Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Footballistically, my Friends, I don’t understand you. After 15 days of winter break, I expected to see hunger for football, a desire to go to the stadium, queues at the box office…..but no. Attendances were even down.
Lots of empty seats, even at winning teams. Poor attendances at even the Nou Camp and at the Bernabeu. ¿Why this apathy?
Football saturation? Prices? The weather? Crisis? The lack of competitiveness in “la mejor Liga del mundo”? (I say this because watching the Barcelona – Elche game, even thought it was 4 nil, you could hear the yawns from the stands)
Our own Real Murcia is clear example of the panorama, and the almost complete disinterest of the Murcian public in their team.
They seem much more interested when there is bad news or reason to belittle the club, or to take the piss out of the few faithful. They know the club’s debt with the taxman to the last cent, and don’t miss a chance to tell us. The remind you of poor results, but are missing when we win. These shits, yep, shits, are those that then demand cheap tickets when we have an important game, or if we play their real club (you know which ones), or come looking for you to see if you have “any contacts at the club for a few tickets”.
There is no positive reaction to the club suffering. Nor to the winter break. From the 7.367 crowd against Hércules, which increased to 8.316 against Barcelona B (I don’t need to explain that one), Real get only 6.385 against Tenerife. The team is higher up the league, the weather the same, the prices the same…..indeed, I thought, as I said, to see people looking forward to going to the stadium, with Real Murcia just a point of the play-off places. Did Murcia back the team? Clearly, no.
We should forget the politically correct bollocks about the fans. Half of those that bother to go the games, have a terrible attitude towards their team. The insults are constant, but not for yet another poor referee, or for our rival, but always, always, directed at Real Murcia’s players. Drunk, lazy, bad, shameless, there were some of the insults shouted by a 10 year old kid sitting in front of me. This is obviously a product of his environment; he just does what he sees. And of course, not one shout of support in favour of Real, and a lot of begging for shirts from the substitutes warming up in the corner.
A complicated situation, having the taxman squeezing, and your own people trying to bring you down. Until we see a new mentality in Murcia, nothing is going to change, economically sinking, held hostage by our owner, a team on the edge of a precipice, and hated in our own home.


  1. Firstly thank you for the English. Google translate does a fair job, the 10 yr old kid included "scoundrels" in his translated insults ha ha. I agree with everything in your two posts and have given up trying to understand anymore. I just seem to belong to a different age of football. Next visit is 22/23 March and I cant wait to get to La Condomina, bringing 2 or 3 mates from UK too. Sorry, but if you hear chants of "celery" you know who's to blame. And yes, Chelsea are included in the demise of football - 2 bookings for diving in 2 games; shameful and embarrasing. Best just to enjoy it while we can. "Oh this year we're off to sunny Qatar......"

  2. Maybe my grumpiness is probably age related too. Fans here are just so fairweather. Often wondered about the origins of the "Celery" least I know it is authentic Chelsea......not like the way they steal the "and Leicester" bit of the "over land and sea" song which should be strictly Arsenal (3 FA cup replays against Sheff Weds at Filbert Street in 1979).