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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recreativo 0 Real Murcia 2

To think that just a month or so ago the preachers of doom were calling for the managers head. I wonder what they have to say now? After 3 defeats in the first 3 games it was easy to jump on the bandwagon.....but as I said then, we had everything against us, injuries, poor refereeing, tough opponents, a lot of recently arrived players struggling to gel. In the following 7 games we have won 4, drawn 3 and lost none. That is form that only leaders Hercules can match.

Recreativo Huelva are on a bad run, hovering over the relegation zone, and therefore in need of points. Conditions were bad as it pelted down and was very windy the whole game. First half (with the wind) we seemed to control well, and maybe should have gone in 2 up. Second half (against the wind) was backs to the wall, Alberto making a couple of good saves and the post saving us on one occasion. There was even a miracle, yes, we got a penalty! Pedro missed it, but, we did get a penalty!

Manu Fernández
Córcoles - Bordá - Manolo Martínez - Cifu
Álamo (Peinado 66') - Quillo - Arcas (Matamala 61') - Aitor (Fidel 46')
Pablo Sánchez - Villar

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Oriol - Jorge - Rubén Párraga
Aguilera (Luciano 77') - Cerrajerría - Mario Marín - Emilio Sánchez (Richi 66')
Pedro - Chando (Ruso 84')

0-1 Jorge 6'
0-2 Ruso 90'

Referee : Mr. Jesús Manzano Gil. Gave us a penalty! A feckin penalty! Hero status.

Att : Only 5.000 at the Nuevo Colombino in Huelva.

I think this result means a lot more than just the 3 points. The proverbial wet Wednesday, long trip away from home, without first choice players Iturra, Oscar Sanchez and Ivan Amaya, with a derby coming up on Sunday, it would have been easy to relax. But Iñaki Alonso has instilled a work ethic into this side. The players that came in (Aguilera, Parraga and Oriol) did a fine job. We defended cooly against the elements without becoming flustered. We showed that the squad has depth and that we can win ugly. "Ruso" came on and scored a good goal (beat the offside trap, controlled and ran well before finishing with a thumping shot)....who knows what that will do for his confidence.

Next up....Cartagena on Sunday. I suppose it is a derby because of the regional proximity and rivalry between Cartagena town and Murcia city ....more for them than us as our derbys are against Hercules and Elche. Traditionally it would have been, but this "FC Cartagena" isn't our historical rival "Cartagena FC" (small but important difference), this version was founded in 1995, and we have only played them a couple of times. But in a very spanish way they have taken the old clubs history as their own, just as the defunct "Ciudad de Murcia" would have done with Real Murcia's if the worst had happened.

So....things are looking up and on current form we are a match for anyone in the division. But remember....we are Real Murcia, and just when you think things are good, fate or luck or whatever will come along, slap us in the face, kick us in the balls, throw us to the floor and jump up and down on our sorry arses. JUst as long as it's not on Sunday, i'm fine with that.

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