Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ernie, share your stash!

I read in one newspaper, and I quote...

"The game turned into a battle after the red Gago decided to open fire with an elbow on Oscar that went unpunished"

"things didn't start as they did in the last outing against Ceuta. Not all games are at the Condomina, and not every day you score after less thasn a minute, or the referee invents a penalty in your favour. In San Roque things weren't so easy. The reds didn't have the ball for more than 10 seconds in the first half"

"The only 2 chances in the first half were for the home team"

"Gago wanted to be the cleverest in the class, an elbow on Oscar started a war between one will recognise that everything was tranquil until Gago's elbow"

"The unfortunate injury to Albiol....the valencian kicked in a strange way, firstly the rivals leg, and then fresh air"

"Before Cañadas goal in the 69th minute, the ball and control were for the home side. But Iñaki Alonso will think that no-one is interested in that"

"Alfaro was sent off after touching Carle's face....who with some theatre tried to recover for Murcia what he has taken away with his famous sendings off. Pereira noted his number and made an ungraceful tackle on the midfielder who was carried off. Another San Roque player off and Real Murcia's road was cleared for them"

No mention of the disgraceful behaviour of San Roques players, staff and fans. ¿Comment from a local Lepe newspaper perhaps? ¿An Andalusian reporter's one sided opinión of the game?

Nope....this is from serial anti Real Murcia twerp Ernesto Fernandez in Murcia's local daily La Opinión. I would love to get hold of some of the halucenogenic drugs he must be on.....I need a break from reality too!


  1. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, Guiri

  2. are any of the local papers available online?