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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Do you have a sense of community? That people around you care? Do you care? Do we give a shit about anyone else?

Walk around your local barrio. Count how many dog turds there are every 100 metres of pavement. Try to remember how many times you have seen a dog-owner scoop the poop and dispose of it correctly. Reminisce about that time someone actually stopped for you at a pedestrian crossing. Dodge the accumulated rubbish. Curse as you step on discarded gum. Blaspheme as you trip on un-kept pavement. Take pity on an abandoned dog.

At a shop or supermarket, think how many times you have seen a fresco try to jump a queue. When you drive, remember how many times you grumble that the majority don’t use their indicators, or how roundabouts are complete chaos. Stare open mouthed as twenty-something girl gives you the finger as you delicately try to change lanes. Wait patiently and remember that only banana republics and dictatorships still have police controls for no apparent reason. And military police, for that matter. Smile ironically as that other driver you kindly gave way to or waved through forgets to acknowledge you – them and their day are obviously so much more important than you and yours (the other day I did actually exchange courteous waves with another driver. I was almost inclined to stop him and give him a hug, such was the rarity).

Roll your eyes as you enter a WC, to see someone has left a horrible mess. In my office I have cleaned up after others. Just the thought that someone may come in after me, see the same mess and think I may have left it, abhors me.

Shuffle uneasily as the milonga that there is a charitable society is repeated (Spain is 91 on the “World Giving Index” – on a level with Zimbabwe and Congo). Squirm as you get a glimpse of the awful horrendous claptrap on TV that is brainwashing generations into thinking that arguing maleducadamente is the norm.

Wince as we see more and more corruption swept under the carpet, the public’s hard earned siphoned off in “B” envelopes or wasted, sitting as useless tarmac on unneeded airports. Frown at the bunch of totalitarian megalomaniacs that hold power at any authority, feathering their nests and with no public spirit whatsoever.

Nobody seems to care about anyone else. Not their problem.  

Any surprise then that those in power at the LFP are incapable of confirming schedules until just days before matches are due to take place? Order games to be played at midday or 4 pm in the heat of Córdoba or Murcia? I mean, who cares, it’s not as if they have to make travel plans, go to the game or run around in the sun themselves.

Any surprise that Javier Tebas, President of the LFP, said yesterday that, and I quote, “the Copa Del Rey, over two legs, gives a better guarantee that bigger clubs go through”. Who gives a toss about smaller clubs anyhow?

I can curse, blaspheme, stare open mouthed, smile ironically, roll my eyes, shuffle uneasily, squirm, wince and frown all I like. Tebas is just a reflection of a society, and does not care one bit about your shit small club. Like you don’t about your pavement.


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