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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Theres nothing quite like a derby. Not invented derbies, like a Real Madrid - Barcelona, but proper city rivalries or between nearby towns. Add historical hatred, and you have the perfect mix for a great atmosphere. These games can be the pill that make bad seasons seem OK. That will be the case for both Real Murcia and FC Cartagena come Saturday.

Frankly I don't mind all the banter and odd insult, all part of it if you ask me. I wouldn't want a derby where we all went together holding hands and wished each other luck - that would be so false. Last 2 games in Cartagena we have had piss thrown at us, and our bus most of it's windows smashed out with hurled bricks. We have thrown insults and had them thrown back. But would I change anything? No. Part and parcel, and i'll be going back next year (if both sides manage to survive). A Madrid - Barcelona has the big crowd and the bluster, the build up...and then when you get there (I've been to four at the Bernabeu, invited through work) half of the crowd aren't even Madrid season ticket holders, but Japanese/English/Russian tourists. Real Madrid fans can subsidise a years ticket just by selling their entrance to their "derby".

There is historical rivalry between the City of Murcia and Cartagena Town. But the truth is that this will be only the 4th meeting between the two teams (given that this Cartagena side isn't the historical Cartagena FC that play in a lower division, despite many similarities). Their last visit to the New Condomina in 09/10 season sticks in the memory. Our ultimately relegated mix of misfits lost 1 - 4 against an inspired Cartagena, aided and abetted by a woefully bias referee. That season they were riding high, and were supported by around 7,000 visiting fans. This season they haven't been out of the relegation places, and have only requested 300 odd tickets, although expect much more than that to turn up on the day. Real Murcia's support is so lacking in enthusiasm for the game given recent form, that I would be surprised to see more than 12 or 13,000 turn up (also live on regional TV).

It's a chance for Real to break their bad run and to banish any relegation worries, plus the extra of virtually condemning Cartagena to a relegation spot. So....knife between teeth.....VAMOS REAL!

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  1. I've been looking forward to this all year.

    I hope Cartagena bring a few thousand because that will make for a better atmosphere. I miss the banter between sets of fans here.

    6pm on a Saturday leaves little excuse for a poor attendance.

    No puedo espere por Sabado! Vamos Murcia.