Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Murcia's World Class.....Beer!

After two weeks of Berliner in Germany, Carling Extra Cold and Fosters in London, and Mahou at Madrid airport, it's good to be home. Maybe it's my 20+ years here and my taste buds are more honed to local stuff.....but, wow, this is better than anything tasted in my travels, by a very long way. It's the beer I crave when they offer you a Heineken in LA or a Carlsberg in Paris. World Class.....superb....the Messi or's sooo good it's above a lot of Murcianos who sniff at it....

Get a litre bottle, and make sure you have some chilled glasses. Have some cured manchego, or some fresh cut (important) "pata negra" ham, or (as I am doing) some frtesh (not frozen) red prawns.....pour well (with a head) tell me I'm wrong!


  1. Yes Estrella Levante is my fave as well,can't wait to have some next week in the local bar in a frozen glass,cool.Does anyone know the date & time of the Yeclano home game yet, I would appreciate any info,thanks in advance.

  2. type beerhere into google, you can buy beers from different countries

  3. Do you know anywhere i can make a flag?