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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reality Check....

I don't think most of us realize what a good position we are in. Relegation in 2010 to Segunda B, and our immediate promotion back to Segunda in completely undervalued. Why? I'll explain.

Let's look at the teams relegated along with Real Murcia, and those relegated to Segunda B in the 2 previous seasons. I've made a league table for comparison.

Of the 11 sides (Cadiz relegated twice in 3 seasons) only Real Murcia are back in Segunda, just 6 are still in Segunda B (and have to first qualify for the play-offs, then get through them, to retrun to Segunda), 3 are in the hell hole of Tercera (and not doing well), and one has gone out of business.

So let's keep our feet on the ground and enjoy the moment. Our objective is still the 52 points that guarantee safety.

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  1. now why cant the idle press dig something up like this. To make interesting reading and be supportive of the club. Looking forward to an unusual Monday night of football ! Pete