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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goodbye Iñaki.......

The almost inevitable sacking of Iñaki Alonso happened yesterday. In a short and rather inelegant note on the official website, the club announced that :

“The executive commission of the club, after analyzing and assessing events of the past season, and after recent meetings with first team staff, have considered that to continue with Mr. Iñaki Alonso would not be ideal for the achievement of the objectives set by the board of directors, and to that effect, in the next few days pertinent conversations will take place to reach an agreement that ends the connection between the two parties.”

I feel that Iñaki deserved at least a message of thanks. He did pull the club out of segunda B in record time, and, although to blame in part for the terrible performance in the second half of the season, was not helped by a set of players who decided that minimum effort was the best way to see Alonso removed from his post. To me that is extremely selfish – and disrespectful to the club and it’s fans. It also exposes the fact that out absentee owner is not able to either discipline or inspire the players.

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