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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Real Murcia 3 Villarreal B 1

I dislike games against "B" teams. They are full of very talented young players, and have no fear whatsoever, results simply aren't important to them. In Spain there is no reserve league - reserve sides are just on a different rung of the same ladder (Villarreal and Barcelona have their B sides in Segunda, and segunda B is full of larger clubs B sides). There are two thing that are wrong with this. Firestly there teams, when April and May come around, as they can't be promoted so tend to roll over easily when it suits them (or take the suitcase full of cash and fight very very hard. You never know). Secondly it gives their first-teams access to a full squad of second division players, whilst others teams have no such posibility. Surely if you are on the same ladder, you can't play for 2 clubs?

Real started well and scored early with an Oscar Sanchez header. Then promply went to sleep. Villarreal equalized with a fortunate goal after a couple of rebounds fell their way, then Oscar Sanchez popped up in the area again to push home after Sutil had put Chando through, his shot coming back off the bar into Oscar's path. Strange that a full back should be getting his name on the scoresheet, not once, but twice. There were still 20 odd minutes remaining when Iturra was sent off. It looked like we were going to have a tough time, but up came Emilio Sanchez with a majestic free kick (his third direct free kick goal this season) to remove any doubts that the 3 points were staying at home.

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Jorge - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Cerrajería (Aguilera 74') - Iturra - Richi - Sutil (Pedro 61')
Emilio Sánchez (Isaac 85') - Chando.

Villarreal B:
Pere (Guerrero 82') - Lejeune - Kiko - Costa
Llorente - Toribio - Vázquez (Kike López 57') - Castellani (Jordi Pablo 71')
Joselu - Airam.

1-0 Óscar Sánchez 2'
1-1 Airam 37'
2-1 Óscar Sánchez 44'
3-1 Emilio Sánchez 84'

Referee: Mr. Melero López. We are just going to have to deal with the fact that we get absolutely nothing from the men in black/yellow/red. Again a referee was permissive to rough foul play against Real Murcia, Villarreal made three or four bad tackles that merited yellow cards, yet as usual it was our first foul that drew punishment. He was quick and very happy to show Iturra his second yellow - two fouls, two yellows for the Chilean. Whatever partizan feelings you may have about how the refs persecute your side, you have to say that Spanish refereeing is in deep crisis. They just can't be this bad without practice. Evidently they are being badly guided, as there is zero appreciation that they should try to let the game flow, have no obligation to blow for a foul when players are challenging for the ball, are clueless about playing advantage, and have no need whatsoever for the theatrical cardwaving. Mr. Melero Lopez was so bad that he must have had the Spanish equivalent of "you're not fit to referee" ringing in his ears as he scurried off to the dressing rooms at half time as it was sung loudly by everyone present. He was ridiculous.

Attendance : 8.870


  1. An important 3 points, Iturra looking good, Cerrajaria improving, Oscar Sanchez imitating Pujol, Jorge getting in some vital last minute stops and some healthy competition for places developing. To round off a great weekend QPR beat Chelsea and now have 12 pts from 9 games, W3,L3,D3 exactly the same as Real Murcia!


  2. A great 3 points. I was concerned when Murcia sat back after they had scored. Saying that, we looked very dangerous going forward and was pleased that a 442 or an attacking 433 was used. The crowd really got behind the team as well. Well done to those singing in fondo sur. With regard to the referee. I felt he was the best of a bad bunch. The reason i think so many fans got on the refs back was because he booked so many Murcia players for so little, but when Villareal did the same nothing was done. I honestly felt both Ittura's fouls were yellow cards. Overall a great day, just a shame Cartagena won.