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Friday, July 2, 2010

In, Out, Shake it all about....

Majority shareholder Jesus Samper said yesterday that the club would be unable to keep most of the current squad at the club due to an excessive wagebill. In Segunda B Real Murcia need to reduce this bill by 60 or 70%. Samper denied there would be any ERE (Expediente de regulacion de empleo), where staff can be offloaded with little or no compensation, but did say that all the players were available for transfer. He also said that he would be negociating with players to reduce their salaries, others have already found alternative clubs. So there will be a lot of ins and outs over the next 3 or 4 weeks.

There have already been 3 outs in the sporting management. The team that have been putting together the squad for the last few years, Garcia Franco, Paco Zaragoza and Gregorio Marmol have been sacked by Juan Antonio Samper (Jesus's brother). Usually everything Juan Antonio touches ends up being a lets see who comes in. He took on the role himself during the 03/04 season....and we were relegated with months to spare (admittedly, from Primera) as he brought together a squad of declining old glories and crocks. It scares me if they even consider giving him the position again. Whatever happens, an appointment needs to be made quickly....we are already losing time. No manager appointed yet either. Others are moving quicker.

Photo : Juan Antonio "oh brother!" Samper aims a left at ex manager Jose Gonzalez.

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