Sunday, February 19, 2012

Almeria 4 Real Murcia 2

A better performance, but we let in some very soft goals, three of the from set-pieces, one a clear offside, one an own goal. The knives are now defiabtely out for coach Alonso. Anything other than a victory against Valladolid next Saturday will lead to open calls for his head.

Rafita - Carlos García - Jakobsen - Ortiz (Acasiete 77')
Verza (Bernardello 83') - Corona - Vidal - Goitom
Soriano - Ulloa (Pallarés 81')

Real Murcia:
Oriol (Pedro 55') - Jorge - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Iturra - Aguilera (Chando 66') - Molinero - Sutil (Albiol 63')
Emilio - Cristian García.

0-1 Molinero 13'
1-1 Ortiz 18'
2-1 Corona 40'
3-1 Jorge o.g. 57'
4-1 Ulloa 73'
4-2 Pedro (pen) 89'

Referee : Mr. Lesma López.

Att. Just 6.376 bothered to turn up at the awful "Estadio Juegos Mediterraneos", this with Almería well placed for promotion back to Primera. To put this into perspective, yesterday in the n-power championship the average gate was 16,286. The lowest was 7,004 for Peterboro (18th) versus Bristol City (20th). Bristol is 275 kilometers from Peterboro. Almeria (3rd) is 233 kilometers from Murcia (11th). Usual smattering of Real Madrid and Barcelona tracksuits you see everywhere. Why is this seen as normal and acceptable?

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  1. When i first started reading your blog i was sceptical about your take on attendances in Spain. This was because i had only ever seen La Liga matches on TV and the grounds were pretty full. However i am staggered at how low attendances are in general in segunda.

    Im not sure whether it is just down to the fact that everyone wants to watch Barca or Real but more the type of tickets and prices on offer.

    For example: My team, Charlton offer a wide range of tickets. u10's, u18's, u21's, adult and senior. I know this is the case with many english teams.The price of the tickets need to vary. I dont blame spanish families not bringing their kids to Murcia as for a day out it would be far too expensive.

    Secondly, the lack of atmosphere created due to no away fans. This is something i really miss from watching english football. There is no to and throw with supporters. All spanish clubs baring 2 or 3 are guilty of shocking away attendances even if the journey is short.

    elche brought 800 to us. Im not sure if this was due to allocation size? Almeria brought 400 to us. We took 800 to elche and a 1000 40 miles up the road to Hercules. Any game in English football where the distance between 2 clubs is 40 miles would produce a fantastic support.

    Sadly this is not the case in Spain. Again i dont blame anybody for not wanting to go all the way to celta, Coruna, Girona. But when we play teams within 2 hours drive away there is no excuse.