Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quarter Final...Copa Del Rey

Yep...I know we were knocked out by a crooked ref and the galacticos. But I just put Sky Sports on, expecting to see Almeria´s "Estadio del Mediterraneo" full to the rafters for their clash with Deportivo. I think it's the first time they have ever had the chance to reach the semis......and my complete was EMPTY! Not half full....almost no-one had bothered to go!

Hang on a minute.....I blinked, pinched myself....and looked again. The echoes of the players shouts, the plastic unoccupied seats on all sides....What is it with the Spanish and cup competitions? Can anyone explain?

I just don't get it. A midweek cup time, that's what gets me going. Staying at home just isn't an option. Spain is different, as they say.


  1. It beggars belief. I know knock out cups aren't as big as in England. But surely someone must be interested. do they reduce the prices for it? Just look at the west ham - Birmingham league cup game, both have higher priorities this season but it was great to watch even as a neutral. I just dont get it either?!? PETE

  2. I don't think they reduce prices.....and I know they charge season ticket holders. And with the's an easy excuse to stay at home. But even for league games where season ticket holders don't pay the number of no-shows is high. You coming over for the Cadiz game right? They have already siad it's going to kick off at 12 on Sunday.....

  3. Looks like I will struggle for that one. I'm guided by the 31 January tax return deadlines, and we are still busy as hell!! Which is a shame as the Feb home games are less exciting. Still, it will just be great to be out there anyway. I even had visions of cramming in an Imperial game the same weekend if its practical!! Will keep you posted. cheers PETE

  4. Its 8.22am UK time and the website says 3 hrs 2 mins to next tv transmission, so looks like we've got the second half of an away game to look forward to today! :-)