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Monday, April 18, 2011

Divine Justice / Ying and Yang

The events that led up to the intolerable cruelty of last season's relegation at Girona are well documented. The strange results, the fixing, the way Vilarreal B sold themselves to the highest bidder, but worst of all the way FC Balsicas Cartagena and Albacete were happy to play out a ridiculous 0 - 4, saving Albacete, and relegating Real Murcia. Oh how they celebrated.

However the blame wasn't all to be found outside. Inside Real Murcia there were players who were not giving 100%. Natalio (then on loan) talked about his ambition of returning to Almeria to play in Primera, all this while putting in some pathetic, lazy efforts. From midseason onwards it was clear he wasn't going to go in for a tackle, and couldn't care less where Real ended up. Mario Rosas hardly featured, but was a bad influence....his main efforts being to prop up the bars in the early morning, any chance we has given on the pitch he wasted.

I'm a believer in the ying and yang. Things come back to bite you. You think you've been clever and got away with something, then you step in dogshit.....know what I mean? So.....where are we now?

Mario Rosas ; probably sleeping it off again. Salamanca are currently 19th and occupy a relegation spot. They are 4 points from safety with 8 games to go. Mario has "helped" with 16 appearances, 1 goal and zero assists. So his form hasn't improved, and quite possibly he will have another relegation to segunda B against his name. Expect retirement and a career as a professional barfly to follow. Possibly then drugs and prison.

Natalio ; Seems to be true to form. 29 appearances for Tenerife this season have yielded just 4 goals and zero assists. They sit second bottom, 8 points from safety with 8 games to go. Expect him to leave Tenerife and join another segunda side, a side I will back heavily for relegation next season.

Albacete ; Third bottom and 7 points from safety with 8 games to go. Expect relegation and possible liquidation of the club. That's sooooo sad for their fans....who so gleefully accepted Cartagena's gifts and laughed so hard at Real Murcia's misfortune.

FC Cartagena ; Crazy owner Paco Gomez cleverly attacked players and management last week for lacklustre displays over the last few games. They reacted in the best possible way with a 5 nil loss at Betis. Hopefully he will have another go at them this week. The future doesn't look great.....a mad owner, falling attendances, press vultures circling overhead, loss of form, 5 points out of the play off positions. Pity it didn't all start unravelling a month or 6 weeks ago. Expect their 3rd season in segunda next year to be difficult....and he who laughs last and all that.

Real Murcia ; heading for a record points total in segunda B. Major clearout of all the dead wood both on the playing and management/technical staff. For the first time in many years, club, players, fans all seem to be pulling together (pity the press haven't noticed and continue to try and torpedo everything). We've had sooo much ying over the last few seasons......I hope that reaching the bottom means we have pushed off and going down will have ended up being positive, installing a winning mentality and a clearout of ineptitude. We have the fanbase, we have the stadium....and are due a whole bunch of YANG some time pretty soon!

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