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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sergio Fernandez to retire and become sporting director?

From the papers today it seems he is the candidate best placed to occupy the chair. However.....he was one of the only successes on the pitch......and it does seem too soon for him to stop playing and move upstairs. The good thing is that he knows the club from the inside, and won't stand for any of the late night drinking and general "couldn't give a monkeys" shinangins that 5 or 6 members of the squad got up to last season. With power he could shake up the playing side. The downside is his inexperience in dealing with agents, making contracts, and general knowledge of the division we are in next season.

He strikes me as fairly intelligent (for a footballer), always seems to say the right thing. I think we should give him a go.....but try to keep him on the playing staff also.

Waiting for the coach to be appointed......other sides are making signings....we are dithering. Worrying.

Photo : Sergio Fernandez. Will he swap the paprika red for a suit and tie?

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