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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Piss up? Brewery? Welcome to the RFEF

Finally, the RFEF (Real Federación Española de Fútbol) have made a decision on where and when the Caravaca - Real Murcia game this Sunday will take place. It will be at the Juan Cayuela "stadium" (more like a few sheds cobbled together) in Totana, at 6.30 p.m. (5.30 p.m. UK time), with no live television or internet coverage.

The reason the game isn't being played in Caravaca, is that the town has a fiesta "los Caballos del Vino" which has considerable tourist interest, and they have therefore had to relocate the temporary stands at their ground into the town, and the localk police will be too busy to attend. To me these sound like a lame excuses....are there no other temporary stands available? Cannot the Police from nearby sleepy Cehegin or Bullas take time off from putting their feet up and help out? Every town and village in Spain have their they all cancel or relocate any sporting events?

I think Caravaca's original plan was to have the game at the New Condomina and get as much gate money as possible, but the RFEF have not let them do this as it would be an unfair advantage to Real Murcia, like another home game. I can see their point as other teams may feel hard done by. Just yesterday morning (Wednesday) it was still unclear where the game was going to be - indeed it had been announced that the game would take place in Molina de Segura. But no, finally Totana was confirmed as the venue.

Form Murcia to Caravaca there are 79,5 kms.
From Murcia to Totana there are 52,1 kms.
From Caravaca to Totana there are 82,7 kms.

So the "home" team are further away than their visitors. Go figure. Sounds like someone's best laid plans just backfired.

Photo : Temporary seating, very scarce in Caravaca, but available in Totana.

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