Monday, April 4, 2011

32 down, 6 to go.....

Remaining regular season games :

At first glance it looks like we have an easier run in.....but there is zero room for complacency. We can afford one slip up, but one only. Sevilla B have 4 of the last 6 games at home - let not expect them to let up despite some tough opponents they have to face.


  1. they look like two great run ins - we have to play teams with nothing to play for on the whole and Sevilla have to play the three teams that I hope will put San Roque out of the play offs - still, its a funny old game.
    By the way, you spelt Leper wrong!! [or is that non-pc now?!]

  2. Pete....did you get to the club shop? Did they let you have a peek inside the stadium?

  3. Sadly no. Despite going to the Pinatar game straight from the airport! I didnt have time for a round trip to Murcia. Got a lot done though. Including ordering a new cashpoint card on tuesday and picking it up, with a pin number, on wednesday - brilliant service. Next trip scheduled for May. Must, Must get to the playoffs though.