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Monday, July 5, 2010

Honest Iñaki....

Iñaki Bea speaks frankly in this morning's La Verdad. It had been rumored he was off to play in Austria, but it seems this isn't the case :

"If Real Murcia don't want me to continue, I will not put any obstacle in order to sign for another team. If we had stayed up it would have been another matter. In that case if they wanted me to go there would have to be a negociation, but after the disaster we footballers have organized, Real Murcia doesn't deserve to be messed around"

"If they can't pay, I'm going to make it easy. If another team comes in, i'll go and that's that. I don't think it's correct to want to be payed for undone work after we have relegated Real Murcia. In the end the players and the coaches can leave, but what remains is the club and it's supporters in Segunda B".

He hasn't rejected the posibility of staying, depends on what the club want to do. But at the moment, with no director of football or coach, everything is moving slowly.

Uncle Sam is reportedy going to be back in town to make some decisions. Rather than learning from mistakes, it seems to me that Samper is making the very same errors; no delegation. No-one makes a move without his say so. I rekon even the bogroll in the loos at the New Condomina are chosen by the man himself. So after the sackings last week, it seems we have an empty office where the technical team and the new coach should be making moves and putting the squad together. Expect a rush of appointments tomorrow and Wednesday.

Photo : Coach Jose Gonzalez tells hardman Iñaki Bea that whatever he says is good with him.


  1. can u please explain the 'Uncle Sam' position. he is the one guy i dont understand because all i have heard from murcia fans is his nick name.

    Thanks x

  2. Uncle Sam is just a nickname for Jesus Samper...basically he owns 98% of the shares in Real Murcia. He was responsible for the building of the Nueva Condomina (both the shopping centre and the stadium).

  3. thanks :) have you got an idea when Pre season freindlys are for Real Murcia? im back in spain from July 31st, cheers

  4. Usually you can catch a pre season game mid to late recent years Real Murcia have made their first few practice matches near to wherever the have a preseason camp....and usually they try to get away from the extreme heat at that time of year. I'll keep you posted.