Tuesday, April 5, 2011

News from the sick bay / Highlights

The aftermath of the Leppers vicious assaults on Real Murcia players :

Albiol looks like being out for 6 weeks, and Carles got away with a badly sprained ankle. Quite amazing really when you see that the tackle was deliberately calculated to do damage.

The Guardia Civil have asked "7 Region de Murcia" (our regional TV station), to give them the video of the game so that can investigate the perpetrators of the spitting and liquid throwing at Carles. But I think I already know what will happen......f-all. Can't we send then a copy of Sunday's bullshit La Opinión article n'all? Surely a charge deception or fraud or just being a cretin for the hopeless deranged hack would follow?

Make your own minds up - he's the evidence.

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