite stunning. Ben Iroha's long throw into the box was controlled on his chest by Gifton Noel-Williams. With his back to goal and a defender in close attention, we waited for the lay-off to a colleague. Instead, in a moment of absolute genius, he hooked the ball goalwards over his shoulder as it dropped. The element of surprise was enough - Sorensen could do nothing, watching in astonishment with the rest of us as it bounced inside his right hand post, and Gifton was away to the corner flag to celebrate. An improvised masterpiece". Just a few minutes later, in the same game, Sunderland defender Paul Butler made a lunge that did for Gifton's knee....a horrendous injury, which took him almost 2 years to recover from (although he never really did recover, given the arthritis he suffered from).

Pity he had to spoil his almost cult hero status at Murcia by signing for Elche (only joking) when then coach Lucas Alcaraz decided he was surplus to requirements for the 07/08 season in primera. After Elche he went to the USA, and now coaches in Austin, Texas.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

News from the sick bay / Highlights

The aftermath of the Leppers vicious assaults on Real Murcia players :

Albiol looks like being out for 6 weeks, and Carles got away with a badly sprained ankle. Quite amazing really when you see that the tackle was deliberately calculated to do damage.

The Guardia Civil have asked "7 Region de Murcia" (our regional TV station), to give them the video of the game so that can investigate the perpetrators of the spitting and liquid throwing at Carles. But I think I already know what will happen......f-all. Can't we send then a copy of Sunday's bullshit La Opinión article n'all? Surely a charge deception or fraud or just being a cretin for the hopeless deranged hack would follow?

Make your own minds up - he's the evidence.

Monday, April 4, 2011

32 down, 6 to go.....

Remaining regular season games :

At first glance it looks like we have an easier run in.....but there is zero room for complacency. We can afford one slip up, but one only. Sevilla B have 4 of the last 6 games at home - let not expect them to let up despite some tough opponents they have to face.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ernie, share your stash!

I read in one newspaper, and I quote...

"The game turned into a battle after the red Gago decided to open fire with an elbow on Oscar that went unpunished"

"things didn't start as they did in the last outing against Ceuta. Not all games are at the Condomina, and not every day you score after less thasn a minute, or the referee invents a penalty in your favour. In San Roque things weren't so easy. The reds didn't have the ball for more than 10 seconds in the first half"

"The only 2 chances in the first half were for the home team"

"Gago wanted to be the cleverest in the class, an elbow on Oscar started a war between one will recognise that everything was tranquil until Gago's elbow"

"The unfortunate injury to Albiol....the valencian kicked in a strange way, firstly the rivals leg, and then fresh air"

"Before Cañadas goal in the 69th minute, the ball and control were for the home side. But Iñaki Alonso will think that no-one is interested in that"

"Alfaro was sent off after touching Carle's face....who with some theatre tried to recover for Murcia what he has taken away with his famous sendings off. Pereira noted his number and made an ungraceful tackle on the midfielder who was carried off. Another San Roque player off and Real Murcia's road was cleared for them"

No mention of the disgraceful behaviour of San Roques players, staff and fans. ¿Comment from a local Lepe newspaper perhaps? ¿An Andalusian reporter's one sided opinión of the game?

Nope....this is from serial anti Real Murcia twerp Ernesto Fernandez in Murcia's local daily La Opinión. I would love to get hold of some of the halucenogenic drugs he must be on.....I need a break from reality too!

San Thugs de Lepe 0 Real Murcia 2

We knew beforehand that this was going to be a tough away trip - San Roque sit third in the table, and have received plaudits for being a good footballing side. We saw none of that today. From the first minutes of the game it became clear that their mission was to intimidate in any possible way, to create an atmoshere. Within the first few seconds one of their players, Oscar, made a display of blatant play acting, then repeated the same a few minutes later (after hardly a touch), but then claimed innocence after an X rated and calculated studs in the back assault on Ander Gago...he got away with just a yellow. You could see that they had been wound up to go out and do damage, and it was no surprise when Miguel Albiol was injured by another crude and reckless tackle (unpunished). It looked bad......I expect he will be out for at least a few weeks and maybe even for the rest of the season. San Roque had a couple of chances, and you have to say we were maybe a bit fortunate to go to half time at 0 - 0.

After the break, more of the same. Richi booked for a soft tackle, but Lepe's players again were really over the top. Then came the moment the game changed. A free kick just outside the box, Cañadas shapes to take it and Kike is elbowed as he tried to get in the way of the defensive wall. Red card. When the dust settled Cañadas sent the ball up and over the wall and down into the net. You could see then the San Roque's players and fans completely lost it. Murcia had not been provoked, and not entered into their dirty game, and had risen above it. Then came some of the most unbelieveable scenes I've seen at a football match. Carles was on the wrong end of a criminal know the type.....a legbreaker....a vicious lunge by a lurching knucklehead defender, intent on doing damage. As Carles lay stricken near the touchline, being taunted and insulted by opposition players and their baying fans, evidently badly injured and in great pain, the referee rightly dismissed the offender. This seemed to anger the crowd even further. It looked bad and Carles (again, clearly in a great deal of pain....not that faked Dani Alves or Di Maria pain, but oh shit I think my leg is broken and it hurts like hell pain) was put on a stretcher....and while being carried along the touchine, was taunted, insulted, spat at, had a bottle of water and many other objects thrown at him. What had he done?

Real Murcia played keepball against San Roque's 9 men, who continued be get the benefit of some lenient refereeing, as they could have finished with 6. The ref added 7 minutes....and after a couple of these Pedro cooly curled the ball into the bottom corner to make it 0 - 2.

San Roque:
José Ramón
Jaume - Zou - Hornillo - Germán (Marqués 81')
Pereira - Alfaro - De Dios (Juanje 73') - Cheli (Salas 78')
Óscar - Fernando

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi (Carles 62' (Isaac Jové, 71')) - Albiol (Cañadas, 26') - Pedro
Kike - Chando

0-1 Cañadas 69'
0-2 Pedro 92'

Referee : Mr. Cuesta Ferreiro. Despite the 2 sendings off, was very lenient towards San Roque's wild and violent ways. At times he looked like the referee on a WWF wrestling match, deliberately looking the other way whilst it all went off behind his back.

So....a great win and another game gone, one step closer to securing top spot. The pressure back on Sevilla B for their visit to Jumilla tomorrow. However....the enduring image will be of the baying neanderthal orangutans, spitting at, throwing things at and insulting a badly injured player. Nothing can justify that, nothing. The TV images are crystal clear, and they can't hide behind the typical "oh it was a couple of idiots" as they were all at it. The referee made mention in his report, not of this incident with Carles, but that the Real Murcia bench was also pelted, and a linesman had "bits of brick" thrown at him. Credit to Real Murcia.....a class act, didn't enter into the provocations. At the final whistle San Roque's coach lost it and tried to pick a fight seemingly with anyone in his vacinity.....what a very bad loser.

Good to see the players go and share their joy with the 50 or so Real fans that had made the long trip. The commentator said that the players had got together and paid all the fans tickets. Nice touch. Next up, Ecija at home on Sunday 10th at 5.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. UK time).

P.S. The commentator on our local TV (la 7) informed us that San Roque had recently been bought out by a British consortium......which included a certain Dennis Wise....has the midget psycopath been taking their training?