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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meat Pie / Bilbao

Big game tonight.....really looking forward to it, but feet firmly planted in the ground. As Iñaki Alonso said....Deportivo have struggled, but only at small grounds. In stadiums, like ours, they have done fine. If you are going, don't forget your PASTELICO DE CARNE.

Watched Atletic Bilbao against Barcelona last night. Great game in the rain, makes you realize what a feat it is for Bilbao to compete with the money cheats at Barcelona, up to their necks in debt, highest wage bill in modern football, and using private offshore investment funds to sign players they can't afford. One of the truly great things in Spanish football (Basque politics aside), is a team made entirely from local Basque players who give everything for the shirt.

One thing did however strike me, and it was the spanish commentary on Canal+. He referred to all the Bilbao players by their surmanes, so why did he call all the Barcelona players by first name? Are they his mates? Can you imagine Martin Tyler, in say an Man Utd game, referring to "Rio, to Wayne, back to Darren, passes out wide to Patrice who thumps it forward to Michael.....". How unprofessional would that be? In any showed and badly those side he was on. You could tell when Bilbao went ahead that it stuck in his throat. The opposite of when Barcelona flukily equalized. He had kittens.

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  1. Great Site mate. Am an Ex Londoner myself, although from the East (come on your irons). Lived in Murcia for a number of years now and even though I like to check how Murcia are doing each week I have never had the time to watch any football but will be going to a few games this year.
    Great to find a site in English about Real Murcia