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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Manager of the Year?

Shocking. There I was watching my first primera game of the season, hoping to see Vilarreal at least scare Real Madrid, and all I got was a demonstration of what a lowlife Jose Mourinho really is, and how Madrid can do no wrong, unless of course Barcelona are involved.

Imagine.....let's say a Man City against Aston Villa game. City score their fourth on the way to a 4 - 2 home win....imagine Mancini running over to the opposition bench, fists waving, shouting, jumping and punching the air, gesticulating to fans behind the bench, getting right to the end of the dugout, completely away from your own area, clearly intimidating and inciting a reaction. Would he get away with it? I think the Premier league would charge him with bringing the game into disrepute and violent conduct at least. A 5 or 6 game touchline ban. Am I wrong?

Now this is Spain and the portugese in question happens to be Real Madrid's manager. In less than 24 hours his disgraceful display has been forgotten. The only way it wouldn't have been forgotten would be if the rival was Barcelona....whose press mouthpieces would have made an incredible fuss. Others are powerless, and the Liga bosses don't care. Marca have conveniently swept it under the carpet, Sport (as it wasn't against Barsa) missed it completely, TVE editorially can't say anything bad about Real Madrid, and the rest are going all gooey about Messi's Golden Ball. The worst unsporting behaviour seen in years, all covered up in a day.

Brings back to mind a couple of Barcelona games over the last few years, where Barsa's fans have hurled bottles, coins, telephones, lighters, and even a pigs head (yes, a pigs head) onto the pitch. Real Murcia were forced to play a home game in Alicante after a fan threw a half full platic water bottle onto the pitch in a cup game against Zaragoza, after some terrible provocation by Zaragoza players. A small plastic bottle means immediate and tough action, scandal and outrage. A pig's head? Bottles? Telephones? Tut tut tut and Barsa still to take any punishment at all.

Anyhow, back to Jose. Today I see he has been named manager of the year. This (for me) is a complete cop out by those arch-dick eds' at FIFA who seem intent on ruining our game, not content with the 2018 and 2022 sellout, and fresh from a bout of trouser action with unlimited russian whores and with shedloads of Qatari currency in their swiss bank accounts, no, they feel they can rub it in some more. OK, Mourinho won the Champions League.....but how did he do it, and where? They have bottled it, and forgotten his antics. Of course Real Madrid is the biggest brand in world football, give the Golden Ball to they have to balance it out with an undeserved gong for the special one. Even Harry the twitch Redknapp would have been a better choice.....OK i'm exaggerating, but you get my point.

Or am I being a bit too sensitive?

Photo : Jose asks Vilarreal's bench if anyones cock is as big as his.


  1. Hello. I'm Black. Sorry for my english again.

    Nobody understands Mourinho ... poor man ... jejejeje

    Mourinho said after the match that went to the opposing team's bench to celebrate the goal .... because her son sits in that part of the stadium and wanted to celebrate with him.(So hard that Real Madrid would change position the child and put him behind the father? What would happen if the child was sitting behind the goalkeeper?)

    Conclusion: Jose Mourinho is not only manager of the year. He is also father of the century.

    My appreciation, Mr. Mou .... and son.

    P.D.: Here you can see the family love scene:

  2. Amazing. The face of the 4th official...looking at the pitch when Vilarreal protest, is that of a coward. If it was the coach of a smaller side....imagine what would happen. The authorities need to grow a pair when it comes to Madrid and Barsa, they get away with everything whilst the rest are made an example of.

  3. Guiri, the most pathetic is that the rival coach saw the yellow card a few minutos before to leave the technical area ... probably a few centimeters.
    Mou while walking and walking, celebrate and gestures. Everything is permitted.


  4. Saw the alicante v ath Madrid game, painful as it was, they played some cracking stuff!