Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real Murcia 0 Elche 2

There is no excuse.....despite the ref waving play on after what looked like a stick-on penalty on Chando, we were beaten fair and square, and have now failed to score in 3 games.

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Oriol - Iván Amaya (Nico Varela 84') - Óscar Sánchez
Iturra (Emilio 55') - Aguilera - Pedro (Borja 71') - Sutil
Chando - Cristian García

Juan Carlos
Flaño - Etxeita - Rodas - Beranger
Mantecón - Ruper (Generelo 74') - Palanca (Carpio 55') - Xumetra
Kike Mateo (Nicki Bille 81') - Ángel

0-1 Ruper 37'
0-2 Generelo 83'

Referee: Mr. Jaime Latre. Crap like they all are.

Att. Just 9.315 at the New Condomina for a local derby. Just about sums up spanish football fans.

Let's hope things improve - otherwise, i've seen the scenario many times. Instead of trying to help Real get out of a mess, the "rancid" Real Madrid supporters with their high demands will, far from pushing in the same direction, will try to shove downhill, allied with the press vultures so avid to see failure. We need another 20 or so points to guarantee safety. That is our only aim. Sad but true.

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