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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Real Murcia 1 Nueva Condomina 2

It’s tough to play almost every game away from home. But that is what Real Murcia is up against week after week. Yesterday part of the home crowd gave new coach Onésimo just 35 minutes of grace before they started helping Recreativo.

Even though I have been supporting Real for more than 2 decades, I still find it incredible how the majority of our fans don’t realize the damage they do to our chances. Any professional footballer will tell you that the support and backing of the fans makes a difference. How some Real fans think they know better, and that the best way to make things better is to criticize, ridicule and drain our players confidence would need a psychologist’s explanation. It’s footballistic self-harm.
The fact that just 6.456 bothered to back Real Murcia in its time of need says a lot. Now the club itself has a lot to answer for in this respect, as described in Machacados, but my northern European values drive me to think that I would never be missing when most needed. Unfortunately, and I sorry if I hurt any sensibilities, values are different in the south of Spain. The done thing is to disappear in the bad times, but be the biggest fan ever in the good times. No middle ground. Real Murcia’s support is one of the worst. Incapable of filling even the old stadium…..even chasing promotion the town only responded when there was a chance to celebrate……an average attendance of just 6 or 7,000 but then over 30,000 around town celebrating. Unscrupulous.
After Recreativo drew level, it was the moment for Real’s support to back the team. They chose the opposite. Now I know we are all frustrated, but there was plenty of time to recover and even win the game. However the majority are so dull they don’t have a clue the damage they do. Protest all you like after the game (they don’t). But while the ball is still in play and we have a chance, what possible good can it do to pressure and ridicule your own players (who then, logically, could not get anything right)? With this mentality, is it any wonder Real always struggle?
I’m thinking it may be a better idea for my health only to go to away games – at least some of the support actually want the team to win and will back them when needed. Our home support is just a joke.
Real Murcia : Javi Jimenez – Molinero – Jorge – Catalá – Oscar (Tagliafico 45’) – Eddy (Jonatan 77’) – Toribio – Albiol (Nico 62’) – Sutil – Ruso – Kike.
Recreativo : Cabrero – Córcoles – Pardo – Morcillo – Vega – Pigdollers (Rubio 46’) – Dimas – Matamala – Arana – Chuli (Berrocal 76’) – Alexander (Riolfi 89’)
Goals : 1 – 0 Albiol (46’) 1 – 1 Alexander (58’) 1 – 2 Chuli (74’)
Referee : Mr. Madie Jiménez.
Both Recreativo goals were questionable. The first for offside and the second for a foul on Kike. If our “suppoters” bothered to protest either, the ref and linesman may actually have ruled in our favour. However in both instances they bowed to the New Condomina’s desire to see Real defeated. It was easy not to raise the flag or blow for a foul. Zero pressure.
A friend of mine once wrote that our fans were “dull, unfaithful, disinterested, misguided, stale, grouchy, sick and suffering and inferiority complex”. I thought this was an exaggeration. It wasn’t.
Photo : These “supporters” were waving their hankies after just 35 minutes. They waited just until Recreativo had a chance. This can happen – 2 teams play a game you know, dummy!

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