Sunday, April 3, 2011

San Thugs de Lepe 0 Real Murcia 2

We knew beforehand that this was going to be a tough away trip - San Roque sit third in the table, and have received plaudits for being a good footballing side. We saw none of that today. From the first minutes of the game it became clear that their mission was to intimidate in any possible way, to create an atmoshere. Within the first few seconds one of their players, Oscar, made a display of blatant play acting, then repeated the same a few minutes later (after hardly a touch), but then claimed innocence after an X rated and calculated studs in the back assault on Ander Gago...he got away with just a yellow. You could see that they had been wound up to go out and do damage, and it was no surprise when Miguel Albiol was injured by another crude and reckless tackle (unpunished). It looked bad......I expect he will be out for at least a few weeks and maybe even for the rest of the season. San Roque had a couple of chances, and you have to say we were maybe a bit fortunate to go to half time at 0 - 0.

After the break, more of the same. Richi booked for a soft tackle, but Lepe's players again were really over the top. Then came the moment the game changed. A free kick just outside the box, Cañadas shapes to take it and Kike is elbowed as he tried to get in the way of the defensive wall. Red card. When the dust settled Cañadas sent the ball up and over the wall and down into the net. You could see then the San Roque's players and fans completely lost it. Murcia had not been provoked, and not entered into their dirty game, and had risen above it. Then came some of the most unbelieveable scenes I've seen at a football match. Carles was on the wrong end of a criminal know the type.....a legbreaker....a vicious lunge by a lurching knucklehead defender, intent on doing damage. As Carles lay stricken near the touchline, being taunted and insulted by opposition players and their baying fans, evidently badly injured and in great pain, the referee rightly dismissed the offender. This seemed to anger the crowd even further. It looked bad and Carles (again, clearly in a great deal of pain....not that faked Dani Alves or Di Maria pain, but oh shit I think my leg is broken and it hurts like hell pain) was put on a stretcher....and while being carried along the touchine, was taunted, insulted, spat at, had a bottle of water and many other objects thrown at him. What had he done?

Real Murcia played keepball against San Roque's 9 men, who continued be get the benefit of some lenient refereeing, as they could have finished with 6. The ref added 7 minutes....and after a couple of these Pedro cooly curled the ball into the bottom corner to make it 0 - 2.

San Roque:
José Ramón
Jaume - Zou - Hornillo - Germán (Marqués 81')
Pereira - Alfaro - De Dios (Juanje 73') - Cheli (Salas 78')
Óscar - Fernando

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi (Carles 62' (Isaac Jové, 71')) - Albiol (Cañadas, 26') - Pedro
Kike - Chando

0-1 Cañadas 69'
0-2 Pedro 92'

Referee : Mr. Cuesta Ferreiro. Despite the 2 sendings off, was very lenient towards San Roque's wild and violent ways. At times he looked like the referee on a WWF wrestling match, deliberately looking the other way whilst it all went off behind his back.

So....a great win and another game gone, one step closer to securing top spot. The pressure back on Sevilla B for their visit to Jumilla tomorrow. However....the enduring image will be of the baying neanderthal orangutans, spitting at, throwing things at and insulting a badly injured player. Nothing can justify that, nothing. The TV images are crystal clear, and they can't hide behind the typical "oh it was a couple of idiots" as they were all at it. The referee made mention in his report, not of this incident with Carles, but that the Real Murcia bench was also pelted, and a linesman had "bits of brick" thrown at him. Credit to Real Murcia.....a class act, didn't enter into the provocations. At the final whistle San Roque's coach lost it and tried to pick a fight seemingly with anyone in his vacinity.....what a very bad loser.

Good to see the players go and share their joy with the 50 or so Real fans that had made the long trip. The commentator said that the players had got together and paid all the fans tickets. Nice touch. Next up, Ecija at home on Sunday 10th at 5.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. UK time).

P.S. The commentator on our local TV (la 7) informed us that San Roque had recently been bought out by a British consortium......which included a certain Dennis Wise....has the midget psycopath been taking their training?


  1. After watching the second half can only reiterate exactly what Guiri said. At the end I felt dirty having witnessed a grubby, nasty little club [based on these 45 minutes]. Hope they get what they deserve at the end of season - sweet FA. We came out of it brilliantly - great to see the players high five the away support at the end!

  2. I couldn't get the game through the website again yesterday,has anybody got any ideas or perhaps another stream I could use.I would be very gratefull for any help,but I still listened to it via the radio excellent result & after reading your report lets hope the Spanish league come down hard on San Roque.

  3. Non Spanish readers may not know that Lepe is traditionally used to tell politically incorrect jokes based on its inhabitants being stupid. Smoke, fire... ?