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Monday, January 10, 2011


Juan Aguilera Nuñez (Madrid, 13th September 1985) had been at the youth ranks of Real Madrid and Getafe before arriving at Real Murcia's B team in 2008. Last season he made a few appearances, impressed, but strangely didn't make the first team often, which was a shame considering the disaster the season was. I'm not saying we would have stayed in segunda....but it couldn't have been any worse than those that failed and have now gone from the club.

This season however, he has been a star. He is everywhere, omnipresent. Cool on the ball, good passer, great tackler (his success rate must be very high indeed), dribbles well despite his height - indeed he looks a little ungainly, organizes the team and sets a level of workrate that is an example to others. Must be being followed by teams in higher divisions.

His performance yesterday was nigh on miraculous, considering he was stretching every time there was a break and was clearly uncomfortable. Outstanding....really outstanding.

Photo : Juan AGUILERA is magic!


  1. Dear Gavin, I'm Black. "Write it as "anonymous"because I do not know how to post with a nickname. On our trip to Roquetas following our Real Murcia can be a good opportunity to explain to me how to do it ... jejejejeje.

    I want to thank you for talking about Johnny Aguilera on your blog and make it known to the world of football.

    I totally agree with everything you've written about it. And as mentioned on occasion, I also wonder the last year not play more minutes ... to say nothing of what happened this past summer.

    But the past is the past. Now the important thing is to enjoy a great player named Aguilera. One of those players who only to see its position on the football field, moves and touches the ball as soon as you know you're in front of a crack.

    I hope to see much time on this team and with the rest of his companions returned to Real Murcia in the place that never had to leave.

    Aupa Real Murcia! Aupa Juan Aguilera!

    The comments on his beautiful girlfriend's for another day, jejejejejej ..

    A hug friend.

  2. not got to see much games this season unfortunately, what position does this lad play and what age is he, Ive seen on the a few of the forums that he is regarded very highly within the Real Murcia community, i hope i get chance to watch a few of the games on the net in the coming weeks to cast an eye on him my self too :P :)


  3. Congrats Guiri on reaching double figures followers, I think you need two more and we will be Disciples!!